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customidx: #TBT: What's wrong with my website? Why isn't it being found? - 04/23/15 09:16 AM
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 What's wrong with my website? Why isn't it being found?
"The role that your Web site plays in your marketing strategy is
to augment, amplify, and automate conversations about real estate."

Guest blogger and PropertyMinder's CS Engineer John Taylor breaks down 
the nitty gritty for us in this exclusive guest blog post. 

- Are you wondering why you are not ranking higher on Google or Bing like your competitors?

- Is your target audience not aware of you and your brand as much as you would like them to be?
- Is your website not doing its job of enticing people to start … (2 comments)

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customidx: Your clients have been hibernating. But - spring is here. Wake 'em up! - 02/27/15 06:00 AM
Your clients have been hibernating.But the weather has changed.
Spring is a few weeks away. It is time to wake them up.
Your last listing…
Did a past client of yours call you to sell their home?
Or was it a referral like most of your business every year?
If it was a referral, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why the Seller didn’t contact their original agent; you know- the agent that helped them buy their house (YOU)?
The reason this happened is because their original agent was forgotten.
- Have you been spending 20 minutes a day pumping up your buyers. Have you reached out … (0 comments)

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customidx: While The Turkey Is Cookin' & The Potatoes Are Boilin'... - 11/26/14 03:46 AM

Don't just give thanks to your clients this year. Give them what they want and need.
Set up easy MLS searches, branded alerts, and updates to your custom pages to ensure clients get relevant information at the right time: when they are celebratory and feasting with family and friends.
We’ve compiled a brief Thanksgiving checklist to keep your clients as full and nourished
as the turkey you’ll soon be basting: 

TO DO: Send a quick greeting. -     Text your clients a Happy Thanksgiving message. Something short and to the point.98% of text messages are viewed. Give yourself the best opportunity to end up as a … (0 comments)

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