real estate crm: Execute on fall goals & hit the ground running after the holidays - 09/15/16 04:44 AM


real estate crm: Create Custom IDX pages. We can’t say this enough. - 08/30/16 04:38 AM

real estate crm: No gettin' around it. You need these features. - 08/03/16 11:33 AM

real estate crm: Your clients and leads deserve more. And so do you. - 05/18/16 09:08 AM


real estate crm: Use this NEW email text this weekend. (And tell us if it worked!) - 05/13/16 08:30 AM
Suggested Subject line: My job is to deliver what’s relevant to you 
It’s been a while since we touched base, how have you been?
Are you finding the neighborhood reports I’m sending you to be helpful?
Would you like to change the frequency at which you’re receiving them?
My job is to deliver what’s important and relevant to you on your own terms.
Instead of waiting for the next Open House, if you would like to schedule a viewing please feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to gain access to all of the information and … (0 comments)

real estate crm: Mother's Day for getting email responses & social media activity - 05/05/16 04:41 AM
Social media and social marketing is about getting people involved.
What better way to get people talking? And what a perfect transition to introducing your website, your recent transactions, and current neighborhood activity knowledge. 
-Ask people to post their favorite photo with mom or their most memorable, or funniest, memory.
Create a contest!
The winner gets a Mother's Day gets a gift certificate to a local florist,
restaurant, or any Mom-appreciation local business.
-Use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
-If you are comfortable, send a group text announcing your contest to your top 20 contacts. 
-You can also do this via email. 
Click here here for a free … (2 comments)

real estate crm: Have you set up your Mother's Day emails? (1 free text here) - 05/03/16 09:45 AM

Mother's Day is just a few days away.
Have you set up your Mother's Day email campaigns yet? 
(Keep reading if you need Mother's Day email texts!)
Have you thought about calling your contacts and beginning the conversation with, "Happy Mother's Day!" or "What are your plans for Mother's Day?" 
You can even weave in a reminder to people for them to not forget to pick up that important Mother's day gift or bouquet of flowers.  
Remember to update your social media posts, as well. 
Ask questions, post something funny, or encourage people to share 
their favorite photos of mom or memories of mothers at home. 
Try to incorporate mothers and houses somehow in your marketing.
 Many … (6 comments)

real estate crm: Warmest, merriest wishes to you (And what we have in store for you!) - 12/23/15 05:47 AM

It's hard to believe this year is coming to an end. We know you have earned this rest time during the holidays. We wholeheartedly wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, restful holiday season and a successful 2016.
This year, we hope you had the chance to try out our new website templates, got to attend one of our webinars, and were able to read a few of our weekly articles. If not, we can personally introduce you to everything you can take advantage of at PropertyMinder. We are here to personally help you this year or next year. … (2 comments)

real estate crm: Your "3-months-until-2016" website guide (Ready-to-go texts included!) - 09/30/15 06:48 AM

real estate crm: 101 Days left of this year. What you should be asking yourself. - 09/21/15 08:54 AM
101 days left of this year.
How many of your clients have forgotten you?
This is the only question you need to ask yourself and the only question that needs an answer.
If there is a chance that 80% of your database will buy or sell with another real estate agent, then what are you doing to decrease those odds?
Transactions are based on the total number of people in your database.
You may think you have 300 contacts, but how many of those contacts are in another agent’s CRM?
How many of those contacts are receiving CMA’s, Market Conditions, and Listing Alerts?
Dedicate the next 100 days … (0 comments)

real estate crm: 3 Reasons to hop on today's CRM Webinar - 06/18/15 05:29 AM
Three reasons to attend today's CRM Webinar. 
First, ask yourself: How many of my clients have listed with another agent in the past 3 years?
1. Your AccelerAgent CRM manages your database to make sure certain clients
will call you when they are ready to make a decision – not your competitor.
2. When your database is properly organized you create less gaps and holes for clients to fall into.
These gaps and holes cause lost referrals and transactions.
3. On a day that you find yourself with extra time, spend some time in your CRM. The contents of your CRM create your income.
Today, June 18, at 3:00 … (0 comments)

real estate crm: Don't just talk-the-talk. Seriously. - 02/19/15 08:42 AM

real estate crm: Not that you needed convincing... - 02/09/15 09:03 AM

real estate crm: A Plan of Attack for Your Buyers AND Your Sellers - 02/04/15 07:26 AM
        Have a plan of attack for
Your Buyers AND Your Sellers
Click here for a plan for Your Buyers:
Click here for a plan for Your Sellers:
Free Test Drive
Webinar Schedule
There is less than a month and a half before spring.
Are you proving your value to leads and former clients,
or will you let other agents attack smarter and harder than you?

The choice is yours.  
20 minutes a day is all it takes.
If you have a question, please reach out to our
Community Managers directly.

No sales pitch. Just advice and guidance
on your specific concern, goal, or question.   
Talk with you soon,

Anna and Tim
PropertyMinder's Community Managers

real estate crm: Please check out our new company website & tell us what you think! - 02/02/15 06:19 AM
Click here.
We are not robots, we are real human beings, that care about your opinion
and will greatly value your feedback or any questions you may have. 
Have a great week and enjoy our new website! 
Anna and Tim
PropertyMinder's Community Managers

real estate crm: Last Seller's Corner Webinar of the Month is Next Tuesday - 01/22/15 09:28 AM
There are less than two months until spring, the season many call the busiest of the year. 
Set up your Seller's Corner Alerts. It is just 15 minutes a day.
What is Seller's Corner? Click here. 
Invest 1 hour next week to save you dozens of hours this season and next. 
It's up to you. 
It will be worth it, we promise. 
Let your leads, past clients, and website visitors receive what they need most- the value of their home.
Be the one they run to when they make a decision or have a question.

real estate crm: Will you take a chance? - 10/24/14 11:23 AM
We’d like you to "meet" Tawd Frensley, our Marketing Director, next week.
He’ll be granting unprecedented access to our winning strategy in a one-hour webinar. 
Our reputation is in the details:
Our customers produce 4.6 more transactions per year than their competitors. 
The webinar will cover how to: 
-Keep clients away from other websites 
-Build lasting relationships 
-Create repeat business 
We’ve never shared these things over a webinar. It’s all based on insight that Tawd has gotten from millionaire agents over many years. We are limited to 100 attendees.
Your past clients should work with you again. … (3 comments)

real estate crm: PropertyMinder has been added as a CRM for Zillow Tech Connect. - 10/17/14 08:43 AM
Have you heard of Zillow Tech Connect? Zillow is now providing the ability for purchased leads to be automatically routed to the CRM of your choice.
We are announcing that we have been added as one of the CRMs for Zillow Tech Connect.
You can now connect your PropertyMinder CRM to Zillow, creating a more seamless experience which of course will save the agent's time.
As soon as Zillow sends out a lead, the agent receives the lead, via email. Once the lead is accepted, it will be automatically routed to the PropertyMinder CRM, with no no manual entry for the … (0 comments)

real estate crm: Free Webinar tomorrow morning 9 AM PST: The Real Estate CRM - 07/14/14 07:46 AM
Please do not forget to register for tomorrow's webinar about the AccelerAgent CRM.
The CRM is often mysterious, ignored, or misunderstood- but it also many a agent's secret weapon.Combined with a positive attitude, person-to-person interaction- a smartly used CRM transforms an agent's business and turns many into millionaire agents. It helps nurture relationships, keep your sphere of influence close, and turns normal conversations into meaningful ones. 
It helps with emailing, newsletters, drip email marketing, neighborhood alerts, grouping contacts/leads by category-the list goes and on. It works while you are busy during the day and while you sleep. If you feel you need … (0 comments)

real estate crm: Pick up the phone...and get personal - 05/13/14 06:10 AM
You have Seller’s Corner and other automated systems working for you while you show houses, meet people, and complete those vital tasks  day in and day out that keep you top-of-mind. So it is easy to sit back, relax, and let technology "do its thing."
However, agents looking to dominate their markets and outperform the “averages,” realize that no matter how great the technology they own or how effective the email copy; at the end of the day- real estate is a personal relationship business. An email rarely exudes “personal relationship” familiarity or shows your humanness.
There is no getting around it. Agents … (2 comments)

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