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What is the biggest challenge you have as a real estate agent? Let us know & we will write up an answer right away. Our marketing collateral in April will be based on what YOU need solved.  Just think of as your real estate industry therapist. Sure we would like you to try our products, but that ...
Why is one month so hectic, while the next is dead? Why do we have the ups and downs of our workload, paychecks, and clients? One way to understand the inconsistency of your business is to approach your database mathematically in three steps. Think back to your first year in the business. Write d...
“Real estate sales have changed more in the last year than the prior 100 years."   Do you agree? Why? Why not? What has changed for you over the years?    "Consumers are no longer looking for just information from a real estate agent. The agents who will dominate their markets in the future are t...
      Congratulations Max, Don, and Sally, three PropertyMinder agents who sold 2 out of the top 10 most expensive homes last year!   "The Bay Area often tops lists for most expensive places to live in the US.  And, After viewing just this year’s most expensive sales, it’s no surprise! RealSmart ...
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We hate to brag, but hey sometimes you have to do just that. Here is a little infographic, which we hope you share, on why you should become a part of the PropertyMinder family. Or simply take a Free Test drive.      Thanks for dropping by. We would love to know what you want us to write about on...
What is the biggest problem or complaint you have about being a real estate agent? What issue just does not get easier?Not enough time? Not enough money? Losing clients? Keeping in touch with your contacts?Please take a moment to comment and we will create useful material for you to solve these p...
Whether you are Irish or not, we hope you have a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing your green today along with your normal work attire?     A Little Pot of Gold for you:  10 Stellar Reasons to choose PropertyMinder…and never look back 1) Our average client does 4.6 more deals per ...
Prove You can Sell A Home The Featured Listings page on your PropertyMinder website shows off the listings you are currently promoting and serves as a platform to display your past successes. This is all done in your Inventory Manager. The Inventory Manager, found in your Toolkit, automatically ...

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