millennials: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 7/23) - 07/23/18 12:00 PM
1. Exisiting-Home Sales Slide, Thanks to Soaring Prices.
     What you should do: 
         - Remember that Seller's Corner is your remedy to low inventory, and will boost your listings. ;-)
2. 7 Real Estate Tools Entrepreneurs Should Know About.
     What you should do: 
        - Take note. And check out #8 (our personal addition to the list).
3. 12 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate.
      What you should do:
       - Consider expanding your real estate biz horizons. The sky is the limit!

4. Instant regret: 1 in 4 millennials aren't happy to be homeowners.

millennials: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 7/17) - 07/17/18 12:18 PM
1. Why Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Is The Next Big Market Boom.
     What you should do: 
         - Be prepared for the next boom in your neck of the woods, with the right website and marketing
           suite of tools to deliver what your buyers and sellers need.
2. The importance of real estate photography and marketing.
     What you should do: 
        - Consider incorporating more imagery into your marketing. Instagram is a great place to start!
          We also purchased a server that houses the largest MLS photos … (0 comments)

millennials: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 6/19) - 06/19/18 01:35 PM
1. 8 reasons millennials are choosing tiny homes.
         What you should do: 
         - Do your homework on your leads and clients. The more you know (what their needs are), the
           better equipped you are to transcend their expectations. And earn referrals in the process.

2. Real estate agent stumbles upon pair burglarizing home.
    Real Estate Agent Helps Catch Burglars.
       What you should do: 
        - Be safe out there!

3.  These are the 5 issues impacting real estate right now.
      What … (0 comments)

millennials: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 6/11) - 06/11/18 02:43 PM
1. Trump's Hosts at Summit Are Low-Profile Real Estate Billionaires.
         What you should do: 
         - Hope for the best outcome. And remember you don't need to be a billionaire to own cutting-
           edge technology designed in the heart of the Silicon Valley. ;-)

2. Trade in your house? Startup launches a different approach to real estate in Triangle.
"It purchases customers’ new homes on their behalf, moves them in, and then sells their existing homes for them on the open market with the goal of making real estate transactions more simple – and more … (4 comments)

millennials: Our Holiday Season Gift To You. - 11/22/17 11:35 AM

by Andy Coffaro
The holiday season is finally upon us, and to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year we’ve wrapped up this email package just for you loaded with some of the best real estate marketing tips around.
So grab a fresh cup of eggnog (brandy optional) and let’s check out some of the best real estate tips and resources so you can maximize your listings and home sales this holiday season.
Marketing Faux Pas
Check out five big-time real estate marketing mistakes you might be making right now but aren’t even aware of. We’re talking fixing everything from cluttered websites to lack of social media activity.
Facebook … (2 comments)

millennials: Millennials: A New Source For Increased Listings. - 05/22/17 01:00 PM
Howdy folks,

Tim here, how’s your week going?
With inventory at record lows, it’s imperative to secure listing opportunities by any means necessary. Agreed?

This includes targeting the hottest homebuyer demographic in the nation: millennials.
The logic behind this? Your homebuyers become your homeowners, and your homeowners eventually become your home sellers. So, let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) – pre-paving more listings by securing more homebuyers (i.e. – your eventual home sellers). Sound good?

A few critical statistics:
- “Millennials [are] the nation’s largest living generation.”
- “Millennials make … (5 comments)

millennials: 5 Social Media Tips You Probably Aren't Implementing (But Should) - 04/18/17 03:28 PM
We’ve shown you recently how critically important social media is for your business (+ tips on how to gain more “likes” and followers). From marketing and repeat clients, to snagging new leads, social media can be one of the most impactful and cost-effective marketing strategies you’ll ever employ.
Today’s Tip of the Week is going to assume you know the basics of marketing on social media. That is to say, we’re going beyond just showing you how to advertise on Facebook or set up your Twitter account. We’re going to show you a few out-of-the-social-box ideas that you either haven’t thought of before or just haven’t had the time to … (5 comments)

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