niche marketing: Are You On The Path To Success? - 07/26/16 08:32 AM

A referral is nothing more than a tip once the bill is paid.
The better the service, the better the tips.Interestingly enough, the majority of a waiter's (or bartender's) wages come from tips.
Sound familiar? 
Let us help you fill up your tip jar.
We are not just Silicon Valley based technology, we work closely with top level agents.
Our VP created a short survey, so that our Digital Marketing Specialists can guide you on the path to success. 
A 1 minute survey that will change your life.
(Preceding message originally drafted by our VP of Sales & Marketing, Tawd Frensley)

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niche marketing: More 'Likes'. More Followers: Savvy Ways To Mix & Mingle - 12/08/15 02:59 AM

Time for some real talk.
Posting snapshots of your current meal on Facebook doesn’t do anyone any good.
If anything, it’ll just remind people that they’re hungry or why they became a vegetarian.

We recommend dishing out the main course (and purpose) of social media - exposure and networking by underscoring your individuality, expressing your creative flair and putting your own personal (and memorable) stamp on everything you draft and/or share.

Americans spend more than 2 hours on mobile devices and social sites everyday.
It's imperative to stay savvy and relatable when mingling online.

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niche marketing: Calling all wine lovers....(or Oenophiles if you want to get fancy) - 02/18/14 08:25 AM
Today is National Drink Wine Day.
Have you given wine as a gift to your clients? Have you ever recieved a bottle from an appreciative client? Have you personalized wine labels to your business? Do you have listings near wineries or wine country? Are you or is there an agent you know whose niche is wine country homes and properties? 

niche marketing: What a Customized Website says about you - 02/10/14 05:20 AM
Sophistication and Uniqueness
The way your clients perceive you is based on your work ethic, professional appearance and your internet presence. Do you go out of your way for your clients? Do you always look and carry yourself in an elegant manner? Do you work hard to set yourself apart from the competition? Potential clients will correlate your website to the quality of the services you provide.
Your Virtual Store
The look and feel of your website can be the difference in  clients staying and looking for homes for sale on your website, or leaving and going back to Google. When … (4 comments)

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