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Free CRM Webinar at 3 PM PST July 31st Need an idea of what to do when it's just too hot to go outside? Organize your database by placing clients into the appropriate groups in your CRM.For example, If you have a cousin that bought a home in 2009 they should be in your:- Referrals/Family Folder- ...
“Unfortunately, these “ready to go now” leads are few and far between. Agents do a great job of working these “ready now” leads (what I call ‘A’ leads), but convert a very low percentage of the ‘B’ and ‘C’ leads. The reason for the low conversion rates is simply lack of systems, processes, and or...
Do You Have A Shortsighted Viewon Marketing? Capturing the low-hanging fruit, the people ready to make a move, is a no-brainer. Why not just concentrate on those? It's an easy trap to fall into. But, why not reap all potential rewards by having proper systems in place to nurture leads over time? ...
Arguably one of the most important tools you have in your AccelerAgent toolkit will be the focus of Thursday's webinar. It is well worth your time and incredibly important for the success of your business. Make sure your Buyers stay informed. Think long term planning, vs just working on the deal ...
Do the Legwork for Listings: Hand Deliver 25 CMAs -Pick a zip code, city, or neighborhood you want to target -Use county records to identify 25 homes that were purchased 3 or more years ago -Door knock these homes and hand them a CMA (without a suggested listing price) The call-to-action you need...
"If you are not using Seller's Corner, you ARE losing business. It is a very effective and easy way to deliver relevant info to your past clients." -Tim Montoya (July 15, 2014)Well, that pretty much says it right? Interested to find about this tool? Register for our free webinar on Seller's Corne...
The Seller's Corner Free Webinar is coming up this Thursday, July 17th. Registration is free.    "If you are not using Seller's Corner, you ARE losing business. It is a very effective and easy way to deliver relevant info to your past clients." Tim Montoya, PM Customer, July 15 2014 Heard about S...
Did you get the Tip of the Weekend last week? (The new feature in your AccelerAgent Toolkit).Here is the description for you: The New Listing Slideshow feature for your website’s homepage is in your Toolkit! Why is this important to your business? You are now able to display custom IDX results on...
Please do not forget to register for tomorrow's webinar about the AccelerAgent CRM. The CRM is often mysterious, ignored, or misunderstood- but it also many a agent's secret weapon.Combined with a positive attitude, person-to-person interaction- a smartly used CRM transforms an agent's business a...
Client Relationship Management. What is it exactly? And why spend the time learning about it? Maybe you have a CRM and do not use it. Maybe you sort of know why it is important, but you do not have one. Or perhaps you really never took the time to understand what one is and why so many agents use...

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