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Tomorrow's Webinar, August 28th! 3PM PST- this month's last webinar on probably the most important part of the PropertyMinder suite- the CRM.   Sign up here for free.  Just one hour this week, can save you dozens of hours next month.    Why is learning about our CRM worth your time? Your Contact ...
"Your Neighborhood".....Has Successfully Launched!     Now you can invite your clients to your website. Give them access to real estate activity in their neighborhood all while simultaneously capturing their home addresses. "The slower summer months may be coming to an end soon but there is still...
Register for free right now! The MLS Searches webinar is today at 3:00 pm PST. Be memorable, not a memory. Click here.What is important to homeowners? Feeling secure about the value of their home and having a resource to solve home-related problems. Your AccelerAgent website is a tool that can he...
  “Your Neighborhood”: A New Lead Capture Tool and Enhancement to Your Website           Even more reason to try Seller's Corner, invest time into learning it, and join a Seller's Corner webinar.This is the public facing part of the Seller’s Corner tool.Not only is this an enhancement to your web...
The Seller's Corner and Client Tracking webinar will launch in 30 minutes. This one hour time investment could transform your business. Make the last half of 2014 productive, strategic, and easier on yourself. Registration is free. Register here.    Learn more about Seller's Corner   Learn More a...
By Mark Burstein In Real Estate, lead generation is the name of the game. Some agents farm a geographic area in order to extract leads by door knocking, mailers, or flyers; or they leverage social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogging. They may advertise their website online with PPC or SEO...
The 'Advanced Website Editing' Free Webinar is Today, August 7, at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM PDT.   Enhance your brand, learn what others are doing to improve their business, and make your website more attractive and easier to use for your clients and leads.
Looking for a quick time saver in your PropertyMinder website?Ever been put on the spot by a potential client asking for your pricing opinion on a property? Today's customers expect answers to their questions in minutes. "Please give me a few hours and I will get back to you with the answer to yo...

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