client tracking: Execute on fall goals & hit the ground running after the holidays - 09/15/16 04:44 AM


client tracking: No gettin' around it. You need these features. - 08/03/16 11:33 AM

client tracking: Sell It! Effectively Convince Sellers They Need You To List Their Home - 08/02/16 03:50 AM
Hey ActiveRainers,

Tim here, summer going well? 
Just thought I'd share another quick, seller-oriented Script Of The Week.

If you're at a loss of how to convince homeowners to turn to you when they're ready to make a decision - this email (or phone) pitch really drives your message home (no pun intended).

Okay, okay. The subject line may be pushing it a little - but your goal is to get their attention, right? If you'd prefer a softer subject line, let me know and I'll send an alternative one your way, in a jiffy.
SL: You Need Me. Let's Maximize The Offer On Your Home.

Hey … (2 comments)

client tracking: Script Of The Day (+More Online Exposure) - 05/23/16 07:25 AM
Hey folks, Tim here.
How was your weekend?

Quick heads up - we've written Open House Follow-Up Phone Scripts for conversations you'll be having the next day or so. 

Need an e-mail to send out, too? Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tawd Frensley, has drafted one for "The Monday (or Tuesday) after."

Thank you for stopping by and spending a little time with me at the Open House this weekend. It was a pleasure meeting you.

When I got to the office this morning, I did some market research for the last 6 months and noticed some pretty interesting trends in … (5 comments)

client tracking: CRM Seeks Love, Listings & Referrals. - 02/02/16 02:59 AM

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.
So, we’re in a particularly generous and loving mood.
If our Client Relationship Manager (CRM) tool had a dating profile:
Gender: Half technology, full bodied warmth.
Status: Ready to mix, mingle and create lasting relationships.
Birthplace: The AccelerAgent (PropertyMinder) headquarters.
Body Type: Flexible and capable enough to send mass emails, each with a personal flair.
Occupation: Ensuring contacts feel that they have a close relationship with you and habitually redirecting them back to your website.
Hobbies: Keeping your marketing outreach simple yet effective, coming off as human and not robotic, and making sure contacts are strategically organized and consistently emailed and tracked to get you the most responses.
Interests: Earning you more referrals, … (2 comments)

client tracking: Your Listings: The Facts Of The Matter. - 01/25/16 03:28 AM

FACT: 80% of folks say they'll use the same agent.
Only 13% actually do.
FACT: The average person knows 3 agents.
You need to make the right move. Fast.
Seller's Corner makes you THE one folks
turn to again when it matters most:
when they're ready to sell or list.
Kick-starting this exclusive tool this week will 
ensure your seller leads are fully nourished for spring.  

Seller's Corner & Client Tracking
Tuesday, January 26th
9:00 am (PST) / 11:00 am (CST) / 12:00 pm (EST)
"I just closed a $750,000 deal within days of having Seller's Corner!"
- Andre Holley

“I set … (0 comments)

client tracking: It's Okay To Be Selfish With Your Listings. - 11/25/15 06:32 AM

*Read on, register and scroll down for a personal offer.*

You want to deliver the best and most relevant info. 
to convince homeowners to list and sell with you, right?

So, come to think of it, wanting the best for 
folks you care about isn't selfish.
It is, in fact, selfless.

Give back, be of value and trigger immediate responses
and lasting results via Seller's Corner.

Get access this December in order to kick-start the New Year
with another listing (or more) under your belt.
(Seriously: agents are sparking responses within minutes and
closing deals within days of using this.) 
Seller's Corner & Client … (0 comments)

client tracking: Happiness isn’t all about getting new business - 11/25/14 07:12 AM
It’s about appreciating and getting the most out of what you have.
This includes your past clients.
Tim and Anna here.

We’d like you to meet Tawd Frensley, our Sales Director.
He hosted a special webinar about our winning strategy a couple weeks ago.
It was such a success that he’ll be hosting another one on December 10th at 1:30 PM PST.
On top of a recap of the last webinar, which covered how to:
• Keep clients away from other websites.• Build lasting relationships.• Create repeat business.
This next unique webinar will go over:
• Using AccelerAgent tools 20 … (2 comments)

client tracking: Hit the ground running. 20 minutes a day for 85 Days (Until 2015) - 10/07/14 06:39 AM
We are grateful for a great turnout this morning at today's Seller's Corner & Client Tracking Webinar (Feel free to register for the next one, if you missed today's). We are thrilled that so many people are taking small steps in their lead nurturing and client-relationship goals- towards a successful 2015.
We are sure they will hit the ground running. Just 85 days until the new year, folks!
Twenty minutes a day (baby steps) will take you so far- however long you have been in real estate. Agents consistently chase new new clients when they should be staying in touch … (0 comments)

client tracking: Join our Seller's Corner & Client Tracking webinar in 10 minutes! - 08/14/14 07:48 AM
The Seller's Corner and Client Tracking webinar will launch in 30 minutes. This one hour time investment could transform your business.
Make the last half of 2014 productive, strategic, and easier on yourself. Registration is free.
Register here. 
Learn more about Seller's Corner
Learn More about PM's Client Tracking
We look forward to meeting you!

client tracking: A breakdown of tools you should be using for your Buyers - 06/11/14 04:42 AM
A breakdown of AccelerAgent's tools you should be using for your Buyers:

Custom IDX links- They simplify the user experience

MLS search - Available for every website visitor

Listing Alerts - Sent immediately to your buyers when listings match their needs

Client Tracking – Shows you exactly what your clients are interested in that moment

Mobile App – Stay connected to your buyers with your very own branded mobile App, your office in the palm of your hand

#BuyersTools #RealEstateMadeEasy #SimplifyYourBusiness
Take a test drive today! 


client tracking: Five Reasons to Use PropertyMinder’s MLS Search Tool - 02/07/14 09:22 AM
Five Reasons to Use PropertyMinder’s MLS Search Tool
1. Website Traffic
You want your website to generate traffic. The more traffic your website receives, the greater the chances of capturing a valuable lead. In addition, traffic is one factor in determining Page Rank. With our MLS Search tools, you have the ability to create customized searches for both your existing clientele and for the incoming visitors that your site attracts. Our Custom IDX tools can be used to create neighborhood market searches that update on their own! These pages are then found by search engines. They can be shared … (2 comments)

client tracking: Impress and Dazzle with the SPW - 02/05/14 06:33 AM
      Dazzle 'em!
  Click here to check out SPW4U. Interested in trying out PropertyMinder's full suite for free? Click here.  … (0 comments)

client tracking: Tip of the Week: The Eye of the Tiger - 01/22/14 07:31 AM
Track. Monitor. Analyze.
Tracking & Monitoring Client Search Activity
Client Tracking allows you to see if, when, and how many times a client views listings on your AccelerAgent platform. Once an MLS search is created, a login and password will be created for your clients and they will receive listing alerts directly to their email address. Each time they open the listing alert, they will be redirected to your AccelerAgent website where they can view photos, details, comparables, and modify their saved search.
Your website will track the search trends of each client down to the time of day they look at each … (0 comments)

client tracking: Seven Awesome Tips To LOSE Business - 10/30/13 04:27 AM
Make sure to follow these guidelines for improved failure. 

1) Have a website that doesn't notify your clients of new listings or new activity instantly and automatically. 

2) Make sure the website does not let YOU know when your clients have a question or want to set up a showing. 

3) When your clients call- never answer. Just check the voicemail and call the client back 3 hours later. They will love it. They will wait for you and not try to contact anyone else.

4) Try to find a website that does not track your clients' search activity. … (0 comments)

client tracking: Once a person buys a home, they become a seller. Do the right thing. - 10/24/13 11:09 AM
Once a person buys a home, they become a seller. Regardless if they have owned a home for 8 minutes or 2 years, the next real estate action they will take will be be selling their home.
This is not the time to completely forget about them and only concentrate on your next client. But, boy oh boy how many of us do this very thing. It is silly. You have to look ahead. The smartest of agents nurture hundreds, if not thousands of contacts in their database for years with automated tools, that do work for them, while … (0 comments)

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