outside the box: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 7/23) - 07/23/18 12:00 PM
1. Exisiting-Home Sales Slide, Thanks to Soaring Prices.
     What you should do: 
         - Remember that Seller's Corner is your remedy to low inventory, and will boost your listings. ;-)
2. 7 Real Estate Tools Entrepreneurs Should Know About.
     What you should do: 
        - Take note. And check out #8 (our personal addition to the list).
3. 12 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate.
      What you should do:
       - Consider expanding your real estate biz horizons. The sky is the limit!

4. Instant regret: 1 in 4 millennials aren't happy to be homeowners.

outside the box: 7 Least-Annoying Ways To Capture Email Addresses - 03/09/18 12:30 PM
by Andy Coffaro
Bonus Tip: If you’re trying to snag just home addresses, we’ve got a brand new tool you must check out.
These best practices must be integrated into your overall marketing campaign to help your real estate business capture more quality leads and maximize home sales and purchases.
Exit-Intent Pop-Ups: Provide an email subscription pop-up box when users are about to leave or close their browser tab.       
(Kissmetrics 2015)
Newsletter Sign Up: Provide a compelling weekly or monthly newsletter that users subscribe to via email addresses.
(ShortStack 2016)
Sticky Top Bar: Place an eye-catching bar that remains at the top of the screen even as users … (0 comments)

outside the box: Milk And Cookies: Not Just For Santa. (Holiday Tip #7) - 12/20/17 12:19 PM

Howdy ActiveRainers,
How often do you treat your clients and/or leads to a little something extra special?
If you need motivation during the holiday season - think of it this way: Santa's on a diet this year. So, deliver those treats to a worthy person in your database before the relationship (and treats) get stale.
Sound good? ;-)

outside the box: Spreading Holiday Cheer Means Good Karma. (Holiday Tip #4) - 12/15/17 02:10 PM
Howdy ActiveRainers,
This holiday marketing tip is pretty straightforward, wouldn't you say?
Sharing resources that aren't directly real estate related will diversify your reputation - plus, it's just good for business. What goes around, comes around, agreed? Use your best judgement to recommend and suggest places you trust and respect. 
So, any places come to mind?

outside the box: You're Missing Out on Homebuyers & Sellers on Mobile Devices. - 08/22/17 01:29 PM
by Andy Coffaro
According to a 2017 report complied by the analytics firm Flurry, U.S. mobile users are spending a whopping five hours per day on their mobile devices.
With so many Americans glued to their mobile devices, there’s never been a better time to ensure your real estate website is optimized for the mobile experience.
To get you headed in the right direction, here are three essential tips you’ll want to keep in mind.
Optimizing Your Website for a Mobile WorldThree years ago, Internet usage via mobile devices surpassed desktop usage. That’s why if your custom-designed website isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re probably missing out on hundreds of … (0 comments)

outside the box: 5 Email Tips That Transform Your Leads From Lukewarm to Scorching Hot - 06/08/17 02:37 PM
by Andy Coffaro
You've got your email list of leads. Some are folks you've sold to in the past while others you met standing in line for your morning Starbucks.
No matter how you attain it, a lead is a lead is a lead.
One of the best marketing strategies to stay top of mind with your leads and increase the odds of doing business with them is through email newsletters.
But are you sure you're employing the best strategies before sending them out?
If not, here's how.
Test Your Email Subject Lines
Perhaps one of the more enjoyable aspects of sending out email newsletters is figuring out … (20 comments)

outside the box: September Success = Willy Wonka Mantra + Sweet Suite - 08/25/16 09:24 AM
Hey ActiveRainers,
Quick question - can you name this (slightly edited) tune?
If you want to view paradise...
Simply look around and view it...
Anything you want to, do it.
Want to change the YOUR world? 
There's nothing to it.
We'll begin...With a spin...
Traveling in the world of my YOUR creation...
What we'll see...Will defy...
There is no...Place to go...
To compare with your imagination...
So go there...
To be free...
If you truly wish to be.
Living there...
You'll be free...
If you truly wish to be.
Pure Imagination, lyrics sung by Willy Wonka - portrayed by the legendary and late Gene Wilder (June 11th, 1933 - August 29th, 2016) - should resonate with you on both personal and marketing levels. 
Too often, we … (0 comments)

outside the box: Hungry For Referrals & Listings? This'll Do. - 07/05/16 09:18 AM
Hey there,
Tim here, again, with a quick Tip & Script Of The Week.

When people aren’t fed, they’re cranky and irritable.
The same goes for your leads – when they don't feel routinely nourished, cared about, and/or spoon-fed relevant info - they will likely stomp off to one of the 2 other agents they know.

In short – remember that “satiated” (nurtured) leads and clients translate into a (financially) satisfied and successful agent (that's you).

With that said – take this advice literally. 
Treat promising leads and valued clients to some easy-on-the-wallet grub. Here are a few holidays (and accompanying email greetings) worth considering, … (0 comments)

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