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Howdy, 2016 has been rough. So here’s a little holiday rhyme (inspired by the late, great Dr. Seuss) to perk up your mood – and, very likely, your listings. The Grinch Who Stole Your Listings (+ How To Take Them Back In 2017) Every agent across the land enjoyed listing a lot, But the syndicate G...
Hey, Heads up: this Wednesday, December 21st marks both Winter Solstice (shortest day and longest night of the year) AND Look on the Bright Side Day.Coincidence? I think not. Your leads and clients will be deprived of extra daylight, which might make them extra cranky – especially if it’s chilly ...
 Hey ActiveRainers,Tim here, with a quick warning (and remedy). Your sellers, buyers, clients & leads aren’t afraid to walk away - so, what are you doing to ensure they’re not lead astray? GIVE folks the right dose of care, nourishment and relevant info. And RECEIVE lasting results. Over 5 easy, ...
 So, what do experts in the industry think about these questions and more?Let's take a quick tour around the web to find out what some of the top journalists and researchers are saying about interest rates suddenly shifty skyward... Read More. 
  WIN(ter) Listings & Buyers: The Best Of Both Worlds (+ Complete Resources & Marketing Checklists) We give you: the empowering efficiency of automated technology with a considerably warmer, gentler and memorable flair. In short, virtually ALL of the essential resources you need to gain buyers, r...

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