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Howdy ActiveRainers,It’s Halloween. Make it a happy one and treat yourself to another listing or two.How? Give your homesellers the best “candy” this Halloween, with Seller's Corner.Do that and we virtually guarantee you’ll secure another listing (or 2, or 3, or 4…)What agents are saying about it...
Honored to be a featured entry for Carol Williams' highly acclaimed Second Chance Saturday! Curiosity Killed The Listing By: PropertyMinder - "What do you do to increase the probability that they will list with you when the time is right?" "Sometimes you deserve a second chance, not because you w...
Happy Friday, ActiveRainers!Tim here, with a quick (homeseller-related) reminder...Halloween is next Tuesday. Why not treat yourself to another listing lead?How? Get inside access to our exclusive marketing tool that will automatically secure you hot seller leads (possibly within minutes).As Prop...
 ActiveRainers, I'm really curious - how do you stay in touch with your homesellers? Do you have any strategies or technology in place that keeps you connected? What do you do to increase the probability that they will list with you when the time is right?Getting homesellers to list with you star...
Howdy ActiveRainers,Quick question - are you on Facebook?Odds are, you are (after all, over 80% of agents and realtors use it.*)Quite frankly, social media is a BFD (big freaking deal).Just look around you. Folks are constantly on their phones checking their feeds. With that said, I've compiled a...
Howdy ActiveRainers,Halloween is a couple weeks away.Irrespective of whether or not you personally celebrate the holiday, it won't hurt to set up an email marketing campaign. Why not, right? I've drafted a quick greeting you can literally copy, paste (edit if you'd like) and send out. Subject Lin...
 Hey ActiveRainers,Tim here. How's business going?Remember that "get more listings" promo I mentioned a while back? It's still up for grabs.Just to recap, it includes:- Increasing your listings.- Saving hundreds of dollars each year.- Protecting your homesellers from the competition.- One-on-one ...
Howdy ActiveRainers,Quick question - how do “changes that would make homebuying less attractive” sound?* Yeah, not so pleasant. I know.Yesterday I came across this headline: “The California Association of Realtors says the Republican Tax Reform Plan will eliminate the incentive for people to buy ...

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