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 Happy (almost) New Year, ActiveRainers!Good things come in 3s.So, this 3 Day Countdown to 2018 calls for 3 Perfect Reasons to upgrade to PropertyMinder. Cue the pumped up chanting.3. NEW MLS Search.More convenience and customization. Cleaner look. Faster options. Life's just better with our New ...
Hi ActiveRainers,How's your last week of 2017 going?I, admittedly, have a blog entry scheduled to be posted tomorrow morning - but I'm feeling a little antsy about sharing some of our end-of-the-year happenings at PropertyMinder.The image below sums it up.If anything intrigues you, you know where...
 by Andy Coffaro Somehow, in what has felt like the blink of an eye, 2017 is practically behind us. Throughout the year, we’ve worked tirelessly to provide you with the best real estate marketing tips you can find.Just a few of those tips included utilizing Facebook Ads, marking to millennials, h...
Hi ActiveRainers,Saving money for gifts (or being able to re-save after the holiday) sounds sweet, right?That's why we're delivering free service during the winter season (Buy 3 Months, Get 2 Absolutely Free) to ensure that you can replenish your funds, while maintaining an active, dynamic, and l...
Howdy ActiveRainers,How often do you treat your clients and/or leads to a little something extra special?If you need motivation during the holiday season - think of it this way: Santa's on a diet this year. So, deliver those treats to a worthy person in your database before the relationship (and ...
Hi ActiveRainers,Quick question - are you employing everything you're professionally equipped with to boost your chances that homeowners will list their home with you, when they're ready?Seizing the opportunity to initiate conversations and provide what they need, when they need it, will undoubte...
Hey ActiveRainers,Going out of your way to send a few quick, personalized home buyer updates (i.e. - listing suggestions that accurately fit their dream home expectations) will underscore your admirable commitment in landing them what they're looking for. Delivering HD Photos, accurate listing de...
 Hi ActiveRainers,Yes. It's very possible to double your chances a homeowner will list with you down the road.How?Simple. Delivering any home care resource they need to feel fulfilled in their home (ex: HVAC, landscaping, roofing, plumbing, flooring, cleaners, etc.) keeps you extra memorable, wou...
 Howdy ActiveRainers,This holiday marketing tip is pretty straightforward, wouldn't you say?Sharing resources that aren't directly real estate related will diversify your reputation - plus, it's just good for business. What goes around, comes around, agreed? Use your best judgement to recommend a...
Howdy ActiveRainers,Another quick holiday tip: staying warm and cozy with folks doesn't have make you sweat and stress. Keeping things simple works just fine.With that said, how many people have you reached out to this week? Can you squeeze in a couple more before the end of the day? I'll bet you...

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