cma: Listing Agents Can Relate... - 02/07/17 11:12 AM
Wouldn't it be nice to see this more in 2017? 
It's possible (with Seller's Corner).

cma: No, You Can't MAKE Someone Sell. But You CAN... - 01/27/17 01:47 PM
Be the first, the only, (quite simply THE )
agent they imagine to list their home.

cma: Sellers Want Your "Complements", Today. - 01/23/17 05:13 PM
Hey ActiveRainers,

Tim here - with a quick heads up. This Tuesday, January 24th is National Compliment Day. Now, literal compliments are nice and all - but things that "complement" what your sellers and buyers need in life are even better. Agreed? 

So, send a compliment, a complement - or both. 
Here are the essential resources you need to complement your leads and clients.

cma: The Grinch Who Stole Your Listings (+ How To Get Them Back In 2017) - 12/27/16 03:26 PM

2016 has been rough.
So here’s a little holiday rhyme (inspired by the late, great Dr. Seuss)
to perk up your mood – and, very likely, your listings.
The Grinch Who Stole Your Listings (+ How To Take Them Back In 2017)
Every agent across the land enjoyed listing a lot,
But the syndicate Grinch portal lurking online did not.
The Grinch misinformed and confused! Every single season!
Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

It could be, perhaps, that he didn’t have the best sight.
It could be his system wasn’t set up just right.
But I think that the most … (3 comments)

cma: Your Sellers Need To Lighten Up. - 12/20/16 05:47 PM
Heads up: this Wednesday, December 21st marks both Winter Solstice (shortest day and longest night of the year) AND Look on the Bright Side Day.
Coincidence? I think not.
Your leads and clients will be deprived of extra daylight, which might make them extra cranky – especially if it’s chilly out.
So, what can you do to brighten their day?
You’re not God. You can’t manipulate the sun.
But you can provide a special type of brightness (the best and only kind that truly matters).
Get buyers and sellers turning to you this winter (and well into 2017)
with these quick, enLIGHTening tips (pun obviously intended).

Thank you,

Director of Marketing

cma: Your Sellers Aren't Afraid To Walk Away (Holiday Warning & Remedy)... - 12/15/16 02:44 PM
Hey ActiveRainers,
Tim here, with a quick warning (and remedy).
Your sellers, buyers, clients & leads aren’t afraid to walk away - so, what are you doing to ensure they’re not lead astray?

GIVE folks the right dose of care, nourishment and relevant info. And RECEIVE lasting results.

Over 5 easy, practical and effective ways to GIVE back this holiday season - and RECEIVE more listings, referrals, an unblemished reputation as the neighborhood expert, and an abundance of success as we wrap up 2016 and head into a New Year...Read More.

Consider us the Rudolph to your business.
Lighting the way to your success when it matters most.

Director of … (0 comments)

cma: Give Knowledge. Receive Listing(s), Referral(s) & Respect. - 11/28/16 06:03 PM
More of a Listing Agent?
Want more sellers? Then, GIVE...

- or-
More of a Buyers Agent?
Want more closes? Then, GIVE...

cma: You're Elected: The Real Estate Neighborhood Expert. - 11/07/16 08:06 AM
Hi ActiveRainers,
Tim here. How've you been?
Election Day has me wondering - have you ever thought of your marketing as part of an ongoing election?
Like politics - catchy ads and slogans in real estate only get you so far.
Your "undecided voters" (leads and clients) don't want sweet talk or short-lived remedies.
They want honest answers and lasting solutions to challenges and issues they're facing.
What're you doing to rile up your base (your database, that is) of "undecideds?"
Well, you can't make someone buy or sell (or "vote" for) you.
But you can make them think of you when they're ready to make important decisions (buy, sell & refer)
Read … (14 comments)

cma: They're Alive! They're Alive! (Your Seller Leads + Halloween Greeting) - 10/28/16 06:30 AM
It's Frankenstein Friday.
Bring your expired seller leads 
back to life with Seller's Corner.
Halloween is just a few days away.
Have you scheduled your fun, engaging holiday greeting(s) yet?
Never fear. We've drafted one for you.

cma: SOLD LISTINGS & Sales Volume: Our Above Average Statistics Are In. - 10/19/16 10:10 AM
Hi ActiveRainers,

Tim here, again. How've you all been?
Just want to quickly share a couple of recent infographics illustrating and confirming how successful we (PropertyMinder) have been on this end. We like to think: the more statistical facts that are readily available to you - the more you realize how obviously sensible it is for you to (finally) take advantage of your free test drive. 

cma: All-In-One, Easy-To-Use Tool: Be An AccelerAgent! - 10/06/16 07:07 AM


cma: Hot-Off-The-Press (Increased Listings & $64K More Per Year) - 10/05/16 05:58 AM
Hey there, ActiveRainers,

Tim here, again. How've you been?
Quick heads up - we (PropertyMinder) made some pretty big news headlines recently.

You don't want to miss reading any of this. I mean, the titles below say it all.
Care to know the details? Read on after the link jumps.
"PropertyMinder's Seller's Corner Helps
Agents Earn $64K More Per Year."
 "How PropertyMinder Can Help
Agents Make More Money."
 Ready to (finally) take a free test drive?
Get started, today.
Be well and stay in touch,

PropertyMinder Marketing


cma: Your Sellers: No Crime In Taking Them Back. - 09/27/16 08:56 AM

Hey ActiveRainers,

Tim here, again. How've you been?
Heads up - this Wednesday, September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day. 

Let’s ponder for a second: what does it mean to be a “Good Neighbor?” 
One commendable trait involves vigilantly partaking in Neighborhood Watches.

Neighborhood Watch: a neighborhood surveillance program or group in which residents keep watch over one another’s houses, patrol the streets, etc., in an attempt to prevent crime.
Just like responsible Neighborhood Watches between neighbors looking out for one another, it’s your responsibility to watch out for your homeowners – with the help of Seller’s Corner.
Seller’s … (3 comments)

cma: Times Change. Home Values Skyrocket. Listings Should Remain YOURS. - 09/14/16 08:03 AM
PropertyMinder client, Angelé Price, Realtor, has the right idea.
Stay connected to your homeowners via Seller's Corner 
and reap the benefits down the road.

Case in point: [1805 Henning PL, SANTA CLARA, CA 95050]
- Listing Price (2013): $795,000
- Listing Price (2016): $940,000
- Property Value Increase: $145,000 in 3 years.
Seller's Corner empowers realtors. 
Case in point: 1417 Merrywood DR, SAN JOSE, CA 95118. 
(Featured Listing found at PropertyMinder customer website, 
Angie Cocke & Lily Clason.)

- Listing Price in 2013: $675,000
- Listing Price in 2016: $915,000
That's a $240,000 jump in just 3 years. 

Status: SOLD.
The data speaks … (0 comments)

cma: Frenemies With Technology. - 09/09/16 04:45 AM

Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tawd Frensley, has graced us with another guest blog post - and, once again, gets a critical point across in his own unique, no-nonsense, and catchy way.
Honestly, it's really easy to hate technology.
Moreover, it's easy to hate technology when it is constantly being thrown in your face.
Get this tablet, this phone, use this CRM, our SEO is better, yada yada yada....the list goes on and on.
However, just like a friend is always there for you, good technology can be your friend. 
Patient, Understanding, Dependable, and Attentive to your needs are a few of the basic traits of a … (4 comments)

cma: Listing Agents: Heed The Messenger...Er...Memes. - 09/08/16 05:16 AM
Don't be a reject.
Don't let your leads be led astray and end up in the doghouse.
Don't lose any more of your sellers to the competition.
The simple remedy? Seller's Corner.
See it in-action on the next
free Seller's Corner & Client Tracking webinar.
Preceding memes brought to you by our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tawd Frensley.
Please feel free to share (and cite due credit to PropertyMinder, of course).
Have a great rest of your week,
408.213.4668 … (4 comments)

cma: A database of loyal buyers and sellers that remember you always. - 09/07/16 11:15 AM


cma: Maximizing Your Listings: The Resources You Need - 08/08/16 05:29 AM
Hey ActiveRainers,
Quick question...
Consider yourself more of a Listing Agent?
If so...
Seller's Corner (+ additional resources below) will help you
secure one, or more, listing(s) within a few months.
What you need to generate coveted seller lead(s)
(The right mix of technology and warm originality):
- Sending Routine Reminders Via Seller's Corner
- Email To Convince Sellers To Choose YOU
- Phone Script to Navigate Conversations
PLUS: memorable ways to wrap up the transaction(s)
(End on a good note and referrals will follow):
- Home Staging Checklist
- Touching Base With Packing

See everything in action on the next webinar.
Seller's Corner & Client Tracking
LIVE … (4 comments)

cma: Sell It! Effectively Convince Sellers They Need You To List Their Home - 08/02/16 03:50 AM
Hey ActiveRainers,

Tim here, summer going well? 
Just thought I'd share another quick, seller-oriented Script Of The Week.

If you're at a loss of how to convince homeowners to turn to you when they're ready to make a decision - this email (or phone) pitch really drives your message home (no pun intended).

Okay, okay. The subject line may be pushing it a little - but your goal is to get their attention, right? If you'd prefer a softer subject line, let me know and I'll send an alternative one your way, in a jiffy.
SL: You Need Me. Let's Maximize The Offer On Your Home.

Hey … (2 comments)

cma: Your Listings Are On Their Way. - 07/19/16 06:45 AM
Hey ActiveRainers,
How've you been? Tim here, again, with a quick Script Of The Day.
Similar to recent ones, this email marketing greeting is only really relevant for agents actively working with sellers. 
If you're one of the many agents struggling with what some dub as "thinventory" - Seller's Corner is THE listing-generator you should turn to this summer, and beyond. Agents we work with have sparked results within minutes of using it.
That said - with us, you can virtually guarantee listings are on their way.
Let's make the following seller greeting a regular thing for you to be sending out...
Dear _______,
As we approach the finish line, there is so much to celebrate.

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