cma: Home Values Skyrocket. So Should Your Listings. (*Update*) - 03/09/18 05:30 PM

Staying connected to your homeowners (via Seller's Corner) pays off in 2018.
Case in point: 680 Emily Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043
- Listing Price (2015): $750,000 (via Redfin)
- Listing Price (2018): $1,298,000 (via Oak Anchor Homes)
- Property Value Increase: $548,000 in just 2 years.
In a nutshell, $548,000 price increase in 2 years is enough to reach out to your past clients and let them know a thing or two about a thing or two.
Seller's Corner is your friend, your foundation, your bridge to the land of listings.
Remind them how much their home is worth.
Remind them you have the answers they’re looking for.
They’ll remember you when they’re ready to sell their home.
It’s … (0 comments)

cma: Instant Home Seller Lead Capture: Best In The Biz. - 01/18/18 11:25 AM
We just launched a lead capture tool that automatically captures a homeowner’s address.
The best part? No website visitor registration is required.
Homeowners (a.k.a. – your inevitable home sellers) simply enter their address into the lead capture prompt "What Is My Home Worth". The address is recorded. You’re instantly notified via email alert ("A homeowner just visited your website. Here is what was captured..."). Then you get to make the first move.
A quick recap on how this empowers you:
Receive immediate alerts about who’s engaging and responding. The ability to reach out to home seller leads faster, and more frequently. The option to print out CMAs … (0 comments)

cma: Open House. Close Deals. (A Plan Of Action) - 01/03/18 04:32 PM

Howdy ActiveRainers,
How's 2018 treating you? 
Although I remember reading previous posts containing something to the effect of: "I refuse to do Open Houses" or "Gee, I don't really see the point," I've taken the liberty of revamping one of our previous blog posts and turning it into an infographic (which, as you can see, provides some Open House tips and guidelines). 
So, whether you organize and attend them or not - you likely know somebody who does and might find this useful. ;-)
P.S. - click here for full access to the Open House Follow-Up Scripts mentioned in the infographic.

cma: Sleigh Bells Ring, Make Sure Sellers Are Listenin'... (Holiday Tip #1) - 12/14/17 02:35 PM
Howdy ActiveRainers,
Some say it's better to give during the holidays. Sure, I get that.
But boy is it nice when you receive an abundance in return.
That's what Seller's Corner does: delivers the goods, and ensures you reap the benefits in return.
More holiday-themed marketing tips to come...
Hoping they bring some cheer (and a listing or two) your way!

cma: Walk And Talk Like A Listing Agent. - 12/13/17 01:23 PM
Hi ActiveRainers,
I understand most of you don't prefer (or need) to rely on "scripted" content when it comes to verbal communication. However - it never hurts to brush up on conversation starters and/or navigation advice, right?
The infographic below is a follow-up to our original post entitled More Listings In 2017: Your Starter Kit. Hoping you find it equally helpful on some level.
Have a great rest of your week!

cma: "'Twas The Night" (A Home Seller Remix) - 12/07/17 04:15 PM

Additional Homeseller/Listing-Oriented Content For Your Perusal:
Seller’s Corner: Exclusive Automated Listing-Generation Marketing Tool
How To Keep Your Home Sellers At Your Beck And Call
More Tips On Staying Connected To Your Home Sellers
Email Marketing Content To Send To Your Home Seller(s) 
(you can literally copy, paste, edit at your discretion and send out to your homesellers):
1) Home Staging Checklist (Email Reminder) For Sellers
2) Convincing Homeowners (Via Email) They Need You To Help Sell Their Home
3) Cherry-On-Top (Quick Email Reminder About Home Pricing)
EXTRA: 5 Tips For Writing The Best Email Subject Lines + 5 Email Marketing Tips To Motivate Your Leads
Conversation Starters For Your Next Phone Call(s) To Potential Home Seller(s) 
(to be … (7 comments)

cma: The Real Estate "High-Five!" - 11/02/17 10:51 AM
Virtual High-Five! :-)
- Tim
This is a side note to see if posting enough words on this blog post will make it worthy of earning points. I don't know why ActiveRain won't provide points to blog posts with infographics that feature extensive, helpful content. Do you understand why? If so, let me know. :-) Okay, that was 58 words. 
P.S. - the word count worked. :-)

cma: Treat Yourself To A Listing This Halloween. - 10/27/17 01:39 PM

Happy Friday, ActiveRainers!
Tim here, with a quick (homeseller-related) reminder...
Halloween is next Tuesday. Why not treat yourself to another listing lead?
How? Get inside access to our exclusive marketing tool that will automatically secure you hot seller leads (possibly within minutes).
As PropertyMinder agent, Tim Montoya, excitedly shares: 
"I'm already using Seller's Corner and it is AWESOME! I set up some contacts just 45 minutes ago and already got a response wanting some business cards to pass to a neighbor looking to sell. If you're not using it, you ARE losing business."
So - not only are you automatically, and consistently, connected to your homeowners (i.e. - your prospective sellers), … (0 comments)

cma: Curiosity Killed The Listing. - 10/26/17 02:34 PM


I'm really curious - how do you stay in touch with your homesellers? Do you have any strategies or technology in place that keeps you connected? What do you do to increase the probability that they will list with you when the time is right?
Getting homesellers to list with you starts with them not needing to go anywhere else for answers.
Not to another agent, realtor, or broker (aka - the competition). And especially not to Zillow or Trulia (aka – the inaccurate info).
Curiosity causes your homesellers to seek answers elsewhere (another agent, realtor or broker). And that same curiosity leading … (7 comments)

cma: Listing homes made (SUPER) easy. - 07/19/17 01:18 PM
Tim here, how's the summer listing-hunt going?
If it's still an uphill battle and/or you're procrastinating out of fear - have you ever considered the "set it and forget it" approach? "Set it and forget it: to automatically accomplish anything that you are actively afraid of and deliberately avoiding."
With our technology - securing more listings is as easy as setting things up and forgetting about the hassle. Click here to register for the next free Generating Listings (Seller's Corner) webinar - this Thursday, July 20th at 2:00 pm (PST).

Director of Marketing
(408) 213-4668

cma: Listing More Homes: The Technology (+ Stats) To Back You Up, 100%. - 07/07/17 11:57 AM


cma: Things Got Worse (Re: Zillow & Your Listings) - 06/19/17 02:52 PM
JUST IN: "...realtors are up in arms that the homeowner can complete the transaction with or without their services [thanks to Zillow's new 'Instant Offers']."
Not only will this disempower listing agents - it comes with a price tag for Zillow who is poised "to disrupt the residential real estate industry AND put over 70% of its ad revenue at risk." Read full story here.
Can you believe it?

Thankfully, there’s hope. You have the power to fight back.
Get your homesellers habitually turning to YOU, NOT Zillow, with Seller's Corner.

cma: Zillow Under Fire (Again) + Alt. Solution! - 05/26/17 04:05 PM
Howdy folks,

Tim here, wanted to wrap up the week (and head into Memorial Day) with some good news (re: Zillow facing another comeuppance).

An article I read today, entitled Zillow real estate Zestimates under fire, reports “…an Illinois real-estate broker filed a lawsuit based on the Zestimates and their accuracy…saying that potential buyers will look at the Zestimate compared to the actual market price of a house and be misled.

That lawsuit was eventually dropped, but a second one was filed, this time seeking class action status on behalf of several Chicago-area builders that could ‘consist of millions of homeowners,’ … (4 comments)

cma: 30-Days That'll Empower Your Business (+ Boost Listings) - 05/09/17 03:42 PM
Tim here - did you know some of the issues keeping you from maximizing revenue include allowing Zillow and similar portals to infiltrate your database?
You may send clients something like an inventory snapshot, fresh marketing content, referral request, and use our New MLS Map Search to provide search results – but this still disconnects clients from the primary objective: Always remembering your domain name.
Today we're going to show you how free 30 day access to marketing designed in the heart of the nation’s hottest (seller’s) housing market will make your website the first and only destination local homebuyers and sellers will be visiting.

Click here to read about the 30-Days That'll Empower Your Real Estate Business, Forever.

P.S. … (0 comments)

cma: Turn EVERY Buyer Into YOUR Seller: 8 Simple Steps. - 05/02/17 02:16 PM

cma: More Listings in 2017: Your Starter Kit (Full Length Article) - 04/28/17 03:50 PM
Tim here, and I’m just going to cut to the chase: good things (listings) don’t come to those who wait – they come to those who agitate (their leads and clients).
And when I say agitate, I mean it in the most motivating (NOT irritating) way possible.
Agitate: verb, to arouse public concern about an issue in the hope of prompting action.
Whether it’s over the phone or in-person, let’s break down the essential resources (and actual things you need to say) to actively agitate and reel in sellers. And keep them.
What to have handy:

– Seller’s Corner: automatic email alerts with home values sent to your … (6 comments)

cma: More Listings In 2017: Your Starter Kit. - 03/28/17 02:21 PM
Tim here, and I’m just going to cut to the chase: good things (listings) don’t come to those who wait – they come to those who agitate (their leads and clients).

And when I say agitate, I mean it in the most positive and motivating (NOT irritating) way possible.
Agitate: verb, to arouse public concern about an issue in the hope of prompting action.

Whether it’s over-the-phone or in-person, I've broken down a few essential resources (and actual things you need to say) to actively agitate and reel in more sellers this year.

Let's end March on a strong note - agreed?

Director … (2 comments)

cma: Finding Listings. - 03/22/17 11:50 AM


cma: Your Missed Listings - Retrieve Them, This Spring. - 03/21/17 02:48 PM
Tim here, with a quick (seller-related) heads up for springtime...

As you begin your Spring cleaning at the office - you may find that you're missing a few things - namely, listings. And I mean missing in the true sense of the word: "adj. not able to be found because it is not in its expected place; not present or included when/where expected or supposed to be. "
Your missing listings are just that - not in their expected place, and not where they're supposed to be (i.e. - in YOUR hands).

Consider Seller's Corner your automatic finder of lost listings - your lost and found resource to prevent low inventory. … (2 comments)

cma: 8 Tips/Steps To Maximize Repeat Business (Listings & Referrals) - 03/20/17 02:51 PM

Maximize your listings.
Maximize your referrals.
Maximize your repeat business
In short, and quite simply: maximize your potential.
All 8 tips/steps and resources are a few clicks away...


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