fun fact: The Grinch Who Stole Your Listings (+ How To Get Them Back In 2017) - 12/27/16 03:26 PM

2016 has been rough.
So here’s a little holiday rhyme (inspired by the late, great Dr. Seuss)
to perk up your mood – and, very likely, your listings.
The Grinch Who Stole Your Listings (+ How To Take Them Back In 2017)
Every agent across the land enjoyed listing a lot,
But the syndicate Grinch portal lurking online did not.
The Grinch misinformed and confused! Every single season!
Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

It could be, perhaps, that he didn’t have the best sight.
It could be his system wasn’t set up just right.
But I think that the most … (3 comments)

fun fact: You're Elected: The Real Estate Neighborhood Expert. - 11/07/16 08:06 AM
Hi ActiveRainers,
Tim here. How've you been?
Election Day has me wondering - have you ever thought of your marketing as part of an ongoing election?
Like politics - catchy ads and slogans in real estate only get you so far.
Your "undecided voters" (leads and clients) don't want sweet talk or short-lived remedies.
They want honest answers and lasting solutions to challenges and issues they're facing.
What're you doing to rile up your base (your database, that is) of "undecideds?"
Well, you can't make someone buy or sell (or "vote" for) you.
But you can make them think of you when they're ready to make important decisions (buy, sell & refer)
Read … (14 comments)

fun fact: Frenemies With Technology. - 09/09/16 04:45 AM

Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tawd Frensley, has graced us with another guest blog post - and, once again, gets a critical point across in his own unique, no-nonsense, and catchy way.
Honestly, it's really easy to hate technology.
Moreover, it's easy to hate technology when it is constantly being thrown in your face.
Get this tablet, this phone, use this CRM, our SEO is better, yada yada yada....the list goes on and on.
However, just like a friend is always there for you, good technology can be your friend. 
Patient, Understanding, Dependable, and Attentive to your needs are a few of the basic traits of a … (4 comments)

fun fact: Boosting Referrals & Listings: The "Cherry On Top" Approach. - 08/16/16 06:37 AM
Howdy ActiveRainers,
Tim here - how've you been? Summer wrapping up well?
Just thought I'd share another quick, seller-focused Script Of The Week.
First - a quick definition:
The cherry on the cake (or on top): A desirable feature perceived as the finishing touch to something that is already very good. ( 

Think of the content below (as well as every other follow-up email and phone script that I write for you) as the sweet and memorable cherry-on-top for all of your transactions - a way of coming out on top and securing post-transactional referrals from, and fostering long-term relationships with, your leads and clients.
SL: Best Offer On Your Home: … (0 comments)

fun fact: Maximizing Your Listings: The Resources You Need - 08/08/16 05:29 AM
Hey ActiveRainers,
Quick question...
Consider yourself more of a Listing Agent?
If so...
Seller's Corner (+ additional resources below) will help you
secure one, or more, listing(s) within a few months.
What you need to generate coveted seller lead(s)
(The right mix of technology and warm originality):
- Sending Routine Reminders Via Seller's Corner
- Email To Convince Sellers To Choose YOU
- Phone Script to Navigate Conversations
PLUS: memorable ways to wrap up the transaction(s)
(End on a good note and referrals will follow):
- Home Staging Checklist
- Touching Base With Packing

See everything in action on the next webinar.
Seller's Corner & Client Tracking
LIVE … (4 comments)

fun fact: Hungry For Referrals & Listings? This'll Do. - 07/05/16 09:18 AM
Hey there,
Tim here, again, with a quick Tip & Script Of The Week.

When people aren’t fed, they’re cranky and irritable.
The same goes for your leads – when they don't feel routinely nourished, cared about, and/or spoon-fed relevant info - they will likely stomp off to one of the 2 other agents they know.

In short – remember that “satiated” (nurtured) leads and clients translate into a (financially) satisfied and successful agent (that's you).

With that said – take this advice literally. 
Treat promising leads and valued clients to some easy-on-the-wallet grub. Here are a few holidays (and accompanying email greetings) worth considering, … (0 comments)

fun fact: Go With Your Gut: Week-By-Week July Marketing Roundup - 07/01/16 04:45 AM
Hey folks,
How's your summer going? Hope all is swell on your end.
If you're in need of a pick-me-up - we hope our words will help inspire and/or motivate you.
Go with your gut and allow your creative side to flourish this month.
There's no need to rigidly adhere to the following marketing outline. Feel free to mix and change things up. You know your goals (and what you need to do to fully achieve them) better than anyone else.

Remember that “satiated” (nurtured) leads and clients translate into a (financially) satisfied agent (YOU).
With that said - some weeks feature food-oriented days of signifiance - treat a … (0 comments)

fun fact: Is "Free" Really Free (Or Good Enough)? - 06/15/16 07:22 AM

Tawd Frensley, our VP of Sales and Marketing, delivers another
articulately pointed and factually-driven wake-up call.
Here's a question...
Is free really free? Or better yet, is free good enough?
Your broker, bless their heart, provides you with a website for your business. It's obviously not free (you either pay for it a part of your desk fees or it is taken out of your transactions). Yet, you still call it free (I guess because you are not physically paying for it on your own).
It has MLS search and the ability to email clients, sure, but is it good enough?
It may cost nothing (other than … (6 comments)

fun fact: Easy-On-The-Wallet Ways To Be Memorable: Week-By-Week Marketing Pt. 2 - 04/27/16 09:03 AM
Your Week-By-Week May Marketing Roundup Part 2
First off, who doesn't like FREE stuff? 
- free mobile app JUST for agents.- free Single Property Websites for all of your listings. 
Change things up. Start a small raffle. Something easy-on-the-wallet.
Send out a survey email blast tailored to 2 distinct groups (Your Buyers and Your Sellers). Offer a $5 Starbucks gift card to the first 2 responders from each category. (FYI - you can actually buy and send cards online.)
Survey for Your Buyers: 
"Hey there! ___, here. How have you been? Things are great on this end. If you have a few seconds, can you answer 2 quick questions? I'm giving the first 2 responders a $5 Starbucks gift card, … (2 comments)

fun fact: Break Up, To Make Up. - 04/21/16 06:52 AM

Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tawd Frensley,
is back with another stirring guest blog entry.
But first - a quick heads up:
Be sure to peruse our latest 5-star reviews - they may be the final nudge you need to finally take advantage of your 30-day free test drive. (Did we also mention that our writers draft original marketing content for every one of our customers)?
How long does it take to forget someone?
Well, word around the campfire is that you divide the length of the relationship by 2 (obviously I pulled this from the Internet about getting over an Ex, but nonetheless the … (2 comments)

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