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I've found the most ideal age to begin training tomorrow's realtor.  The rough starting age can be anywhere from 8 to 14 years old.  The youths in this age group have access to technology that was not imaginable fifteen years ago and they are not burdened with the memories and experiences of yest...
A good testimonial is a nice thing.  It strokes our ego, reminds us of a good sale that we were part of and also it helps us to show a track record to possible future clients.  I do believe that a good group of testimonials as well as a clean bill of health from the Better Business Bureau is some...
If you are going to buy a new computer and you have been chewing your nails about the change to the Vista operating system, I may have some relief for you.  In my opinion, Vista is probably one of the most marketed releases to receive such an absolute cold shoulder from the targeted audience sinc...
I have heard a common statement from many different Realtors® over the last few years that I wanted to share with you for consideration.  During my day I may help up to twenty people with technical issues or training on their PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Real Estate Websites.  "My computer is slow...
While working for PropertyMinder, Inc. I have seen both ends of the ROI from website universe.  I've seen the very successful and driven real estate website and I've seen the website that earns zero ROI for it's Realtor®.  I thought today I would mention some of the differences between the extrem...
Last weekend, while driving around different areas of the Silicon Valley of California, I saw multiple open home fold out signs on corners sporting a picture and name of a Realtor® and pointing the way to the open home.  This is nothing new and I've seen these same signs week after week.  This ti...

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