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Right Place. Right Time. Right Agent. Right Now.
By Tawd Frensley
The "Right Place" for your clients is on YOUR website.
- Not Zillow
- Not Redfin
- Not the Internet page provided by your MLS membership.
1) Marketing should be internalized. Your website is the digital version of yourself. It makes sense to get them on your website to see YOU, to connect with YOU, and to get to know YOU.
The "Right Time" can be measured by your ability to reach out to your clients throughout their real estate life cycle.
- Holiday cards are not enough
- Monthly emails are not enough
- Asking for referrals is not enough
2) Marketing is being top-of-mind. The more your … (0 comments)

real estate strategy: Seller's Corner Webinar Tomorrow: The 5 steps you need to take - 03/09/16 06:50 AM
5 steps to take in these next few days before spring: 
1. Make sure your business card has
your website's domain name on it.
2.  Have at least 2 meaningful conversations (in person
or over email) per week and hand over your card.
Use these words:
 "I would love to provide you with free, up-to-date,
consistent neighborhood home values.”
3. Ask for their email address and home address. 
4. Learn how to use Seller's Corner
5. AND do these 3 things on your website to
gain spring and summer listings.
Solve problems. Be of value. Meet their needs.
Gain new clients and referrals.

Seller's Corner and Client Tracking
LIVE WEBINAR  Register here  Tomorrow, Thursday, March 10th
3:00 pm (PST) / 5:00 pm (CST) / 6:00 pm (EST)

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real estate strategy: Have, had, has. How to beat the competition the smart way. - 01/15/16 04:07 AM
What is the difference between "have", "had" and "has?"
If you "have" an Open House this weekend..... And you find yourself engaged in a conversation with a neighbor, rest assured they "have" access to a real estate agent.
The obvious answer; the agent that helped them buy their home. However, you can also rest assured that statistically their real estate agent "has" a 11% chance of getting their repeat business.
This is due to habitual lack of follow-up, a weak Internet presence, or the fact that the average real estate agent stays in the business 2 years.
Bottom line, they "had" their chance.
So, give this … (4 comments)

real estate strategy: Introducing Homebrella, For Your Business' Health & Relationships - 01/14/16 04:58 AM

Homebrella will make you “All Things Real Estate”
Chances are that every agent has been or will be impacted by repeat business. 
The issue lies with the relationships you have with your clients once they purchase a home.
During the buying process, there is constant communication in the form of phone calls, emails, texts, and of course, the time they spend with you in your car.
Once the client purchases the home, that constant communication (understandably) slows considerably as you move on to the next deal.
So what is Homebrella?
At any moment, one of your clients may need to fix or improve something with their home. Instead of them going to Yelp, Google, … (2 comments)

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real estate strategy: A Plan of Attack for Your Buyers AND Your Sellers - 02/04/15 07:26 AM
        Have a plan of attack for
Your Buyers AND Your Sellers
Click here for a plan for Your Buyers:
Click here for a plan for Your Sellers:
Free Test Drive
Webinar Schedule
There is less than a month and a half before spring.
Are you proving your value to leads and former clients,
or will you let other agents attack smarter and harder than you?

The choice is yours.  
20 minutes a day is all it takes.
If you have a question, please reach out to our
Community Managers directly.

No sales pitch. Just advice and guidance
on your specific concern, goal, or question.   
Talk with you soon,

Anna and Tim
PropertyMinder's Community Managers

real estate strategy: Resolutions can be so frustrating... - 01/07/15 03:59 AM
So take little steps.
Commit to just a few hours in January.
March will be here before you know it.
Don't fall back into old habits. Spring forward.
Repeat business. Savvy website editing. Improved client relations.Our Free Monthly Webinars have you covered on all fronts in 2015.
Set 1 goal every month this year.
And stick to it.
Seller's Corner webinar goes LIVE Thursday at 3 PM (PST) / 6 PM (EST)
Questions? Comments? Want to vent the ups and downs of your resolution(s)?
Email Anna, our Community Manager, at 
Anna & Tim

real estate strategy: Bring Your A Game this Summer - 06/04/14 10:03 AM
Bring your A Game this summer. 
Get (more) savvy and strategic with NEW updates to Seller's Corner. 
 Here are the summary of updates for you below:
1) Select different property types for the Neighborhood Alerts you send, for example specify Single Family home or townhomes.
2) Choose how far back you want your display data to span. Select the days sold to send to your database. For example, you may want your clients to only receive alerts of homes sold only in the past 30 days.
3) You may edit the home address for the Neighborhood Alert and you have the … (0 comments)

real estate strategy: I work off of referrals, so I don't need a good website (Myth and Lie) - 05/27/14 04:31 AM
Referral Logic...You work off of referrals because:
a) They don't cost you marketing dollarsb) The lead is more qualified than an internet leadEvery agent works off of referrals. They are the cornerstone of any business. Low cost leads decrease the cost per sale.
No one really knows how many referrals they lose but it happens, often. Referrals are NOT lost because another real estate agent "stole" the person, they are lost because the person could not find you in a short amount of time. Do you think a person is going to spend more than a minute trying to locate your contact … (0 comments)

real estate strategy: Someone wrote an article that ticked us off. Here is our response. - 04/02/14 06:51 AM
The Real Estate Website: Still Relevant.
We read a recent article titled, “Your real estate website is irrelevant. Here’s why,” by Will Caldwell. We have to address it.
Hogwash! The real estate website is vital to the real estate agent- if it is used right.  
You real estate website is relevant if:
1. Clients can search for active listings
2. Clients can get information on pending and sold listings (for registered users)
3. It contains good neighborhood information including school info and demographics
4. It shows your testimonials and evidence of success
5. Visitors can read your personal insights into what’s going on in real estate today.

real estate strategy: If Seller's Corner had a Dating Profile. - 02/12/14 05:30 AM
If Seller's Corner had a dating profile.Gender: Awesome Technology Status: Ready to be lovedBirthplace: The AccelerAgent LabBody Type: Streamline and really strong.Occupation: Keeping your clients away from ZillowHobbies: Updating your Sellers on Neighborhood ActivityInterests: Giving your Sellers home values before they go out and look for it on their own.Favorite food: Fresh MLS Data
Likes: Making agents more money, saving agents time and golfing.
Sellers Corner is on deck! Batter Up.
We are in Beta testing right now (making sure it actually works is certainly important).

Reminder: Start getting your clients' home addresses (if you don't have them already).
You should have a … (0 comments)

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