cma: Gratitude Gets You Far: 3 Must-Dos This Upcoming Holiday Weekend. - 05/24/16 08:00 AM
Hey ActiveRainers,
Tim here, again. Any plans for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend?
If you're in need of email marketing content to honor the memory of our fallen soldiers, and/or thank veterans and those currently in the armed services, let us know and we'll write something for you in 1 business day (PropertyMinder customers only, of course).
On a lighter note, here are a couple of other ways to make the most of this 3-day weekend.
National Hamburger Day is this upcoming Saturday, May 28th.
Let it inspire you with an easy-on-the-wallet reason to reach out and treat your most promising lead, or valued (past or current) client, to a burger, milkshake and … (4 comments)

cma: Summer Survey Ideas: Give A Little. Get A Lot. - 05/17/16 07:02 AM
Hey there,
Tim here. How are things? Are you looking forward to summer? It's been pretty warm here in the SF Bay Area. Perfect weather for an iced tea.
Come to think of it - who doesn't love a cool drink? Why not use this to your benefit and start a small raffle? You know, something easy-on-the-wallet.
Send out a short survey tailored to 2 vital groups (your Buyers and Sellers). The first 3 responders with the most thorough responses, from each category, earn a $5 Starbucks gift card. (FYI - you can actually buy and send cards online).
Survey for Buyers:
Subject Line: Your thoughts and home matter to me (+ a perfect summer treat).
"Hey there,
___, here. How've you … (3 comments)

cma: Easy-On-The-Wallet Ways To Be Memorable: Week-By-Week Marketing Pt. 2 - 04/27/16 09:03 AM
Your Week-By-Week May Marketing Roundup Part 2
First off, who doesn't like FREE stuff? 
- free mobile app JUST for agents.- free Single Property Websites for all of your listings. 
Change things up. Start a small raffle. Something easy-on-the-wallet.
Send out a survey email blast tailored to 2 distinct groups (Your Buyers and Your Sellers). Offer a $5 Starbucks gift card to the first 2 responders from each category. (FYI - you can actually buy and send cards online.)
Survey for Your Buyers: 
"Hey there! ___, here. How have you been? Things are great on this end. If you have a few seconds, can you answer 2 quick questions? I'm giving the first 2 responders a $5 Starbucks gift card, … (2 comments)

cma: Break Up, To Make Up. - 04/21/16 06:52 AM

Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tawd Frensley,
is back with another stirring guest blog entry.
But first - a quick heads up:
Be sure to peruse our latest 5-star reviews - they may be the final nudge you need to finally take advantage of your 30-day free test drive. (Did we also mention that our writers draft original marketing content for every one of our customers)?
How long does it take to forget someone?
Well, word around the campfire is that you divide the length of the relationship by 2 (obviously I pulled this from the Internet about getting over an Ex, but nonetheless the … (2 comments)

cma: Your Open House Follow-Up Phone Script (Part I & II) - 04/19/16 03:53 AM
Schoolhouse Rock was right:
Knowledge is power!
Give and get your fair share of relevant, 
meaningful knowledge with this phone script.
Your relationships are at stake here.
(The following outline is to be used the following Monday
or 1 - 2 days after your Open House.) 
(By the way: Click Here for An Open House Plan Of Action)
Before you reach out to anyone, enter ALL of the contacts from your Open House sign-up sheet into your CRM  – name(s), email address(es), home address(es) and phone number(s), 

What you need before you pick up the phone:

1) Pen and paper to take useful notes that you will add to each new contact in your … (4 comments)

cma: Your Open House Follow-Up Phone Script (Part I) - 04/15/16 09:15 AM

Hey there, ActiveRainers,
Ready to host your Open House(s) this weekend?
Remember to take a couple of minutes and scan your Plan Of Action, if you haven't already.
*Do not forget to place a sign-up sheet at the entrance.*
Ask people to provide their name(s), email address(es), home address(es) and phone number(s).
(You'll be glad you did. Think about following up on multiple levels.)
Here's a sneek peek at the next Tip Of The Week: 
"Your Open House Follow-Up Script (Part I)"
(To be used the following Monday, or 1 - 2 days after, your Open House)

Before you reach out to anyone, enter ALL of the contacts from your Open House sign-up sheet into your CRM  – … (2 comments)

cma: 5 real estate marketing tasks to do during this first week of spring - 03/22/16 06:59 AM

cma: They'll List With Or Without You: Your Pick! - 03/21/16 09:25 AM
Need some Monday motivation? Here are a few quick words of advice from our VP of Sales & Marketing.
Just because most of your business comes from referrals does not mean that those referrals don’t get curious and deserve information.

They have a functioning brain that is capable of remembering your name first over the 2 other real estate agents they know. And because they have a functioning brain, they DO get curious. Curiosity causes them to seek out answers WITH or WITHOUT you.
So ask yourself this question: If my intelligent, information gathering, homeowner’s deserve answers, would you rather those answers come from … (0 comments)

cma: Your Future Listings. How To Get 'em. Spring's Here. No Lookin' Back. - 03/21/16 04:03 AM

Send more listings Back To The Future.
YOUR future - with Seller's Corner.
Transform hot seller leads from a distant memory of your past, 
into an engaging and exciting reality of your present.
Time is precious.  
Take back your seller leads and clients, now.
Seller's Corner & Client Tracking
Tuesday, March 22nd 
9:00 AM (PST) / 11:00 AM pm (CST) / 12:00 pm (EST)
 “I just closed a $750,000 deal within days of having Seller's Corner!"
- Andre Holley, new PM customer.
Seller's Corner: The Lasting Impact
- Prevents clients from grabbing flyers and contacting agents off "For Sale" signs.
- Keeps clients from attending open houses and winding up in another database.
- Most importantly: Seller's Corner keeps your contacts and clients … (0 comments)

cma: 3 ways to gain spring and summer listings - 03/08/16 05:57 AM

cma: Phone Script for Seller Lead Outreach - 02/24/16 06:12 AM
More of a Listing Agent? Jump on the next Seller's Corner webinar to secure another (or more) as we head into summer!
The following is an example of a personally-drafted phone script for an actual PropertyMinder client.

*Keep in mind... Having in-hand conversation-starters and content to smoothly navigate through phone calls can undoubtedly lessen your anxiety and improve the quality of your relationships.
However, the trick is to not come off as "scripted" in your tone and delivery. Be professionally casual and honest. Ad libbing is a nice touch, too! Need someone to "rehearse" with? We're all ears.* 

Agent: Hey there, ____. This is ____ from … (10 comments)

cma: 3 Heart-y Tools to Trump the Competition: Easy as A-B-C. - 02/24/16 05:40 AM
"Heart-y" as in wholesome, effective, full of warm energy and, well, heart. Convert leads into lasting relationships and reliable sources of new referrals for your business.
CRM: Winning Over Hearts & Minds
You deserve the best of both marketing worlds. Namely: cutting-edge, easy-to-use technology, and fresh originality that sets you apart from the rest.
You need more than a solid CRM marketing tool. You need the best outreach practices.
Some ideas include, but are not limited to:
A) enticing, grabbing and keeping the focus on you,
B) engaging in practices that distinguish you from the "have-nots" in real estate,
C) giving folks the opportunity to like you, and remembering that it's not … (0 comments)

cma: Whatever It Takes: Listings & Referrals In 2016. - 02/22/16 09:05 AM

Your efforts to convert hot seller leads into clients, lasting relationships and reliable sources of new referrals, should be unrelenting, multi-faceted and vigilant.
Why not ensure you’re covered on each “marketing front” to grab every listing and referral opportunity wherever, and however, they arise?
1) Technology: uncomplicated and effective.
Working in tandem with Seller’s Corner, your CRM will maximize your ability to identify promising prospects and successfully secure more listings & referrals, this year and next.
a) First off, it’s always a good idea to keep emails memorable and keep the spotlight on you as much as humanly possible to make lasting … (2 comments)

cma: Your Listings: The Facts Of The Matter. - 01/25/16 03:28 AM

FACT: 80% of folks say they'll use the same agent.
Only 13% actually do.
FACT: The average person knows 3 agents.
You need to make the right move. Fast.
Seller's Corner makes you THE one folks
turn to again when it matters most:
when they're ready to sell or list.
Kick-starting this exclusive tool this week will 
ensure your seller leads are fully nourished for spring.  

Seller's Corner & Client Tracking
Tuesday, January 26th
9:00 am (PST) / 11:00 am (CST) / 12:00 pm (EST)
"I just closed a $750,000 deal within days of having Seller's Corner!"
- Andre Holley

“I set … (0 comments)

cma: Let’s Face It: Agents Are Sort Of Like Politicians (PART I) - 12/16/15 09:27 AM

As you may know, 2016 is a presidential election year. But we won’t get into that.

We’re asking: what positive traits do agents and political figures have in common?
If you stop and think about it, quite a few - and in the best way imaginable.
Both roles require a passion for representing and achieving the best interests of people, authentic and effective communication skills, confidence, integrity, and, of course, a special kind of warmth and charisma.
Also parallel to the political arena, catchy slogans, ads and gimmicks in real estate only get you so far.
Similar to voters, your leads and clients don’t want … (0 comments)

cma: UPDATE: Break-In The New Year With More Listings (Your Extra Chance!) - 11/30/15 08:48 AM
*Do not miss your last 2 opportunities to get inside access to Seller's Corner!*
No. You can't make someone sell or list with you.
But you can make them think of you when
they're ready to make a decision.

Instant Neighborhood Alerts +
Drip Email Marketing + Comparable Market Analysis =
 The Genius of Seller's Corner
The New Year is less than 20 days away.
 Using this tool just 20 minutes a day will pay off in the long run.
We're here to prove it and guide you along the way.
Get another listing (or more)
under your belt as we head into 2016.
(Agents are stimulating responses within minutes and

cma: It's Okay To Be Selfish With Your Listings. - 11/25/15 06:32 AM

*Read on, register and scroll down for a personal offer.*

You want to deliver the best and most relevant info. 
to convince homeowners to list and sell with you, right?

So, come to think of it, wanting the best for 
folks you care about isn't selfish.
It is, in fact, selfless.

Give back, be of value and trigger immediate responses
and lasting results via Seller's Corner.

Get access this December in order to kick-start the New Year
with another listing (or more) under your belt.
(Seriously: agents are sparking responses within minutes and
closing deals within days of using this.) 
Seller's Corner & Client … (0 comments)

cma: Listing-Generating Triple Threat: Wham-Bam-Thank You, Seller's Corner! - 11/18/15 07:35 AM
Generating Listings has never been so easy.  
“I set it up just 45 minutes ago and I’ve already got responses!
If you’re not using it, you ARE losing business.”
- Tim Montoya, with PM since 2008
Seller's Corner:
1) Prevents folks from grabbing listing flyers and
contacting agents off the "For Sale" sign.
2) Keeps your contacts from going to open houses and
winding up in another database.
3) Keeps leads and clients away from listing syndication websites
which provide inaccurate listing values.
See this exclusive triple threat in action
and try it out, for free. 

Seller's Corner & Client Tracking
“I just closed a $750,000 … (0 comments)

cma: Stick To The Point Already...And Win Listings. - 10/30/15 08:34 AM

Stop beating around the bush.
Simply deliver what will compel homeowners to turn to you
when they're ready to sell or list:
the value of their home.
We'll help you secure a listing (or more)
within the next 4 months.  
End 2015, and begin 2016, strong.  
Seller's Corner & Client Tracking
Tuesday, November 3rd
9:00 am (PST) / 11:00 am (CST) / 12:00 pm (EST)
Seller's Corner: The Lasting Impact
               - Prevents clients from grabbing flyers and contacting agents off "For Sale" signs.
               - Keeps clients from attending open houses and winding up in another database.
               - Most importantly: Seller's Corner keeps your contacts and clients … (0 comments)

cma: 2 BR, 2 BA, 13 Ghosts... Same Listing Agent? - 10/26/15 07:49 AM

Did you know:
In New York it's a legal requirement for a seller to disclose if a property
under inspection is believed to be haunted by ghosts?
Speaking of sellers we’d like to put a big listings-related myth to rest.

Myth: ALL sellers work with the same agent they bought with in the past.

Fact: ONLY 11% of homeowners turn to the same agent when selling or listing. Scary, huh?
Seller's Corner helps you build lasting relationships and reconnect with past leads and clients.
This exclusive PropertyMinder tool empowers you by:
- Ensuring you look like the true neighborhood expert.
- Keeping your contact database engaged, informed, … (0 comments)

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