real estate technology: Generating More Listings: Part 2 - 04/30/15 08:58 AM

Love listings? Let's get you more.
The next Seller's Corner webinar launches:

Tomorrow - Thursday, November 19th
at 3:00 pm (PST) / 5:00 pm (CST) / 6:00 pm (EST)
3) Shout your success from the rooftops (to everyone and on every portal)  
Did you sell a listing? Congratulations!
Now, advertise it. Results speak for themselves.
This is the way to earn trust and credibility. Sellers want to hear your success stories.
Ask your client for a testimonial.
Put it on your website’s homepage, email it out, and post it to your social media channels.
Remember: You can’t make someone sell their home, but you can make them remember you … (3 comments)

real estate technology: Generating More Listings: Part 1 - 04/30/15 08:12 AM

 Love Listings? Let's get you more this year!
More details at the next Seller's Corner Webinar
1) Call folks. A “Hi, how are you?” goes a long way.
Successful agents set aside time every week for renewing and nurturing relationships.
- Reintroduce yourself.
Ask how they’ve been, how their home is holding up, how their business has been. Ask if they need real estate help or information this year.
- Remind people of yourself.
Take a look at their activity in your Toolkit and start the conversation accordingly.
- Dig around.
Don’t forget, there is an untapped goldmine in your CRM.
In addition to asking about their lives, a casual phone … (4 comments)

real estate technology: A Plan of Attack for Your Buyers AND Your Sellers - 02/04/15 07:26 AM
        Have a plan of attack for
Your Buyers AND Your Sellers
Click here for a plan for Your Buyers:
Click here for a plan for Your Sellers:
Free Test Drive
Webinar Schedule
There is less than a month and a half before spring.
Are you proving your value to leads and former clients,
or will you let other agents attack smarter and harder than you?

The choice is yours.  
20 minutes a day is all it takes.
If you have a question, please reach out to our
Community Managers directly.

No sales pitch. Just advice and guidance
on your specific concern, goal, or question.   
Talk with you soon,

Anna and Tim
PropertyMinder's Community Managers

real estate technology: Do this in January. Transform the next 11 months. No excuses. - 01/15/15 05:00 AM
The first Seller's Corner webinar of the year launches in 2 hours at 3:00 PM PST. 
Promised yourself to stay in touch with past clients and leads- to really dig into your old database for new business instead of combing for new, cold leads? 
But, having a hard time sticking to this resolution (it's ok- we are all guilty of it)?
Learn about Seller's Corner (and Client Tracking!). This tool automatically lets your Sellers know the value of their home, keep people ON your website, and forces you to go back in time and enter their e-mail address to send … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Resolutions can be so frustrating... - 01/07/15 03:59 AM
So take little steps.
Commit to just a few hours in January.
March will be here before you know it.
Don't fall back into old habits. Spring forward.
Repeat business. Savvy website editing. Improved client relations.Our Free Monthly Webinars have you covered on all fronts in 2015.
Set 1 goal every month this year.
And stick to it.
Seller's Corner webinar goes LIVE Thursday at 3 PM (PST) / 6 PM (EST)
Questions? Comments? Want to vent the ups and downs of your resolution(s)?
Email Anna, our Community Manager, at 
Anna & Tim

real estate technology: Tough love. No nonsense. To the point. - 12/10/14 04:16 AM
Our Sales Director, Tawd, is dishing out our winning strategy.
Simple and straightforward.2015 is 21 days away. Time to step up your game.
2nd exclusive webinar launches TODAY:
at 1:30 PM (PST) / 4:30 PM (EST) 
(100 attendee limit).
Register here.

real estate technology: Results in 20 minutes a day, discounts, and an epic speaker - 12/09/14 05:33 AM
Please join us for our 2nd exclusive Winning Strategy Webinar with our Sales Director, Tawd Frensley.
It launches today: Wednesday, December 10th at 1:30 PM (PST) / 4:30 PM (EST).
If you missed the 1st one in November, this is a great way to not only catch up on our company's strategy and philosophy which we discussed last month, but to learn how use our tools in just 20 minute increments to bring about results in the last days of 2014.
In addition, at the very end, Tawd will tell the webinar attendees of some rare discounts that will be … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Life is short. Break the rules. - 12/04/14 02:39 AM
Love truly.Laugh uncontrollably.And forgive quickly. This includes yourself.
Stop beating yourself up for not maintaining contact with past clients. 
Seller's Corner and your CRM prevents those regretful falling outs.
Extract more money out of your current database.

Register for today's free CRM webinar launching today at 3:00 PM PST.
Register for December 18th's free Seller's Corner webinar launching at 3 PM (PST).
Register for our 2nd ever exclusive webinar hosted by our Sales Director. We are limiting this one to 100 attendees.
This year's webinars. 
These three hours can change the course of your business for 2015.
#SellersCorner #FreeWebinar #WinningStrategy #NourishedPipeline #Forgive #Grow

real estate technology: Happiness isn’t all about getting new business - 11/25/14 07:12 AM
It’s about appreciating and getting the most out of what you have.
This includes your past clients.
Tim and Anna here.

We’d like you to meet Tawd Frensley, our Sales Director.
He hosted a special webinar about our winning strategy a couple weeks ago.
It was such a success that he’ll be hosting another one on December 10th at 1:30 PM PST.
On top of a recap of the last webinar, which covered how to:
• Keep clients away from other websites.• Build lasting relationships.• Create repeat business.
This next unique webinar will go over:
• Using AccelerAgent tools 20 … (2 comments)

real estate technology: November's last Seller's Corner Webinar is today - 11/20/14 04:43 AM
Now is the time to act.
Learn about Seller's Corner and how it can help you get responses from past clients and leads within days, sometimes even minutes.
Not sure how to make a difference in your business in the last month of 2014? This is how.
Keep your sellers informed and maintain relationships with your buyers.
Just twenty minutes a day for the rest of the year...and watch your momentum amplify for 2015.
Give them the information they need (the value of their home) when they need it. Make sure they never leave you for another agent. Brand yourself. Automatically.

real estate technology: MLS Searches & Seller's Corner: Learn these 2 things before 2015 - 11/13/14 05:11 AM
Less than 1 hour until the MLS Searches webinar.
Yes, it is easy to learn and do. 
Yes, you have to put in a couple hours of learning how to do it.
No, you will not regret it.
Yes, it will improve your business and it will brand you as an expert, while keeping you top-of-mind for a very long time. 
Register now  
Seller's Corner is our newest tool and the one that brings forth results (responses, renewed interest, voicemails, texts, replied emails, new listings) the fastest. You can purchase and implement it as as stand-alone tool, … (0 comments)

real estate technology: How to make a quick difference in your marketing before 2015 - 11/03/14 02:37 AM
What is one way you can make a quick difference in your marketing- without feeling like you have learn an entire new system or having to put in days and days of learning a new tool?
Simple answer: Seller's Corner. How to learn it or just to casually introduce yourself to it?
Just register for our free webinar tomorrow. 9:00 AM PST.
Not a customer? Still not sure? No worries. You can try a free 30 day test trial of the Seller's Corner.
There are just 58 days left of the year. Are you ready to take just one small … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Will you take a chance? - 10/24/14 11:23 AM
We’d like you to "meet" Tawd Frensley, our Marketing Director, next week.
He’ll be granting unprecedented access to our winning strategy in a one-hour webinar. 
Our reputation is in the details:
Our customers produce 4.6 more transactions per year than their competitors. 
The webinar will cover how to: 
-Keep clients away from other websites 
-Build lasting relationships 
-Create repeat business 
We’ve never shared these things over a webinar. It’s all based on insight that Tawd has gotten from millionaire agents over many years. We are limited to 100 attendees.
Your past clients should work with you again. … (3 comments)

real estate technology: Webinar: Give them what they want. Brand yourself to everything. - 10/16/14 03:51 AM
MLS Searches Webinar is
Today, October 16th
3:00 PM PST/5:00 PM CST/6:00 PM EST

Three reasons why the MLS Searches webinar is worth your time.
You can learn how you can get contacted for listings that are not even yours. Learn how our system brands you to every listing. You will be able to easily build personally-branded Custom IDX pages that put you in front of potential buyers. Search engines will more easily "find" you. You will see how easy it is to use our tools to e-mail your valued clients the properties that they want to see. … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Hit the ground running. 20 minutes a day for 85 Days (Until 2015) - 10/07/14 06:39 AM
We are grateful for a great turnout this morning at today's Seller's Corner & Client Tracking Webinar (Feel free to register for the next one, if you missed today's). We are thrilled that so many people are taking small steps in their lead nurturing and client-relationship goals- towards a successful 2015.
We are sure they will hit the ground running. Just 85 days until the new year, folks!
Twenty minutes a day (baby steps) will take you so far- however long you have been in real estate. Agents consistently chase new new clients when they should be staying in touch … (0 comments)

real estate technology: 86 Days Until 2015. Invest 1 hour: Learn how to use Seller's Corner. - 10/06/14 10:01 AM
If it is easier for them to go to the open house down the street or pick up the listing flyer next door, then is it will be easier for them to ask another agent for a CMA. 
When you provide your homeowners with a steady stream of up-to-date neighborhood real estate activity that makes them wonder what their home is worth, then YOU will be the one they ask. Be the one they think of once 2015 rolls around (86 days!).

Before they get out of their car, before they go online, or before they list with someone else, Seller’s … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Free MLS Searches Webinar Tomorrow (And why it's so important) - 09/17/14 03:10 AM
Free Webinar tomorrow! Make the next 3.5 months of this year really count- master MLS Searches- The ROI on learning and using them for your marketing efforts, lead capture, and lead nurturing is practically guaranteed. 
 Free Webinar tomorrow! 

The Truth: If you are setting up searches for your buyers through your local MLS, you are not fully branding your domain name to your clients.
In order to maximize your referrals and client relationships, all your client's and contact's needs to come from a consistent source.
Your AccelerAgent website is that source. Each buyer will receive a consistent stream of … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Free Webinar Today 3 PM PST on the CRM- The Heart of the Modern Agent - 09/11/14 04:36 AM
When you have an AccelerAgent website,
you have all the tools you need to manage your growing real estate business.
The average AccelerAgent has 371 contacts in their database, does 9.97 Million per year in sales and does 4.6 more transactions per year than their competitors. 
Your clients and website visitors will have unlimited access to your professional website to see every MLS listing as well your value, your brand, your inventory and your expertise.
Equipped with lead capture and responsive alerts you will always be aware of website activity and provided with the information you need to address your … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Today’s Testimonial Is Reason Enough To Attend a Webinar - 09/08/14 11:01 AM
Today's Testimonial about Seller's Corner  
"I just listed a home today that I entered into Seller's Corner when it was released and I have another listing and two purchases coming up from a client I entered into Seller's corner. You only get the quality of results as the information you put in. It definitely keeps me "top of mind" with my contacts."   
-Tim Montoya,   Invest some time in inputting your contacts, and you will see the results.  
Register (for free) for our Seller's Corner Webinar tomorrow morning. Tuesday,Sep 9, 9:00 AM PST.   Can't make it? Register for … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Just 4 months of 2014 left! - 09/02/14 08:03 AM
Just 4 months of this year left. What will you do to ensure your relationships are stronger? Your leads followed-up on? Your website rich with personality and valuable content? Have you made at least one change to your marketing that has demonstrated to your sphere of influence your value and your expertise? Have you grouped your contacts into groups? Set up automated processes so that you can spend time doing things like making phone calls and hosting open houses?
Take small steps to make huge differences today.

Write down 2 things you feel you need to do in the next 4 … (0 comments)

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