real estate business: Danger Zone: Mixing Biz With Family And Friends. - 02/08/18 01:10 PM

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by Andy Coffaro

We have a feeling that many of your leads are thinking about using a family member or close friend as their next real estate agent. We both know this is a horrible decision, but here are some tips you can forward to them to convey why they should choose you instead.
Let’s paint the picture for you real quick: You’re either buying a … (14 comments)

real estate business: 20 minutes: Dividing mini-tasks mean less stress and more balance. - 08/19/16 08:03 AM
20 Minutes A Day, Pays.
Tackle manageable tasks that help you 
handle and humanize your business. 
What can 20 minutes get you? Plenty…
- 5 homeowners set up on Seller's Corner so they stay connected to their neighborhood.
(Pssst....register for the next Seller's Corner webinar, now!)
- 5 buyers set up in your CRM on a Listing Alerts so they keep coming to YOUR website.
(Pssst....register for the next CRM webinar, now!)
- Write a 2 sentence email and blast it out.
- A fun questionnaire or a contest sent to your database to generate an email response.
- Send a “How are you?” text message to as many people in your phone that you can - so your cell phone number is right in their hand.
Simply put: dividing mini-tasks means less stress and more balance. 
Less … (0 comments)

real estate business: The only part of the market you should blame, is your market-ing. - 06/09/16 05:07 AM
Let's not play the blame game. 
It's not how many people you have in your database.
It's how well you know the people in your database.
If this wasn't the case, then you could consider the phone book your CRM. (if agents actually called, that is)
Just because the Internet exists, doesn't mean you don't need to build relationships.
Just because email exists, doesn't mean you shouldn't call your clients.
If your business is not where you want it to be, point some blame.
However, just try not to blame the market.
The only part of the market you should blame, is your market-ing.
Relationships … (4 comments)

real estate business: Give 'em somethin' to remember (or talk about). - 04/27/16 09:11 AM
Update one detail on your website for 15 minutes a day for summer. 
Summer is about 50 days away! 
Your website is just like a home staging before a sale.
It's the little additions and details that matter.
 It needs character, elegance, and maybe even a surprise here or there.
Make your website more authentic, more fun, and more useful.
 Give them something to remember. 
Your website should make people want to stay AND come back.
People should think to themselves:
"This agent has it together.
They care about about how they present themselves. 
I can see myself coming back.
I want to tell my friends about this agent." 

Check out the two example PropertyMinder websites below
and please register … (6 comments)

real estate business: Flip the switch. If you aren't providin, they may go lookin elsewhere. - 04/20/16 05:22 AM
Question 1: When the cat's away, do the mice play?
Question 2: Would a mouse choose to be foolish if they could help it?
Apply this age-old saying to your database.
If you aren't providing hyper-local real estate activity, comparables, and market values to your homeowners, do you think they won't go and find it on their own?
Ask yourself this: Would someone rather sit in a dark room or go find the light switch? 
Open Houses are that light switch!
Zillow and other websites (in their mind) is that light switch!
So yes, when the cat's away, the mice (your database) will play.
But in … (2 comments)

real estate business: 3 Easy Ways to Gain Listings In the First Half of 2016 - 02/24/16 07:23 AM

real estate business: Top-of-Mind vs. Top-of-Heart. A Valentine's Day view of Real Estate. - 02/12/16 07:17 AM
Top-of-Mind vs. Top-of-Heart. A Valentine's Day view of Real Estate.
By Tawd Frensley 
The decision to sell a home can be broken down into 6 categories:
1) They bought their home as an investment and this is the epitome of a seller’s market.
2) They have outgrown their home because they brought children into the world. 
3) They can finally downsize now that their adult children have decided to move out
4) They have to relocate due to occupation change or retirement 
5) They are underwater. Hopefully, this is never the case.
6) Their neighbors bug them to no end.
As a real estate agent, you do not have any control … (0 comments)

real estate business: What makes a "great agent," great? (It's more than the bling bling) - 01/26/16 08:51 AM

real estate business: Have, had, has. How to beat the competition the smart way. - 01/15/16 04:07 AM
What is the difference between "have", "had" and "has?"
If you "have" an Open House this weekend..... And you find yourself engaged in a conversation with a neighbor, rest assured they "have" access to a real estate agent.
The obvious answer; the agent that helped them buy their home. However, you can also rest assured that statistically their real estate agent "has" a 11% chance of getting their repeat business.
This is due to habitual lack of follow-up, a weak Internet presence, or the fact that the average real estate agent stays in the business 2 years.
Bottom line, they "had" their chance.
So, give this … (4 comments)

real estate business: Introducing Homebrella, For Your Business' Health & Relationships - 01/14/16 04:58 AM

Homebrella will make you “All Things Real Estate”
Chances are that every agent has been or will be impacted by repeat business. 
The issue lies with the relationships you have with your clients once they purchase a home.
During the buying process, there is constant communication in the form of phone calls, emails, texts, and of course, the time they spend with you in your car.
Once the client purchases the home, that constant communication (understandably) slows considerably as you move on to the next deal.
So what is Homebrella?
At any moment, one of your clients may need to fix or improve something with their home. Instead of them going to Yelp, Google, … (2 comments)

real estate business: Your sales skills, your customer service, and your relationships - 01/05/16 09:47 AM
Sales: The art of finding problems and addressing their needs.
Service: The belief that you are responsible for their money and time.
Follow-up: The ability to maintain a strong relationship throughout the life cycle of your clients'.
Referrals: The culmination of sales, service, and follow-up done right.
Cheers to a successful 2016.
May your sales skills, customer service, and relationships provide you with your best year in Real Estate.
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Your truly, 
Tawd Frensley and The PropertyMinder Team
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real estate business: A powerful holiday message for your business's success - 12/07/15 09:08 AM
Another guest post by our VP of Marketing and Sales, Tawd Frensley. 
We live in a digital age where information surrounds us.
The Internet has become our expert advice and where we go to find answers. Good grief, some of us have even tried to self diagnose on WebMD.
In our digital age, human interaction suffers. You may have experienced the sad sight of a family at a restaurant, all eyes glued to their phones or tablets. 
Let's get back to speaking to one another. Let's get back to getting to know our clients.
The next time you want to send another "canned" email, ask … (6 comments)

real estate business: Dip your toe in, you don't have to dive in head first yet. - 11/11/14 04:15 AM
Not ready to purchase and begin learning all of AccelerAgent, but thinking about it? Or just thinking about using real estate technology in your business, but not ready to dive in head first- just looking to dip a toe in?
Would you like to just spend a half hour a day doing something that will virtually guarantee a difference in returned responses, a nourished pipeline, and better relationships in 2015? 
There are just 50 days left of 2014. Use them wisely.
Curious to start using real estate technology, but want to take baby steps? 
Simply purchase Seller's Corner by itself....
.....and watch the results happen within … (0 comments)

real estate business: A Few Ways To Avoid Losing Business - 11/05/14 08:32 AM
 Losing business is not completely unavoidable.
If a relative or associate of a past client gets their real estate license, there’'s not much you can do.
However, there are a couple of things that you can do to prevent past clients from turning to other agent(s): remind your clients that you are valuable, knowledgeable, and deserving of their referrals.
First Things First: Internalize Your Marketing
Your website is an extension of you; it is your digital storefront that shows your past transactions and areas of expertise. Anything you send to your clients should somehow contain a way to bring them back to your website.
The sole … (6 comments)

real estate business: "Your Neighborhood" Has Successfully Launched! A huge time saver - 08/22/14 08:19 AM
"Your Neighborhood".....Has Successfully Launched!
Now you can invite your clients to your website. Give them access to real estate activity in their neighborhood all while simultaneously capturing their home addresses.
"The slower summer months may be coming to an end soon but there is still time to develop a game plan for the balance of the year. Seize back your time from the jaws of the urgent by taking a good hard look at where that time is going. It’s the clearest way to ensure that you’re running your business and that your business isn’t running you instead."
-Bret … (2 comments)

real estate business: Did you get our Tip of the Weekend? (New Listing Slideshow) - 07/14/14 08:57 AM
Did you get the Tip of the Weekend last week? (The new feature in your AccelerAgent Toolkit).Here is the description for you: The New Listing Slideshow feature for your website’s homepage is in your Toolkit!
Why is this important to your business?
You are now able to display custom IDX results on the home page of your website within a slideshow presentation.
Previously, the slideshow presentation only displayed your featured listings or your office listings.

This new feature will help do a couple of things:
1) If you do not have any active listings right now, this gives you the option to display listings on … (1 comments)

real estate business: The secret to success is not hard work.... - 04/29/14 08:06 AM
Barbara Corcoran inspired us today. Please watch the video. Let us know if/how it motivated you and if you agree. 
The key to success is:
"How well you can take the hit...It came down to having something to prove and getting back up.
Insecurity is a wonderful motivator. "
Life's not about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.
Listen to these powerful words here. 

real estate business: What bugs you the most? - 03/19/14 04:47 AM
What is the biggest problem or complaint you have about being a real estate agent? What issue just does not get easier?Not enough time? Not enough money? Losing clients? Keeping in touch with your contacts?Please take a moment to comment and we will create useful material for you to solve these problems. Be honest, we want to get to know you. #Poll #RealEstateLife #HowCanWeHelp

real estate business: Why pay for real estate software, when there are free tools? - 02/28/14 02:51 AM
Recently, we were asked on ActiveRain why an agent would pay for a solution, rather than using free tools. This is an excellent question. We are sharing the exchange below. Please share your thoughts! We want to hear your story.
 - - -
Excellent Online Question Asker: Why purchase? You don't have to spend a lot of money to subscribe or pay companies for CRM tools/software. You could use your existing emails such as Outlook Google, and your Excel sheet.
PM's Social Media Team's Answer: Nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by. Excellent question. Outlook and Gmail are not CRM's. You cannot send personalized … (2 comments)

real estate business: Here is one thing most of us don't do - 12/11/13 09:36 AM
Here is one thing most of us don't do, but should this month and ALL through 2014. If you’re going to grow your business, and apply some new marketing strategies, you'll have to set aside time to do it. No excuses. Do nothing during this time, other than work ON your business.
Time to reflect, change, and execute.
Portion off one day a week where you isolate 2-3 hours to work on improving, systematizing and implementing new strategies that can work (without you!).
Here are just some examples of PropertyMinder tools that work for you, while you do other things: 

PropertyMinder  (AccelerAgent), Modern Tools for the Modern Agent (PropertyMinder, Inc.) Rainmaker large

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