contacts: Sellers Are Yours. And Yours Alone. Act Like It. - 02/01/17 02:12 PM
Your livelihood (aka - your database of leads, clients, buyers and sellers)
should remain yours, and yours alone.
Period. End of story.
Agreed? Then secure and shield them from the competition with a personal CRM.

contacts: Remind People You Exist In The Way That Works For THEM - Not You. - 07/12/16 04:25 AM
Question your referrals: who, what, when, where, why, and how.
Step 1 "Who": Segment your database into 2 groups: People WHO have referred you business the past 5 years and the one's that haven't (yet!)
Step 2 "What": WHAT was your last form of communication with the referring group (email, text, phone call, post card)?
Step 3 "When": WHEN did the referral occur in relation to the last form of communication (hint: client received your email and 4 days later referred a friend to you)?
Step 4 "Where": Look at your relationship with each referring client, WHERE did your relationship come from (family, friends, past co-workers, … (0 comments)

contacts: Summer Survey Ideas: Give A Little. Get A Lot. - 05/17/16 07:02 AM
Hey there,
Tim here. How are things? Are you looking forward to summer? It's been pretty warm here in the SF Bay Area. Perfect weather for an iced tea.
Come to think of it - who doesn't love a cool drink? Why not use this to your benefit and start a small raffle? You know, something easy-on-the-wallet.
Send out a short survey tailored to 2 vital groups (your Buyers and Sellers). The first 3 responders with the most thorough responses, from each category, earn a $5 Starbucks gift card. (FYI - you can actually buy and send cards online).
Survey for Buyers:
Subject Line: Your thoughts and home matter to me (+ a perfect summer treat).
"Hey there,
___, here. How've you … (3 comments)

contacts: This Isn't The 90's. Your Marketing Budget Doesn't Matter. - 04/22/16 07:12 AM

Tawd Frensley (our VP of Sales and Marketing) has once
again graced us with a no-nonsense guest blog post.

How many referrals did you get in 2015?
Secondly, who were the people that referred you business?

Next, measure the relationship you have with these people.
Did these referrals come from:
- Random occurrences from strangers you just met?
- People that you have a good relationship with?
I am going to go out on a limb here and say that your referrals each year come from individuals that know you quite well.

We don't care if you have a marketing budget.
Marketing is not isolated to spending … (0 comments)

contacts: Break Up, To Make Up. - 04/21/16 06:52 AM

Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tawd Frensley,
is back with another stirring guest blog entry.
But first - a quick heads up:
Be sure to peruse our latest 5-star reviews - they may be the final nudge you need to finally take advantage of your 30-day free test drive. (Did we also mention that our writers draft original marketing content for every one of our customers)?
How long does it take to forget someone?
Well, word around the campfire is that you divide the length of the relationship by 2 (obviously I pulled this from the Internet about getting over an Ex, but nonetheless the … (2 comments)

contacts: Your Open House Follow-Up Phone Script (Part I) - 04/15/16 09:15 AM

Hey there, ActiveRainers,
Ready to host your Open House(s) this weekend?
Remember to take a couple of minutes and scan your Plan Of Action, if you haven't already.
*Do not forget to place a sign-up sheet at the entrance.*
Ask people to provide their name(s), email address(es), home address(es) and phone number(s).
(You'll be glad you did. Think about following up on multiple levels.)
Here's a sneek peek at the next Tip Of The Week: 
"Your Open House Follow-Up Script (Part I)"
(To be used the following Monday, or 1 - 2 days after, your Open House)

Before you reach out to anyone, enter ALL of the contacts from your Open House sign-up sheet into your CRM  – … (2 comments)

contacts: Only having a Brokerage-provided website is straight up dangerous. - 03/16/16 04:28 AM
  Sharing isn't always caring (for yourself) 
Would you give someone your bank account information?
Would you give someone access to all of your hard work, all of our resources, all of your connections and networks? All of your knowledge?
The things you spent years nurturing, gathering, and earning?  
Chances are there are very few people out there who you would simply hand
over the goldmine of your wealth and success.
There are few people in life we should trust with this information.  
Well, we're afraid to say, that that is exactly what agents do when they use
the Broker-provided website and CRM. They store all their contacts (their
livelihood, essentially), all in one place- … (5 comments)

contacts: 40 days until 2016: Concentrate on the 2 essentials - 11/19/15 08:25 AM
 An little (but big) idea of what to do during the Thanksgiving downtime.
Maybe you are doing a little online shopping, or you are resting in between meals. We have an idea of what you can do a few minutes a day to get your business the attention it deserves come January 1, 2016.
(Which is 40 days away, folks.)
Organize your database by placing clients into the appropriate groups in your CRM.
For example, if you have a cousin that bought a home in 2010, they should be in your:
- Referrals/Family Folder
- Sellers’ Folder
- 5-year-owners' folder
A good CRM will allow you to create … (4 comments)

contacts: Weather is on everyone's lips. Take advantage of it. - 11/06/15 06:58 AM

Remember to connect with service (home care & improvement) providers - and be "All Things Real Estate" for your leads and clients - with Homebrella!
Earlier this week it rained for the first time in a long time in the Bay Area, where we are headquartered. This is a big deal for us Californians. Raindrops and puddles are on everyone’s minds, social media, and conversations.

Weather is a perfect reason to go into your PropertyMinder toolkit, click on ‘Send Message’ and write up a short, valuable email related to weather. 

Or to pick up the phone and say ‘Hello” and ask them how … (2 comments)

contacts: Tip Of The Week: Trickle-Down Referrals With Your CRM - 09/08/15 03:12 AM
Want to see exactly how your CRM can
trigger more referrals in 2016?
Register for this week's free webinar!
Registration is open!
One hour will transform your business.
The relationships you nurture today will pay you back tomorrow.
Your CRM (a veritable referral-generating tool) is a great place to start.
Your reputation matters.
Let the people you know, help you tap into the people they know.
Here’s how:
     - Make sure everyone you know is in your CRM.
       Group folks: co-workers, neighbors, friends, professional affiliates,
       Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, buyers, sellers, etc.
     - Add contact notes.
       Number of family members, age, those nearing retirement,
       the … (0 comments)

contacts: Here's what you are missing... - 02/25/15 08:29 AM

contacts: While The Turkey Is Cookin' & The Potatoes Are Boilin'... - 11/26/14 03:46 AM

Don't just give thanks to your clients this year. Give them what they want and need.
Set up easy MLS searches, branded alerts, and updates to your custom pages to ensure clients get relevant information at the right time: when they are celebratory and feasting with family and friends.
We’ve compiled a brief Thanksgiving checklist to keep your clients as full and nourished
as the turkey you’ll soon be basting: 

TO DO: Send a quick greeting. -     Text your clients a Happy Thanksgiving message. Something short and to the point.98% of text messages are viewed. Give yourself the best opportunity to end up as a … (0 comments)

contacts: Free Webinar in 5 minutes! When it's just too hot to go outside... - 07/31/14 07:56 AM
Free CRM Webinar at 3 PM PST July 31st
Need an idea of what to do when it's just too hot to go outside?
Organize your database by placing clients into the appropriate groups in your CRM.For example, If you have a cousin that bought a home in 2009 they should be in your:- Referrals/Family Folder- Sellers’ Folder- 5 year owner’s folder
A good CRM will allow you to create custom groups. Custom groups will strengthen your agent- to- client relationships because the content you are sending to your clients is specific to exactly what may resonate with them.

With our example, … (3 comments)

contacts: The Contact Record, Your Bread and Butta - 01/30/14 02:53 AM
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contacts: The Oddly Odd Answer - 01/10/14 04:52 AM
Yesterday we asked an agent, "How many people are in your database?" 
She replied with "100.” Next we said, "Okay, good. You are getting there. How many homeowners do you know?"
Her reply: "Between 300-400." 
Odd. Disconcerning. Yes, that is not a typo. She said 300-400 homeowners.

Our next question to this real estate agent. "Wait, why do you think your database is only 100? What do you consider those 400 potential sellers to be? That is your database. Either they are in your CRM or they are in another agent’s." 
The point is that your database should consist of … (2 comments)

contacts: Premeditated Marketing...Keep those contacts from jumping ship. - 11/19/13 08:32 AM
Transactions and Contacts, they be mates. 
The amount of contacts one has, directly attributes to the amount of transactions one will do in a year.

The amount of contacts one adds, directly attribute to the increase in transactions one will do in a year.

The amount of contacts one loses, directly attributes to the amount of transactions one will not do in a year.
Never assume that the people in your database have not been contacted by another real estate agent.
Never that the people in your database have not called the listing agent off of the for sale sign in their neighborhood.

Never … (0 comments)

contacts: What is marketing? - 11/01/13 09:33 AM
Your marketing budget is affected by the amount of deals that you do each year. Many agents believe marketing is experimentation, which is not entirely correct. Marketing is growing your client base through consistency and value. Marketing is improving your image and legitimizing your brand.   
A Free Marketing Tip: Set up a Neighborhood Search for your homeowners, which will not cost you a dime.   Your contacts will consistently receive listing updates in their neighborhood and see the value in what you have to offer. That consistency will create referrals for you. The automation will maintain your new and improved image. You will brand yourself … (5 comments)

contacts: Preparing for 2014, the pragmatic way. Let's get real. - 10/09/13 06:53 AM
The only time you should lose business to another Realtor is when an immediate relative of one of your clients gets their license. 
If the agent is not the brother, cousin, or aunt of your client, then they are yours.
Put your clients into the PropertyMinder CRM.
Keep them safe.
Keep them informed.
Keep them under lock and key.
Simply, keep them.
Remember: Your clients are yours. Always have been. Always will be.
3 factors That Inhibit Repeat Business1) Your clients don't hear from you often enough (20+ times per year should be your goal)
2) Your clients don't … (9 comments)

contacts: Fun Math- How much is my database worth? - 09/10/13 07:59 AM
It's that time again...Do the math.
Here is a simple equation to find out how much your database is worth:
Total Contacts ( X ) Average Commission = Database Worth
Then ask yourself this question:"If everyone in my database bought or sold with me right now, how much would I make?"
Yes, your business is in fact worth WAY MORE THAN YOU PROBABLY THOUGHT.What are you doing to keep it that way? 
PropertyMinders online and mobile tools enable agents to extract more business out of their database.#loveyourdatabase #sharingisntcaring
Follow us and get more great tips!

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