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Recently, we were asked on ActiveRain why an agent would pay for a solution, rather than using free tools. This is an excellent question. We are sharing the exchange below. Please share your thoughts! We want to hear your story.  - - - Excellent Online Question Asker: Why purchase? You don't have...
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Lead Generation: Part 2Generate Leads from Your Database  You have people’s contact details. They are incubating in your database. The goal is to find out of their intention to buy, sell, or refer in the near future. “What are their intentions? What are they thinking?” It’s a little like dating. ...
An idea of what to do when (or if) it's raining......   Organize your database by placing clients into the appropriate groups in your CRM.   For example, If you have a cousin that bought a home in 2009 they should be in your:   - Referrals/Family Folder  - Sellers' Folder - 5 year owner's folder...
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Fact: A real estate website is a Tax Write Off.Truth: A PropertyMinder website is a great Tax Write Off. Imagine a Write Off that increases yearly transactions by 4.6, supports virtual and traditional marketing, and keeps your homeowners away from websites that start with the letter Z.#2014TaxSea...
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    Lead Generation: Part 1Generate Leads from Strangers You need to have a compelling hook. Offer something of value in exchange for their contact information. Develop content on your website that is so valuable, that they can’t wait to give you their name, phone number, and email address. Hook...
Three things that make an agent "good" at internet marketing. -Driving Traffic -Generating Leads-Following UpWhich one is the biggest pain in the butt for you?  Which one do yo think you need more help with doing? Which one do you feel you have mastered? Which one would you appreciate more inform...
Today is National Drink Wine Day.   Have you given wine as a gift to your clients? Have you ever recieved a bottle from an appreciative client? Have you personalized wine labels to your business? Do you have listings near wineries or wine country? Are you or is there an agent you know whose niche...

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