marketing: How To Win $25,000 NAR Expo Drawing - 11/07/19 02:40 PM

Hi ActiveRainers,
The 2019 NAR Expo starts Friday and we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the event. We are giving away $25,000 in Advertising to one lucky winner …….and it could be you!
The Prize:
- $2,000/mo in MediaBoost Social Media Lead Generation + a Free AccelerAgent website for 1 year.
- 20,000+ website visitors per month
- Listing Boost, Social Farming, and Buyer Connect Lead Generation*
- Your AccelerAgent Responsive website includes a CRM, IDX, Seller’s Corner, and SEO.
To enter, all you have to do is visit
Don’t worry if you’re not attending. You’re still a REALTOR and a member of the PropertyMinder … (12 comments)

marketing: Social Farming: Capture Home Sellers On Social Media. - 09/19/19 03:05 PM

Hi ActiveRainers,
It's been a while since we've been around. So, just thought I'd pop in to say "hi" and remind y'all that we're still here to help you with any and all of your marketing and sales goals. 
Recently, we launched something called Social Farming. 
What is Social Farming?
Harness the power of social media to capture new property listings.
Every perspective home seller wants to know what their property is worth in today’s market.
However, the Internet continually provides them with inaccurate home values.  
Where does this leave you? Door knocking, waiting for referrals, or forced to purchase leads from these sites? Not anymore!
Try … (18 comments)

marketing: Reach The Most Sellers & Buyers On Social Media - 08/13/19 12:38 PM

Howdy ActiveRainers,
Tim here, with a quick #ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) post.
We recently launched some pretty extensive social media advertising, including:
Listing Boost – Mass marketing for new listings (or listings that have been on the market longer than you would hope).
Buyer Connect – Social Marketing focused on driving buyers to custom IDX links on your website (mobile optimized pages) where you are branded to every listing.
Social Farming – Social Marketing that targets homeowners in your area and drives them to “Your Neighborhood” on your website which automatically captures their home address once they enter it.
$25.00 includes 750 guaranteed impression with … (17 comments)

marketing: Reach Thousands Of Buyers In Your Area, Today. - 07/24/19 04:17 PM

Hi ActiveRainers,
Tim here with a quick update on our free Single Property Websites (and accompanying MediaBoost services).   Are you ready to reach thousands of buyers in your area, today?
Let us do all the work. All leads captured are yours. Guaranteed.    What's included:
- Single Property Website built in seconds with all the photos and details of your new listing.
- Convert your Single Property Website to a Virtual Tour for Free.
- Full Screen High Resolution Images that adapt to ANY device.
- Simultaneously share onto your Social Media Accounts in seconds.
- Unlimited Clicks to your website.   … (10 comments)

marketing: Think Local, Farm Social: Targeting Home Sellers In Your Area - 07/24/19 04:11 PM

Hi ActiveRainers,
We have been busy testing, and are very pleased to announce our new Social Media Farming.
Social Farming was built to drive local homeowners to your website, and capture their address.
Here is how it works:
You must have our AccelerAgent package with Seller’s Corner (Free Trial Here). Pick your geographic area (primary city you want to target). Choose your budget (you can try this for as little as $25.00). Let us do the rest.
We will build an Advertisement for your website and drive local homeowners to the "Your Neighborhood" page. With our Automatic Home Address capture, your website will alert you as soon … (6 comments)

marketing: Social Media Exposure: Made Easy. - 05/09/19 05:21 PM

Hi ActiveRainers,

What Social media channels are you currently utilizing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)?
Which Social Network is the most effective for you?
How much money do you spend in advertising each month to get people to your website? (or say “to grow your network”)
Have you ever considered low cost Social Media advertising to grow your business?
If you answered YES to that last question, we recently launched a promo that's just right for you.
If you:
- have a (featured and/or office) listing(s) that has been on the market for 30+ days - we will BOOST it's exposure.
- have been struggling with your social media marketing and/or attracting … (2 comments)

marketing: ICYMI: We Recorded This Social Media Webinar For You - 03/07/19 11:46 AM

Hey ActiveRainers,
Did you get a chance to attend this week's webinar? We talked about which social media platforms are best for customer acquisition and engagement to help you sell more homes in 2019 and beyond.
If you didn't, no worries. We recorded it for you, and you can watch it here.
Just a few topics we covered:
FB or IG: Which platform is right for you? Using hashtags and tagged posts on Instagram to find prospects directly in your area The factors resulting in a successful social media presence How time, consistency, and content play a role in community engagement and growth How to leverage LinkedIn … (2 comments)

marketing: Facebook vs. Instagram: Which Is The One For You? - 03/04/19 03:17 PM
Which social media platform is right for you? The factors involved that result in a successful or failed social media presence How time, consistency, and content play a role in community engagement and growth The pros and cons of both platforms We may even dabble a bit on how to leverage your LinkedIn Please register for Facebook vs Instagram: Which is the one for you? on Mar 6, 2019 10:00 AM PST at:

This webinar is designed to cover the … (6 comments)

marketing: Strongest Listing Tool In Real Estate. Hands Down. - 01/09/19 04:53 PM

Hi ActiveRainers, I'm not sure if you have had much time to visit PropertyMinder's company website, but I thought I would share my favorite tool with you.  SELLER'S CORNER is a listing generation machine built to maintain relationships with all of your homeowners. Even though you send emails to them, each of your homeowners have become nosey neighbors.
Imagine how many times they have gone to Zillow.
Imagine how many open houses they have visit in the past few years.  SELLER'S CORNER delivers comparable properties to each homeowner as soon as they go on the market, under contract, or sell. This is Drip … (0 comments)

marketing: When business is slow, AccelerAgent! - 08/22/18 04:27 PM

Hi ActiveRainers,
Tim here, with a special message from our very own VP of Sales & Marketing, Tawd Frensley:

Real Estate deals aren’t always easy to come by. Months usually go by without any prospects in sight, coercing agents to buy weak, diluted leads.

For the past 20 years, PropertyMinder has helped agents create a consistent stream of business.

NAR states that 89% of people in a REALTORS database will most likely choose another REALTOR for their next transaction. 89%???

We are facing a repeat business epidemic. The cause? Well, there are many factors:
-  Constant visits to Zillow and other … (3 comments)

marketing: "More Listings Promo" - did you catch my last memo? - 08/02/18 01:02 PM

In case you missed my last memo - you deserve more listings. There, I said it.
Eager home sellers ready to sell today. Homeowners likely to sell in the future. All of them.
I'm really not mincing words here. You deserve it all.
That's why we've extended our free test drive to 67 days - to maximize and guarantee your success.
What you can expect within 67 days (for free):
- MORE listings.
- MORE referrals.
- MORE seller leads.
- MORE time, with less to manage.
- MORE email marketing responses.
- MORE training, guidance, and support.
- MORE access to cutting-edge technology.
Let us help you get more, and succeed.
We're ready when you are.
- Click here to sign-up for the FREE 67 Day Test Drive and get more listings.
- Click here … (4 comments)

marketing: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 7/20) - 07/20/18 12:57 PM
1. What a $300K house looks like in every state. 
     What you should do: 
         - Speaking of home values, are you sending your homeowners regular updates on the value         
           of their property? Be the expert on the top of their mind, and they'll remember you when they're
           ready to sell!
2. Is real estate appreciation shifting west?
     What you should do: 
        - Irrespective of where appreciation is shifting to, your buyers and sellers deserve dream home       

marketing: $307,000 Appreciation In 1 year Means Business. - 07/18/18 12:25 PM

Staying connected to your homeowners (via Seller's Corner) pays off in 2018.
Case in point: 31 Elena Road, La Selva Beach, CA 95076
- Listing Price (2012): $642,000 (via Redfin)
- Listing Price (2018): $949,000 (via Oak Anchor Homes)
- Property Value Increase: $307,000 in 1 year
In a nutshell, $307,000 price increase in 1 year is enough to reach out to your past clients and let them know a thing or two about a thing or two.
Seller's Corner is your friend, your foundation, your bridge to the land of listings.
Remind them how much their home is worth.
Remind them you have the answers they’re looking for.
They’ll remember you when they’re ready to sell their home.
It’s that simple.


marketing: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 7/17) - 07/17/18 12:18 PM
1. Why Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Is The Next Big Market Boom.
     What you should do: 
         - Be prepared for the next boom in your neck of the woods, with the right website and marketing
           suite of tools to deliver what your buyers and sellers need.
2. The importance of real estate photography and marketing.
     What you should do: 
        - Consider incorporating more imagery into your marketing. Instagram is a great place to start!
          We also purchased a server that houses the largest MLS photos … (0 comments)

marketing: More Listings, More Success: For Free. (67 Day Upgrade) - 07/16/18 02:09 PM

You deserve more listings. There, I said it.
Eager home sellers ready to sell today. Homeowners likely to sell in the future. All of them.
I'm really not mincing words here. You deserve it all.
That's why we've extended our free test drive to 67 days - to maximize and guarantee your success.
What you can expect within 67 days (for free):
- More listings.
- More referrals.
- More seller leads.
- More time, with less to manage.
- More email marketing responses.
- More training, guidance, and support.
- More access to cutting-edge technology.
Let us help you get more, and succeed. For free.
We're ready when you are.
- Click here to sign-up for the FREE 67 Day Test Drive and get more … (2 comments)

marketing: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 7/16) - 07/16/18 12:53 PM
1. Bitcoin-Only Real Estate Deals On The Rise.
     What you should do: 
         - Maybe familiarize yourself with Bitcoin (if you haven't already)?
2. How Interactive Tech Is Shifting The Real Estate World.
     What you should do: 
        - Speaking of tech tools, you can try ours out (including our home seller lead capture) for
          FREE for 67 days. ;-)
3. Tax Laws Bite California's Housing Market.
      What you should do:
       - If you live in California (regardless of your opinion) - don't forget to vote (re: Prop 13). … (0 comments)

marketing: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 7/11) - 07/11/18 12:56 PM
1. Real estate trends to know: #2 Hurricane Harvey effects bring down price of remodeled homes.
     What you should do: 
         - Keep providing your homeowners with the home improvement and repair resources they
           need to fix and/or safeguard their property. 
2. Marion man to receive kidney from real estate agent who sold his home.
     What you should do: 
        - If this agent can give their kidney, surely you can express a little more gratitude with your
          clients (buyers and sellers included). ;-)
3. Hottest housing market in … (0 comments)

marketing: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 7/10) - 07/10/18 01:14 PM

1. Five Things To Know If You Want To Succeed In Real Estate.
     What you should do: 
         - Take note. Especially #4. Remember that having your own marketing platform is a great start
            toward lucrative freedom from your broker.
2. 15 Surprising Real Estate Trends Impacting 2018.
     What you should do: 
        - Whether it's buyers, sellers, or a mix of both - make sure you keep your leads and clients
          well-informed and empowered.
3. Rye teen becomes licensed real estate agent.
      What you … (6 comments)

marketing: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 7/2) - 07/02/18 05:50 PM
1. How Instagram and Staging Help Two Brokers Sell New York City Real Estate.
     What you should do: 
         - Maximize your social media potential. Oh, and if you need inspiration or want an extra "like"
           or follow - connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
2. Six commercial real estate myths debunked.
     What you should do: 
        - See if any of them are applicable to the residential arena. What can you learn?
3. Real estate transfer tax increase considered for November ballot in Oakland and Berkeley, CA.

marketing: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 6/26) - 06/26/18 12:39 PM
1. Does Hurricane Damage Negatively Impact Your Real Estate Value?
     What you should do: 
         - Ease the burden(s) of grappling with Mother Nature's fury for your homeowners, by providing
           them with the home care, improvement and safeguarding resources they need to keep their
           property (and lives) secure.
2. How a Philly real estate agent threw a family she'd never met a huge virtual housewarming party.
     What you should do: 
        - Let this story inspire you to continue supplying your buyers with everything they need to 

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