custom idx: WATCH: Don't Assume You're An Option - MAKE Yourself THE Option. - 04/17/18 02:50 PM

~ WEBSITE MASTERY: Make Yourself THE Option ~
*Press the play button in the above video and go FULL SCREEN *

Hi ActiveRainers,
Above is our shortest (and possibly most informative/inspiring) free webinar to date!
From perfecting the dream home search process for your buyers (including VIP access to full-sized HD photos of every potential dream home, and ensuring they are on YOUR website when perusing matching listing alerts), to maximizing the chances that your homeowners (inevitable sellers) will list with you when they are good and ready (by habitually sending them accurate and useful information on the value of their home and neighborhood activity) … (1 comments)

custom idx: Your Google-Friendly Website (Webinar & Infogaphic) - 03/29/18 01:54 PM

WATCH: complete "throwback" coverage of our 1st "How To Make a Google-Friendly Website" webinar, hosted by Tawd Frensley - PropertyMinder VP of Sales & Marketing.
Frankly, many of the tips featured and demonstrated still apply. Some (amazing) things never change.
Questions? Let me know! :-)
- Tim
Marketing Director
Direct | 408.213.4668
Buy Just 3 Months, Get 2 Completely Free
+ Free Service For Existing Customers With Our Referral Program
More marketing advice can be found on our featured Tip Of The Week Archive page.
PLUS: an infographic with some of the best SEO-savvy practices...


custom idx: Master Your Marketing In March. - 03/02/18 02:42 PM
Howdy ActiveRainers,
Tim here, with a reality check: your website does not have to be perfect.
But it can be if you "master" a few things.
"Mastering" your website. Cool concept.
But let's break it down, word for word.
Mastering (verb): acquire complete knowledge or skill in (an accomplishment, technique, or art); gain control of; overcome.
Website (noun): a connected group of pages on the World Wide Web, maintained by one person or organization and devoted to a single topic or several closely related topics.
So what will the free WEBSITE MASTERY WEBINAR do? It'll help you:
- MASTER the art of keeping people on your website...
- MASTER your representation as an "ALL things real estate" agent (home selling, home buying, home improvement, home care)...
- MASTER your knowledge and use of cutting-edge real estate technology (automated home seller lead capture included)...
- MASTER the smooth delivery of critical real estate resources … (4 comments)

custom idx: Website Mastery: CRM, IDX, Homeseller Lead Capture And More. - 02/13/18 03:50 PM

Hi Active Rainers,
Tim here, with a quick invite to our next free webinar - hosted by our VP of Sales & Marketing.
Irrespective of whether you have a website or marketing platform with us (or your interest - or lack thereof - in our product), you're destined to learn something new and exciting. 
This is a great opportunity to:
A) Evaluate the functionality and efficiency of your current website and marketing.
B) Get inspired to take necessary action to improve and polish your website and marketing.
C) See our exclusive home seller lead capture live and in-action.
Click here (or on the image above) to register for one … (2 comments)

custom idx: Home Buyer Stocking Stuffers (Holiday Tip #6) - 12/15/17 03:18 PM

Hey ActiveRainers,
Going out of your way to send a few quick, personalized home buyer updates (i.e. - listing suggestions that accurately fit their dream home expectations) will underscore your admirable commitment in landing them what they're looking for. 
Delivering HD Photos, accurate listing details (right down to the best schools nearby), critical neighborhood info, and every last option that's up their alley doesn't hurt either. ;-)

custom idx: Your homebuyers are on high alert. - 06/26/17 03:09 PM
Tim here, with some news that'll rattle you (but don't worry, there's hope!)...
An article I read recently claimed: "Indecisive or procrastinating homebuyers beware: New data show that more than half the homes on the market in May were snapped up in less than a month...[making it the] shortest turn-around time in more than six years...That means potential buyers need to act fast when they find a home they like or risk losing out." Read the full article here.

To top it off, one of "the biggest year-over-year declines in available homes" was in "San Jose, Calif. (29.2)" (Hometown of PropertyMinder headquarters).

We've known this for quite some … (1 comments)

custom idx: Homebuyer "Double Whammy" SOLVED. - 06/07/17 01:03 PM
Tim here, with some good news, and some bad news (re: your homebuyers).

- Bad news: The National Association of Realtors' chief economist reports that: "Prospective [home]buyers are feeling the double whammy this spring of inventory that's down 9.0 percent from a year ago..." (Source: 
- Good news: there's an efficient and calculated way of providing homebuyers with every resource they need to secure their dream home (believe us, it's out there) AND ensure they turn to you when they're ready to sell, down the road.

From HD Photos, Videos and personalized MLS searches that meet their standards, to instant listing alerts and an easy-to-use … (2 comments)

custom idx: Buyers Today. Sellers Tomorrow. #NoRegrets - 05/04/17 04:03 PM
Tim here, with a few thoughts on "buyer's remorse" (i.e. - beholding heaven and feeling hell). 

"Buyer's remorse (or buyer's regret) is the sense of regret after having made a purchase; frequently associated with the purchase of an expensive item such as a car or a house. It may stem from fear of making the wrong choice, guilt over extravagance, or a suspicion of having been overly influenced by the seller." - Wikipedia

We all know what it's like. The after-the-fact regrets cause unneeded stress and frustrations.

Your homebuyers are no different.
Wouldn't it be nice to deliver exactly what they're looking for at a price they can afford, and prevent all … (2 comments)

custom idx: Your Sellers Need To Lighten Up. - 12/20/16 05:47 PM
Heads up: this Wednesday, December 21st marks both Winter Solstice (shortest day and longest night of the year) AND Look on the Bright Side Day.
Coincidence? I think not.
Your leads and clients will be deprived of extra daylight, which might make them extra cranky – especially if it’s chilly out.
So, what can you do to brighten their day?
You’re not God. You can’t manipulate the sun.
But you can provide a special type of brightness (the best and only kind that truly matters).
Get buyers and sellers turning to you this winter (and well into 2017)
with these quick, enLIGHTening tips (pun obviously intended).

Thank you,

Director of Marketing

custom idx: You're Elected: The Real Estate Neighborhood Expert. - 11/07/16 08:06 AM
Hi ActiveRainers,
Tim here. How've you been?
Election Day has me wondering - have you ever thought of your marketing as part of an ongoing election?
Like politics - catchy ads and slogans in real estate only get you so far.
Your "undecided voters" (leads and clients) don't want sweet talk or short-lived remedies.
They want honest answers and lasting solutions to challenges and issues they're facing.
What're you doing to rile up your base (your database, that is) of "undecideds?"
Well, you can't make someone buy or sell (or "vote" for) you.
But you can make them think of you when they're ready to make important decisions (buy, sell & refer)
Read … (14 comments)

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custom idx: Execute on fall goals & hit the ground running after the holidays - 09/15/16 04:44 AM


custom idx: Create Custom IDX pages. We can’t say this enough. - 08/30/16 04:38 AM

custom idx: 5 website must-do's in the last 5 months of 2016 - 08/01/16 07:54 AM

custom idx: Script Of The Day (+More Online Exposure) - 05/23/16 07:25 AM
Hey folks, Tim here.
How was your weekend?

Quick heads up - we've written Open House Follow-Up Phone Scripts for conversations you'll be having the next day or so. 

Need an e-mail to send out, too? Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tawd Frensley, has drafted one for "The Monday (or Tuesday) after."

Thank you for stopping by and spending a little time with me at the Open House this weekend. It was a pleasure meeting you.

When I got to the office this morning, I did some market research for the last 6 months and noticed some pretty interesting trends in … (5 comments)

custom idx: 3 Ways to Secure Listings W/ Your Website the 1st weeks of spring - 03/24/16 08:16 AM

custom idx: "Buy And List With Me - I'm Irish!" - 03/17/16 05:09 AM
Regardless of your heritage and/or nationality,
you can't make folks buy or list with you.
However, you CAN make them think of you when
they're ready to make a decision.
What you need:
- Detailed Client Tracking and Monitoring.
- HD Photos, Comparables and Schools.
- Higher Google ranking in search results.
- Saved Searches With Instant Listing Alerts
- Easy-to-use (NEW) map search for your clients.
PLUS: 4 easy and effective ways to get
real and meaningful responses.
Get interactive access to everything, today.
If you ever need additional guidance, 
personally-tailored marketing content,
and/or just need to "vent" - feel free to reach out.
No sales pitch, either. Seriously.
Have a safe, productive and celebratory … (0 comments)

custom idx: Why isn't my real estate website being found? - 03/16/16 10:12 AM
Learn today how Custom IDX can make your website more
"Google-friendly"and effectively increase your online exposure!
What's wrong with my website? Why isn't it being found?
"The role that your Website plays in your marketing strategy is
to augment, amplify, and automate conversations about real estate."

Guest blogger John Taylor breaks down 
the nitty gritty for us in this exclusive guest blog post. 

- Are you wondering why you are not ranking higher on Google or Bing like your competitors?

- Is your target audience not aware of you and your brand as much as you would like them to be?
- Is your website not doing its job of enticing people … (2 comments)

custom idx: Luck Of The Draw Won't Cut It. - 03/16/16 07:48 AM
Let's stay practical (yet creative) here.
St. Patrick's Day is your perfect opportunity to:
1) Be G.R.E.E.N. and make some green.

And perhaps most importantly...
2) Take advantage of 4 of the most effective,
pinch-proof ways to get folks responding.
This webinar is your shot to make
the competition green with envy.
We'll walk you through everything, step-by-step.
MLS Searches
Thursday, March 17th
3:00 pm (PST) / 5:00 pm (CST) / 6:00 pm (EST)
"I close at least 5 transactions annually
thanks to the AccelerAgent Custom IDX search tool.
It saves me so much time."- Emcee Arah, PropertyMinder customer.
Our customers secure 4.6 more transactions than competitors.
No luck involved. Our tools are just that good.
Take a free test drive and see for yourself.
In … (0 comments)

custom idx: 3 ways to gain spring and summer listings - 03/08/16 05:57 AM

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