real estate client: There are 5 months until 2017, so let's get back to the basics. - 07/26/16 04:14 AM
We live in a digital age where information surrounds us.
The Internet has become our expert advice and where we go to find answers.
In our digital age, human interaction suffers.
You may have experienced the sad sight of a family at a restaurant, all eyes glued to their phones or tablets, or the unfortunate, common occurrence of kids outside on a beautiful summer day, heads down, staring at their smartphones.
Let's connect with people organically and genuinely. This is a people business. Or put more of yourself in your Facebook posts and your emails. Connect with people directly. Try texting. Be yourself. Experiment. Be the … (4 comments)

real estate client: The only part of the market you should blame, is your market-ing. - 06/09/16 05:07 AM
Let's not play the blame game. 
It's not how many people you have in your database.
It's how well you know the people in your database.
If this wasn't the case, then you could consider the phone book your CRM. (if agents actually called, that is)
Just because the Internet exists, doesn't mean you don't need to build relationships.
Just because email exists, doesn't mean you shouldn't call your clients.
If your business is not where you want it to be, point some blame.
However, just try not to blame the market.
The only part of the market you should blame, is your market-ing.
Relationships … (4 comments)

real estate client: You do have control over one important thing - 02/25/16 03:36 AM
Top-of-Mind vs. Top-of-Heart. Less than one month until spring.
The busy season is very, very close. People are depending on you for information. 
By Tawd Frensley, PropertyMinder's VP of Marketing and Sales
The decision to sell a home can be broken down into 6 categories:
1) They bought their home as an investment and this is the epitome of a seller’s market.
2) They have outgrown their home because they brought children into the world. 
3) They can finally downsize now that their adult children have decided to move out
4) They have to relocate due to occupation change or retirement 
5) They are underwater. Hopefully, this is never … (0 comments)

real estate client: Introducing Homebrella, For Your Business' Health & Relationships - 01/14/16 04:58 AM

Homebrella will make you “All Things Real Estate”
Chances are that every agent has been or will be impacted by repeat business. 
The issue lies with the relationships you have with your clients once they purchase a home.
During the buying process, there is constant communication in the form of phone calls, emails, texts, and of course, the time they spend with you in your car.
Once the client purchases the home, that constant communication (understandably) slows considerably as you move on to the next deal.
So what is Homebrella?
At any moment, one of your clients may need to fix or improve something with their home. Instead of them going to Yelp, Google, … (2 comments)

real estate client: Is an Internet lead better than a past client? The answer: Nope. - 12/17/15 03:01 AM
Generating leads vs. Losing less business.
(Another) holiday real estate marketing blog post by our VP of Marketing and Sales Tawd Frensley 
The question: Is an Internet lead better than a past client?
The answer: Nope.
Internet leads can be broken down by the following:
1) They are curious enough to enter their contact info
2) They are bored at work (or home)
3) They lost relationship with their real estate agent
4) Or the ever-common, the "Routine Tire Kicker"
We are not saying Internet leads are bad. In fact, they can be a wonderful supplement to your yearly transaction total. However, we put emphasis on the word "supplement".
Focusing … (10 comments)

real estate client: Relationships >> RElationships >> REALationships - 12/10/15 03:58 AM
Relationships >> RElationships >> REALationships
A guest post by Tawd Frensley, PropertyMinder's VP of Marketing and Sales
A lead is nothing until you communicate with them.
This falls under qualification (that is, leads you have purchased or that have been routed to you from your broker).
This communication will prove the lead as either "hot" or "cold".
However, just as hot water slowly cools off, so do leads.
Your consistent interaction via email, text, or voice maintains the warmth of the lead throughout the sales cycle.
But what creates the most "warmth?" Emails are often ignored since the average person opens only 10% of the emails they receive. So you … (0 comments)

real estate client: 101 Days left of this year. What you should be asking yourself. - 09/21/15 08:54 AM
101 days left of this year.
How many of your clients have forgotten you?
This is the only question you need to ask yourself and the only question that needs an answer.
If there is a chance that 80% of your database will buy or sell with another real estate agent, then what are you doing to decrease those odds?
Transactions are based on the total number of people in your database.
You may think you have 300 contacts, but how many of those contacts are in another agent’s CRM?
How many of those contacts are receiving CMA’s, Market Conditions, and Listing Alerts?
Dedicate the next 100 days … (0 comments)

real estate client: Ready-to-go past client emails or pitches for the last 3 months of '15 - 09/18/15 08:32 AM
Hi there,
We've asked our writers to come up with effective, great-sounding past-client email text for you. And they delivered.
Why not make sure you make the most of the last 3 months of 2015? It's so easy to simply say "hello"and remind people what it is you do. 
Write to people individually or send out a mass email blast.
You can even try to call 10 people per week that you have not spoken to in a while and use these as pitches. 
Choose one or try them all. What's there to lose, right? 
Email 1: 
How have you been?  I am sorry for not reaching out to you recently. … (4 comments)

real estate client: It's all about them. - 04/28/14 05:29 AM
 If you understand and meet the needs of your customer,
you will understand and meet the needs of your business. 
So very true. Give them what they need. Be of service. Make their lives easier.
#CustomerNeeds #RealEstateClient

real estate client: Breaking It Down For You - 01/03/14 07:58 AM
That listing down the street.............It has your clients' attention.
They want to know what the seller is asking.They want to know what it looks like on the inside.They want to know what their home is worth in comparison.How easy is it for them to call the listing agent?How easy is it to go to the open house this weekend?How easy is it to Google the address and end up on Zillow?
Set up a Neighborhood Alert for your homeowners and watch how your PropertyMinder website will keep every homeowner updated about their neighborhood.

If your sellers know what homes are being listed … (0 comments)

real estate client: Email them or lose them. Protect your lead/client family. - 10/18/13 11:19 AM
What is the first thing you do when you turn on your computer? Check your email? Well, so do your clients.   So if your clients saw a house for sale in their neighborhood, pulled over to grab the flyer, and realized there was no flyer to grab, what would they do next? Call the listing agent on the sign? Or go home and Google the address of the listing? By setting up a PropertyMinder neighborhood search for your clients, they will know as a soon as a listing in their neighborhood hits the market and they will know exactly the price … (0 comments)

real estate client: This weekend's real estate marketing tips! - 09/13/13 11:27 AM
Happy Selling over the weekend! If you get some new contacts over the weekend, call in on Monday and we will help you set up some personal campaigns for your new clients. (800) 743-5820 x 1. Good luck today to you all. Some weekend tips for you!    
The weekend is approaching and some of you may have some showing appointments. If you haven't downloaded the FREE Agent View Mobile App that gives you all of the Private Remarks and showing instructions for EVERY listing on the market, let us know. We are here to help. Available for Android and Apple (Sorry Windows and … (0 comments)

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