real estate technology: The Last Free CRM Webinar of August is Tomorrow - 08/27/14 08:07 AM
Tomorrow's Webinar, August 28th!
3PM PST- this month's last webinar on probably the most important part of the PropertyMinder suite- the CRM.
Sign up here for free. 
Just one hour this week, can save you dozens of hours next month. 
Why is learning about our CRM worth your time?
Your Contact Record
This weekend: 15 Minutes A Day To Quickly Generate New Listing Leads
Test it out for Free for 30 Days
And Remember: 
We are NOT in the business to tell you what to do, how to do it, or when you should get it done.
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real estate technology: Your Neighborhood:New Lead Capture Tool & Enhancement to Your Website - 08/18/14 05:41 AM
  “Your Neighborhood”: A New Lead Capture Tool and Enhancement to Your Website           Even more reason to try Seller's Corner, invest time into learning it, and join a Seller's Corner webinar.
This is the public facing part of the Seller’s Corner tool.
Not only is this an enhancement to your website but this is also a lead capture that allows you to offer Home Values to all of your website’s visitors.  
Your Neighborhood was created to help you get the home addresses of your potential sellers.
Email your sellers an invite to come to your website with a … (0 comments)

real estate technology: 'Advanced Website Editing' Free Webinar is Today, 3 PM - 4 PM PDT - 08/07/14 05:55 AM
The 'Advanced Website Editing' Free Webinar is Today, August 7, at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM PDT.
Enhance your brand, learn what others are doing to improve their business, and make your website more attractive and easier to use for your clients and leads.
Can't make it? No worries. We have excellent topics coming up such as CRM, MLS Searches, our effective Seller's Corner Tool, and Client Tracking
Just click here. 
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real estate technology: If you are not using Seller's Corner, you ARE losing business. - 07/16/14 05:08 AM
"If you are not using Seller's Corner, you ARE losing business. It is a very effective and easy way to deliver relevant info to your past clients." -Tim Montoya (July 15, 2014)Well, that pretty much says it right? Interested to find about this tool? Register for our free webinar on Seller's Corner, which will be held tomorrow July 17th 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM PST.
 #Webinar #SellersCorner #RealEstateRelationships #RealEstateClients

real estate technology: Seller's Corner: Free Webinar on Thursday - 07/15/14 10:24 AM
The Seller's Corner Free Webinar is coming up this Thursday, July 17th. Registration is free. 
"If you are not using Seller's Corner, you ARE losing business. It is a very effective and easy way to deliver relevant info to your past clients." Tim Montoya, PM Customer, July 15 2014
Heard about Seller's Corner, but still have not gotten around to using it? Itching for a way to get back into your list of contacts and reconnect? Ready to see why so many people are reconnecting with old clients and starting relationships off right with new leads with this tool? Ready to … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Client Relationship Management is not* just the CRM you use. - 06/02/14 05:58 AM
Client Relationship Management is not* just the CRM you use. (But, a good one is still really important.)


real estate technology: We are not in the business to tell you what to do - 05/30/14 10:03 AM
We are NOT in the business to tell you what to do, how to do it, or when you should get it done.We ARE in the business of supporting your journey towards reaching your real estate goals.Our business is to help you get the most out of your database.Everything we talk about, write about and develop is to address the issues that all agents continue to face.We specialize in :- Increasing your referrals through top-of-mind awareness- Improving your response time through the use of transparent tracking systems- Converting a buyer's lead into a homeowner and turning them into a listing for … (2 comments)

real estate technology: If you rely on referrals for a majority of your transactions... - 05/23/14 04:45 AM
If you rely on referrals for a majority of your transactions...You still need a professional internet presence to support the referrals you are after. Do yourself a favor and Google your name. What comes up? Yes, referrals look you up.Just because you refer a person to a restaurant to me doesn't mean they are not going to look up their menu online and read their Yelp reviews.So...Does your $15.00 per month website make you look like someone that can negotiate the asking price of a home?
Does your $15.00 per month website display your knowledge, experience, and expertise?
Does your $15.00 per month website … (2 comments)

real estate technology: Courage is what you (may) lack - 05/15/14 05:40 AM
We read something that really spoke to us online yesterday. Partly because it related heavily to a post we recently posted, "Your Website: Make it useful and make them stay."
We have taken out the most important parts of the article here for you. This marketing philosophy is by Jay Baer.
 Here you go:
The best content is: content that people cherish, not content that people tolerate.
 - Content that people want, not content that companies think they need.
 - Content so useful that people would pay for it if you asked them to do so.
- Youtility.
More and more … (0 comments)

real estate technology: 1 song to describe your 1st month in real estate. We are chuckling! - 04/30/14 05:13 AM
We got some great song responses on our Facebook page when we posted this today. We would love to hear track titles from you- our ActiveRainers! Or maybe you are currently in your 1st month of real estate- what song describes how you feel or how business is going? Let us know and have some fun!
Need help? Suggestions? Tips and Tricks? Pitches? Just comment here and we will make sure to help you out personally. 
Please check out The Lighter Side of Real Estate for more funny memes and images. They put a smile on our face … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Psst! Due to the high demand of our Seller's Corner webinars... - 04/29/14 07:35 AM
Psssst! Due to the high demand of our Seller's Corner webinars, we will be having a third webinar- with just the creator of the tool.
This is for you to ask questions, get to know our team, and to truly understand the idea behind the tool.
We will break down the best practices of using it, and the philosophy and ROI of this simple, but very much needed tool.
Stay tuned- we will announce the webinar's date and time soon. This will be an exclusive webinar with one of the key people in our company. Only a certain … (2 comments)

real estate technology: The Internet Does Not Give You Business - 04/15/14 04:21 AM
The internet does not give you business. You create business by providing relevant info through the Internet and staying top-of-mind.
Don't have time to compile long CMAs? No worries. Check out Seller's Corner. 
It is a drip e-mail marketing system in conjunction with a CMA.
It brings about:
-Top of Mind Awareness
-Home values and market knowledge to your SOI
It's automated. Just set it up once, and let is work for you while nurture your personal relationships and go on listing appointments.
Join us on tomorrow's webinar about Seller's Corner:
"Keeping Your Sellers Away from Zillow."
Try … (4 comments)

real estate technology: Because it's worth it. - 04/11/14 07:37 AM
Why hop on a PropertyMinder webinar?
-Website training from the comfort of your office chair or favorite couch
-Offered on a consistent schedule, every week.
-Your opportunity to engage with the speaker and the other participants. Discuss questions, share knowledge and learn from one another. Together we make each other succeed.
-Don’t just do them once! Take the trainings over and over again, if you wish. They are great reminders for things you should be doing.
-A half hour of your time is well worth the returns you will get back from applying a few simple strategies.

-Great refresher courses for both … (3 comments)

real estate technology: Seller's Corner is here! And a positive testimonial already! - 04/01/14 06:19 AM
 “This has been a huge wake up call. This is the way to capture your sellers, the ones who are just sitting there. Not everyone has an assistant. We are so busy, and sellers are the ones who drop off. I’ve known that I have to get back into my database. As a real estate agent- I know we fall behind. This will help agents because they will know that they have to start paying attention to their database. This is another pillar of business they have not been looking at. Once you sell a home, those sellers are gone. Inventory … (7 comments)

real estate technology: Top 10 Most Expensive Sales of the Year, and 2 are OUR Customers! - 03/24/14 05:44 AM
Congratulations Max, Don, and Sally,
three PropertyMinder agents
who sold 2 out of the top 10 most expensive homes last year!
"The Bay Area often tops lists for most expensive places to live in the US.  And, After viewing just this year’s most expensive sales, it’s no surprise! RealSmart compiled the top 10 most expensive sales in our little corner of the world (San Mateo & Santa Clara Counties in California) since the beginning of 2014.
Check out these gorgeous dream homes whose price tags will ensure that they remain but a dream for many people."
Roblar … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Better than Duck Dynasty & Shark Week Together: New Referral Program - 03/21/14 05:10 AM

Interested in finding out a bit more? Have questions? 
Happy Friday!

real estate technology: Shameless Self Promotion on our end. 10 Reasons you should choose us! - 03/20/14 06:22 AM
We hate to brag, but hey sometimes you have to do just that. Here is a little infographic, which we hope you share, on why you should become a part of the PropertyMinder family. Or simply take a Free Test drive. 

Thanks for dropping by. We would love to know what you want us to write about on ActiveRain and what biggest issues you have in your business. We will create materials just for you, to address your problems or pet peeves. 
Happy First Day of Spring! 

real estate technology: Tech Spring Cleaning: It just takes a little elbow grease - 03/06/14 03:51 AM
The Annual Campaign - Sorting and Throw Away Tip
Have you updated your Annual Campaigns lately? If not, you may be sending out the same one you did last year.
Go to Client Relationship Management and then to Follow Up Campaign
Click on each of your Annual Campaigns and:
Choose a different message Change the design of it, if you like Verify that the date for the campaign is the correct day you would like it to be sent Be original, have fun, and be yourself. Your personality will shine through and people will notice. This is a people business. Nobody clicks on generic, … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Hook 'em! Getting that ellusive contact info from strangers - 02/20/14 07:05 AM
Test Drive PropertyMinder today! (Or, tomorrow...but, soon). 
Check out our mobile app, AgentView. 

real estate technology: Register for one of our weekly webinars! - 02/18/14 04:22 AM
Whether you are a seasoned real estate techie or a beginner, our weekly webinars are a great way to learn what you should be doing or simply to review and reflect. If you are curious about our tools or who we are, but are not ready to speak to one of our sales reps directly, this is a good way to go, as well. 
Join us- we have them every week. Our webinar schedule is updated constantly. 
Click here to choose the webinar you would like to attend. 
Try a free month long test drive. 

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