company newsletter: Get Your March On: Intuitive Weekly Guide & Hearty Tools +Phone Script - 02/29/16 03:28 AM

 Go with your gut, be heartfelt and sincere, and make things happen with this comprehensive and thoughtful monthly marketing outline - designed primarily to ensure you hit the ground running as we head into March.
3 Hearty Tools to Trump the Competition: Easy as A-B-C.
"Heart-y" as in wholesome, effective, full of warm energy and well, heart. Convert leads into lasting relationships and reliable sources of new referrals for your business... Read More.
March's Intuition-Driven Week-by-Week Guide (+ Phone Script).
Piggybacking on February’s Week-by-Week plan, here’s a practical layout of what you should be focusing on as we head into March. Mix and match these easy tasks based on your own … (0 comments)

company newsletter: Win The 2016 Vote:Agents, Politicians & Lasting New Year's Resolutions - 12/22/15 06:24 AM
Tips Of The Week  
Product & Company Updates
We're breaking in the new year, in-style!
  New Year. New MLS Search.
It's finally here. We mean it this time. An incredible, systemwide change officially rolls out January 2016. Learn more about this supercharged search... Read More.

Homebrella: A Home Run For Clients
Connect your clients with trusted service providers. As their agent, you are all things real estate: Home purchase. Home values. Home improvement. Home sales... Read More.
  2016 Projects Underway
  Overhaul of the AccelerAgent CRM.
It will focus on making client information more accessible, simplicity of use, integrated with tasks and … (0 comments)

company newsletter: Let's Face It: Agents Are Sort Of Like Politicians (PART II) - 12/21/15 02:36 AM

5) Increase traffic to your official headquarters (your website).
Sometimes worthwhile candidates don’t get enough media coverage.
You might be asking yourself: What's Wrong With My Website? Why Isn't It Being Found? 
Take a deep breath. We’ve broken it all down for you.
We also hosted 2 exclusive SEO webinars in 2015.
You can access a recording via Dropbox: “How To Make A Google-Friendly Website”.  (If you’d also like a copy of the accompanying SEO checklist and tips, just let us know and we’ll send you one.)

If you haven’t noticed, we love sharing easy and clear-cut “how-tos” and lists about things that … (4 comments)

company newsletter: Let’s Face It: Agents Are Sort Of Like Politicians (PART I) - 12/16/15 09:27 AM

As you may know, 2016 is a presidential election year. But we won’t get into that.

We’re asking: what positive traits do agents and political figures have in common?
If you stop and think about it, quite a few - and in the best way imaginable.
Both roles require a passion for representing and achieving the best interests of people, authentic and effective communication skills, confidence, integrity, and, of course, a special kind of warmth and charisma.
Also parallel to the political arena, catchy slogans, ads and gimmicks in real estate only get you so far.
Similar to voters, your leads and clients don’t want … (0 comments)

company newsletter: More Listings, Eerie Portals & Haunting Templates - Oh My! - 10/29/15 05:09 AM

2 BR, 2 BA, 13 Ghosts... Same Listing Agent?
We’re putting a big listing-related myth to rest. Retain hot seller leads, listing prospects and past clients once and for all - with Seller's Corner... Read More.
Help Leads & Clients Avoid Eerie Syndicate Portal Traps
Some more MLS fact v. fiction and online myth-busting. You may already be well-aware, but do you have a plan and the necessary tools to take action? We do... Read More.
Product & Company Updates
Your New MLS Search
This'll give you chills. An incredible, systemwide change launches this November - just in time for the holidays. Learn more about this supercharged search... Read More.
Your New Email … (0 comments)

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