real estate technology: Quick question for you - 02/18/14 02:42 AM
Do you know the difference between Custom IDX, Featured Listings, and Hot Lists?
Are you using these tools to their full potential on your website? 
Do you use these enough? Or do you choose not to? Why or why not?
We would love to know your thoughts. 

real estate technology: Hugs from PropertyMinder....sometimes we get sappy too - 02/14/14 05:55 AM


real estate technology: If Seller's Corner had a Dating Profile. - 02/12/14 05:30 AM
If Seller's Corner had a dating profile.Gender: Awesome Technology Status: Ready to be lovedBirthplace: The AccelerAgent LabBody Type: Streamline and really strong.Occupation: Keeping your clients away from ZillowHobbies: Updating your Sellers on Neighborhood ActivityInterests: Giving your Sellers home values before they go out and look for it on their own.Favorite food: Fresh MLS Data
Likes: Making agents more money, saving agents time and golfing.
Sellers Corner is on deck! Batter Up.
We are in Beta testing right now (making sure it actually works is certainly important).

Reminder: Start getting your clients' home addresses (if you don't have them already).
You should have a … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Don't Leave Your Lead's MLS Search at Zero Properties Found - 02/12/14 03:45 AM
Kick some butt this week! Let us know if this helped you.
Take a free test drive on us! 
PropertyMinder Blog

real estate technology: February is here...start it with a bang - 02/03/14 08:07 AM
It's the first working day of February.Sign up for a free test drive & change your business's workflow.Click here to begin. We look forward to "meeting" you. 

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real estate technology: The Top 4 PropertyMinder Tools Agents Should Use (But Don’t) - 01/08/14 06:51 AM
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real estate technology: Top 5 Things to Make Sure To Do When It Is "Slow" - 12/04/13 06:23 AM
Top 5 Things to Make Sure To Do When It Is "Slow"       Slow Season. Off Season. Holiday Season. Winter.     Whatever you want to call it- you have the opportunity             to make it the best time of year for your business.             Here are our first 5 tips for you for December.     1. Cleanse and update your database. Reinforce your relationships. Send thoughtful gifts and cards. Find out who owns a home and start a campaign to get their physical address. Once you have … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Psssssssst! New tool coming...keep this in mind! - 11/18/13 08:05 AM
Starting acquiring Sellers Addresses in
We are currently developing the most innovative listing generation technology that has ever hit the market.
This interactive tool will personally maintain a relationship with every homeowner you know without using ANY of your valuable time.
Due to its exclusivity, we cannot disclose all of the details, but we highly recommend you start organizing your database and update your sellers folder with your clients' addresses.
By the end of the year, we will launch "Sellers Corner." Say goodbye to your clients ever going to Zillow again.
Let's create the inventory together.
#SellersCorner #GetMoreListings #PropertyMinder

real estate technology: Once they buy a home, they become a seller. Time to get greedy. - 10/25/13 06:04 AM
1 lost listing = 3 total transactions
Imagine how many deals you would do if you simply lost less to your competitors. It is not just listings you lose, you are also losing buyers and future listings. It goes like this:
-A Buyer doesn't have an agent.
-The Buyer goes to Open Houses on their own.
-A Buyer is searching (alone) online. 
Yesterday, we mentioned that once a person buys a home, they become a seller. So if you lose a listing to another agent, you most likely lost the opportunity to capture a buyer in the process … (0 comments)

real estate technology: Today's Challenge- Get out of your comfort zone! - 09/11/13 04:01 AM
Today's Challenge:Put 5 business cards in either your pocket, wallet, purse, pocket protector, sock, (or up your shirt sleeve like a magician!) and give them to 5 complete strangers. 
Most people do not have a relationship with their Realtor. 
It is the truth when they say: "Closed mouths don't get fed"


#realestatemagic #growyourdatabase
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real estate technology: PropertyMinder Launches Mobile Friendly Websites - 04/04/13 06:54 AM
In today's world, mobility is synonymous with profitability. Your mobile internet marketing will need to be enhanced to meet the demand of your mobile audience. To answer this, PropertyMinder has just launched mobile-friendly design and mobile IDX search on the PropertyMinder website!     Here's how mobile-optimized sites can help:  Optimized for any mobile device including smartphones and tablets for clients on-the-go Responsive designs that can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode Mobile IDX search: GPS search, vibrant photos, and slideshows - Find homes out in the field Minimized content for quicker loading times Branding: Your photo, company logo, and … (0 comments)

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