mls search: 8 Marketing Musts To Increase Home Sales in 2018. - 04/25/18 01:20 PM
7 Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Increase Leads and Home Sales in 2018
by Andy Coffaro
The sizzling-hot housing market means it’s a dog-eat-dog world for real estate agents. Here are strategies and tools to remain the leader of the pack when it comes to referrals, relationships and repeat business.
Securely organize leads and create custom groups to send personalized messaging.
Email Marketing
Utilize CRM to email entire database compelling and useful content in time it takes to email one client.
Website Branding
Drive clients to your personalized website to continuously build brand recognition and awareness.
Be Mobile
*89% of new home shoppers use mobile search engines throughout home buying … (0 comments)

mls search: Listing Agent. Buyer's Agent. Doesn't Matter. We Got You Covered. - 02/22/18 12:25 PM

Hey Active Rainers,
Tim here. Just touching base - are you still interested in letting us help you sell more homes this year?
As a matter of fact - it doesn't matter whether you're a buyer's or a listing agent (or broker). We're here to make sure you fully realize your professional dreams - whatever they may be. What are they? I would love to know.
Did I mention we're offering FREE service, as well?
Listing Agents get:
- Exclusive listing-generator that automatically keeps every home seller on your radar.
- The best, automatic Home Seller Lead Capture in the business (instantly notifies you every time a potential home seller visits your website).
Buyers' Agents get:
- Fully loaded home Buyers … (0 comments)

mls search: "A homeowner (potential seller) just visited your website..." - 01/25/18 12:41 PM

Howdy ActiveRainers,
Tim here, just touching base - how's business going so far in 2018?
Things have really kicked off to an epic start on our end.
Just to recap, we're still offering (drum roll, please):
- Free service for existing customers.
- 2 months of free service for new customers (when you buy 3).
- Drone (aerial) photography for select SF Bay Area customers.
- New MLS Search formatting that's faster, more convenient, and, frankly, looks better.
- The best Home Seller Lead Capture in the business (instantly notifies you every time a potential home seller visits your website: "A homeowner (potential seller) just visited your website. Here is the information that was captured for you...")
More listings. Free service. Cutting-edge technology. Unlimited Support and Training.
Let's make this your … (0 comments)

mls search: 3 Reasons To Pop Open The Champagne Early. (New Year Updates) - 12/28/17 03:31 PM
Hi ActiveRainers,
How's your last week of 2017 going?
I, admittedly, have a blog entry scheduled to be posted tomorrow morning - but I'm feeling a little antsy about sharing some of our end-of-the-year happenings at PropertyMinder.
The image below sums it up.
If anything intrigues you, you know where to find me. ;-)
- Tim

mls search: Save Money. List More Homes. 2018 is gonna rock. - 12/28/17 01:31 PM
Happy (almost) New Year, ActiveRainers!
Good things come in 3s.
So, this 3 Day Countdown to 2018 calls for 3 Perfect Reasons to upgrade to PropertyMinder. Cue the pumped up chanting.
3. NEW MLS Search.
More convenience and customization. Cleaner look. Faster options. Life's just better with our New MLS Map Search. Scroll down for directions on how you can check it out first-hand.* 
2. Buy 3 Months Of Service. Get 2 Absolutely Free.
That's right. Replenish money you spent on holiday gifts (plus, taxes are just around the corner), while maintaining an active, influential, and listing-generating online presence.
1. Enhanced ("Super") Home Seller Lead Capture.
This is pretty amazing. Acquire and respond to home … (0 comments)

mls search: Home Buyer Stocking Stuffers (Holiday Tip #6) - 12/15/17 03:18 PM

Hey ActiveRainers,
Going out of your way to send a few quick, personalized home buyer updates (i.e. - listing suggestions that accurately fit their dream home expectations) will underscore your admirable commitment in landing them what they're looking for. 
Delivering HD Photos, accurate listing details (right down to the best schools nearby), critical neighborhood info, and every last option that's up their alley doesn't hurt either. ;-)

mls search: The Real Estate "High-Five!" - 11/02/17 10:51 AM
Virtual High-Five! :-)
- Tim
This is a side note to see if posting enough words on this blog post will make it worthy of earning points. I don't know why ActiveRain won't provide points to blog posts with infographics that feature extensive, helpful content. Do you understand why? If so, let me know. :-) Okay, that was 58 words. 
P.S. - the word count worked. :-)

mls search: Your homebuyers are on high alert. - 06/26/17 03:09 PM
Tim here, with some news that'll rattle you (but don't worry, there's hope!)...
An article I read recently claimed: "Indecisive or procrastinating homebuyers beware: New data show that more than half the homes on the market in May were snapped up in less than a month...[making it the] shortest turn-around time in more than six years...That means potential buyers need to act fast when they find a home they like or risk losing out." Read the full article here.

To top it off, one of "the biggest year-over-year declines in available homes" was in "San Jose, Calif. (29.2)" (Hometown of PropertyMinder headquarters).

We've known this for quite some … (1 comments)

mls search: Homebuyer "Double Whammy" SOLVED. - 06/07/17 01:03 PM
Tim here, with some good news, and some bad news (re: your homebuyers).

- Bad news: The National Association of Realtors' chief economist reports that: "Prospective [home]buyers are feeling the double whammy this spring of inventory that's down 9.0 percent from a year ago..." (Source: 
- Good news: there's an efficient and calculated way of providing homebuyers with every resource they need to secure their dream home (believe us, it's out there) AND ensure they turn to you when they're ready to sell, down the road.

From HD Photos, Videos and personalized MLS searches that meet their standards, to instant listing alerts and an easy-to-use … (2 comments)

mls search: 30-Days That'll Empower Your Business (+ Boost Listings) - 05/09/17 03:42 PM
Tim here - did you know some of the issues keeping you from maximizing revenue include allowing Zillow and similar portals to infiltrate your database?
You may send clients something like an inventory snapshot, fresh marketing content, referral request, and use our New MLS Map Search to provide search results – but this still disconnects clients from the primary objective: Always remembering your domain name.
Today we're going to show you how free 30 day access to marketing designed in the heart of the nation’s hottest (seller’s) housing market will make your website the first and only destination local homebuyers and sellers will be visiting.

Click here to read about the 30-Days That'll Empower Your Real Estate Business, Forever.

P.S. … (0 comments)

mls search: Buyers Today. Sellers Tomorrow. #NoRegrets - 05/04/17 04:03 PM
Tim here, with a few thoughts on "buyer's remorse" (i.e. - beholding heaven and feeling hell). 

"Buyer's remorse (or buyer's regret) is the sense of regret after having made a purchase; frequently associated with the purchase of an expensive item such as a car or a house. It may stem from fear of making the wrong choice, guilt over extravagance, or a suspicion of having been overly influenced by the seller." - Wikipedia

We all know what it's like. The after-the-fact regrets cause unneeded stress and frustrations.

Your homebuyers are no different.
Wouldn't it be nice to deliver exactly what they're looking for at a price they can afford, and prevent all … (2 comments)

mls search: You're Elected: The Real Estate Neighborhood Expert. - 11/07/16 08:06 AM
Hi ActiveRainers,
Tim here. How've you been?
Election Day has me wondering - have you ever thought of your marketing as part of an ongoing election?
Like politics - catchy ads and slogans in real estate only get you so far.
Your "undecided voters" (leads and clients) don't want sweet talk or short-lived remedies.
They want honest answers and lasting solutions to challenges and issues they're facing.
What're you doing to rile up your base (your database, that is) of "undecideds?"
Well, you can't make someone buy or sell (or "vote" for) you.
But you can make them think of you when they're ready to make important decisions (buy, sell & refer)
Read … (14 comments)

mls search: All-In-One, Easy-To-Use Tool: Be An AccelerAgent! - 10/06/16 07:07 AM


mls search: Luck Of The Draw Won't Cut It. - 03/16/16 07:48 AM
Let's stay practical (yet creative) here.
St. Patrick's Day is your perfect opportunity to:
1) Be G.R.E.E.N. and make some green.

And perhaps most importantly...
2) Take advantage of 4 of the most effective,
pinch-proof ways to get folks responding.
This webinar is your shot to make
the competition green with envy.
We'll walk you through everything, step-by-step.
MLS Searches
Thursday, March 17th
3:00 pm (PST) / 5:00 pm (CST) / 6:00 pm (EST)
"I close at least 5 transactions annually
thanks to the AccelerAgent Custom IDX search tool.
It saves me so much time."- Emcee Arah, PropertyMinder customer.
Our customers secure 4.6 more transactions than competitors.
No luck involved. Our tools are just that good.
Take a free test drive and see for yourself.
In … (0 comments)

mls search: Exciting Upcoming Release: Our New MLS Search. - 01/28/16 08:58 AM
This first quarter's exciting release is our New MLS Search.
It has been designed to provide a similar look to the large search portals that many people visit.
We wanted to make sure your website gives visitors a familiar place to find homes.
By reducing the learning curve your clients often face, we increase immediate interaction.
If clients are familiar and comfortable using your website, they’ll return.
This means more traffic, more branding, and more top-of-mind awareness.
You only have one opportunity to capture your audience.
This new Map Search was built to cater to that same audience.
What you have to look forward to:
1) One standard search and … (2 comments)

mls search: Entice, Grab & Keep: No-Nonsense Ways To Lock In Leads & Clients - 01/05/16 05:24 AM

What are you doing to grab the attention of folks that you want to impress and “wow” (like your online audience) in 2016?
Committing to just 2 of the following tips in January is a great way to kick things off.
Hone into your most vital real estate resources, and best marketing practices, to retain folks all year long.
1) Keep up with the “younger crowd.”
Millennials, the generation that grew up in the age of the Internet and mobile apps, are one of the fastest growing real estate demographics. Targeting, and appealing to, this blossoming segment of the market is huge.
With that said, … (2 comments)

mls search: Win The 2016 Vote:Agents, Politicians & Lasting New Year's Resolutions - 12/22/15 06:24 AM
Tips Of The Week  
Product & Company Updates
We're breaking in the new year, in-style!
  New Year. New MLS Search.
It's finally here. We mean it this time. An incredible, systemwide change officially rolls out January 2016. Learn more about this supercharged search... Read More.

Homebrella: A Home Run For Clients
Connect your clients with trusted service providers. As their agent, you are all things real estate: Home purchase. Home values. Home improvement. Home sales... Read More.
  2016 Projects Underway
  Overhaul of the AccelerAgent CRM.
It will focus on making client information more accessible, simplicity of use, integrated with tasks and … (0 comments)

mls search: More Listings, Eerie Portals & Haunting Templates - Oh My! - 10/29/15 05:09 AM

2 BR, 2 BA, 13 Ghosts... Same Listing Agent?
We’re putting a big listing-related myth to rest. Retain hot seller leads, listing prospects and past clients once and for all - with Seller's Corner... Read More.
Help Leads & Clients Avoid Eerie Syndicate Portal Traps
Some more MLS fact v. fiction and online myth-busting. You may already be well-aware, but do you have a plan and the necessary tools to take action? We do... Read More.
Product & Company Updates
Your New MLS Search
This'll give you chills. An incredible, systemwide change launches this November - just in time for the holidays. Learn more about this supercharged search... Read More.
Your New Email … (0 comments)

mls search: Help Clients Avoid Eerie Syndicate Portal Traps. - 10/26/15 09:46 AM
We have another fact v. fiction issue that should matter a great deal to you.

Myth: Every syndicate site provides consistently accurate data and helps you retain your clients.
Fact: ONLY your AccelerAgent website brands you - ensuring that you keep leads and clients away from other sites and agents, and guaranteeing instant and easy access to important MLS listing details. Our Interactive MLS keeps your clients informed of ALL listing details including every photo, valuable market statistics, and even down to the best schools nearby. 

Our current services already:
- Brand you to every listing.
- Include powerful tracking to give you insights into … (0 comments)

mls search: It's really not worth the risk. - 09/14/15 02:59 AM

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