real estate tip: There are 5 months until 2017, so let's get back to the basics. - 07/26/16 04:14 AM
We live in a digital age where information surrounds us.
The Internet has become our expert advice and where we go to find answers.
In our digital age, human interaction suffers.
You may have experienced the sad sight of a family at a restaurant, all eyes glued to their phones or tablets, or the unfortunate, common occurrence of kids outside on a beautiful summer day, heads down, staring at their smartphones.
Let's connect with people organically and genuinely. This is a people business. Or put more of yourself in your Facebook posts and your emails. Connect with people directly. Try texting. Be yourself. Experiment. Be the … (4 comments)

real estate tip: Divide & Conquer: A Twofold Guide for your Buyers & Sellers - 06/23/16 05:48 AM
Most real estate activity happens during the months of May and August.
Now is the time to get going.
Keep in mind that the average person knows 3 real estate agents.
Eliminate the other 2 real estate agents with the steps below.
No, you can’t "make" someone buy or sell.
But you can make them think of you when they are ready to make a decision. 
For your sellers:
- Seller's Corner will help cement you as their future listings agent.
    - Email your Sellers and invite them to Your Neighborhood so you can connect 
      them to local activity and home values where they live. 
    - In order to do this, get their home and email address.
    - Put them in … (0 comments)

real estate tip: Flip the switch. If you aren't providin, they may go lookin elsewhere. - 04/20/16 05:22 AM
Question 1: When the cat's away, do the mice play?
Question 2: Would a mouse choose to be foolish if they could help it?
Apply this age-old saying to your database.
If you aren't providing hyper-local real estate activity, comparables, and market values to your homeowners, do you think they won't go and find it on their own?
Ask yourself this: Would someone rather sit in a dark room or go find the light switch? 
Open Houses are that light switch!
Zillow and other websites (in their mind) is that light switch!
So yes, when the cat's away, the mice (your database) will play.
But in … (2 comments)

real estate tip: Ready-to-go past client email text & pitches for spring & summer 2016 - 02/24/16 08:10 AM
Hi there,
We've asked our writers to come up with effective, great-sounding past-client email text for you. And they delivered! Or use them as pitches for in-person or over-the-phone conversations, too. 
Why not make sure you make the most of the first 6 months of 2016? It's so easy to simply say "hello"and remind people what it is you do. 
Write to people individually or send out a mass email blast.
You can even try to call 10 people per week that you have not spoken to in a while and use these as pitches. 
Choose one or try them all. What's there to lose, right? 
Email 1: 
How have you … (2 comments)

real estate tip: The decision to sell comes from 6 categories. Does your face appear? - 02/16/16 03:58 AM
Top-of-Mind vs. Top-of-Heart. Today's Guest Blogger: Tawd Frensley
VP of Marketing and Sales at PropertyMinder
The decision to sell a home can be broken down into 6 categories:1) They bought their home as an investment and this is the epitome of a seller’s market.2) They have outgrown their home because they brought children into the world. 3) They can finally downsize now that their adult children have decided to move out4) They have to relocate due to occupation change or retirement 5) They are underwater. Hopefully, this is never the case.6) Their neighbors bug them to no end.As a real estate agent, you do not have … (2 comments)

real estate tip: The (Deep) Cleaning Guide for your Internet Real Estate Marketing - 01/28/16 08:20 AM
The Annual Campaign – Sorting and Throw Away Tip
Have you updated your Annual Campaigns lately? If not, you may be sending out the same one you did last year.
Go to Client Relationship Management and then to Follow Up Campaign
Click on each of your Annual Campaigns and:
Choose a different message/
Change the design of it, if you like.
Verify that the date for the campaign is the correct day you would like it to be sent/
Be original, have fun, and be yourself. Your personality will shine through and people will notice. This is a people business. Nobody clicks on generic, boring content. Don’t be … (0 comments)

real estate tip: It's not "who you know" but "how well they know you." - 12/15/15 07:58 AM
Like what you're reading?
Jump on the next Client Relationship Management webinar! 
The guest blog posts just keep coming this holiday season. 
(Another) guest blog post by Tawd Frensley, our VP of Marketing and Sales
It's not "who you know" but "how well they know you."
Just because you have someone's name and an email address, does not mean they are a client.
Their name and email address is simply a key to open a door. It is your job to knock on this door until they answer and ultimately invite you in. Once you are in is when you can begin to develop a relationship.
Here is the … (3 comments)

real estate tip: Just 20 minutes per day....(gets you a LOT) - 11/18/15 07:47 AM
20 Minutes A Day, Pays.
Tackle manageable tasks that help you
handle and humanize your business. 
What can 20 minutes get you? Plenty…
- 5 homeowners set up on Seller's Corner so they stay connected to their neighborhood.
(Pssst....register for this week's Seller's Corner webinar, now!)
- 5 buyers set up in your CRM on a Listing Alerts so they keep coming to YOUR website.
(Pssst....register for today's CRM webinar, now!)
- Write a 2 sentence email and blast it out.
- A fun winter questionnaire or a contest sent to your database to generate an email response.
- Send a “How are you?” text message to as many people in your phone that you can - so your cell phone number is right in their hand.
Simply put: divided mini-tasks mean less stress and more … (0 comments)

real estate tip: Tip of the Week: Custom IDX and SEO: Two Peas in a Pod - 10/13/15 09:46 AM

real estate tip: SEO. The non-techy way (Part 1!) - 09/15/15 06:28 AM

SEO can be pretty darn simple
Many real estate agents make the mistake of thinking their PropertyMinder website is like a billboard on the side of the highway. They assume leads and past clients will just drive by and see it. In reality, the only way you will make sure that “highway” is full of drivers, is if you spend some time on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  
There’s no “techiness” involved, it's just a matter of committing to doing it. Speaking of "techy," the most important SEO updates you can do don't even involve titles, tags, or links.
Just update your website with interesting, useful content … (2 comments)

real estate tip: Low Inventory, Generating Listings: How Seller's Corner Can Help - 05/06/15 04:00 AM
Seller's Corner: The Lasting Impact On Your Business: 
- Prevents clients from grabbing listing flyers and contacting agents off the "For Sale" sign.
- Keep yourself top-of-mind with homeowners and past clients in your database. Automatically inform them of what they need to know most- the value of their home, their neighborhood's activity.
- When they are ready to sell or have questions - this will ensure they will turn to you. 
Which leads us to the next point:
- Keeps your clients from going to open houses without you and winding up in another agent’s database.
- Most importantly, Seller’s Corner keeps your contacts and clients away from listing … (2 comments)

real estate tip: Generating More Listings: Part 1 - 04/30/15 08:12 AM

 Love Listings? Let's get you more this year!
More details at the next Seller's Corner Webinar
1) Call folks. A “Hi, how are you?” goes a long way.
Successful agents set aside time every week for renewing and nurturing relationships.
- Reintroduce yourself.
Ask how they’ve been, how their home is holding up, how their business has been. Ask if they need real estate help or information this year.
- Remind people of yourself.
Take a look at their activity in your Toolkit and start the conversation accordingly.
- Dig around.
Don’t forget, there is an untapped goldmine in your CRM.
In addition to asking about their lives, a casual phone … (4 comments)

real estate tip: Resolutions can be so frustrating... - 01/07/15 03:59 AM
So take little steps.
Commit to just a few hours in January.
March will be here before you know it.
Don't fall back into old habits. Spring forward.
Repeat business. Savvy website editing. Improved client relations.Our Free Monthly Webinars have you covered on all fronts in 2015.
Set 1 goal every month this year.
And stick to it.
Seller's Corner webinar goes LIVE Thursday at 3 PM (PST) / 6 PM (EST)
Questions? Comments? Want to vent the ups and downs of your resolution(s)?
Email Anna, our Community Manager, at 
Anna & Tim

real estate tip: Like bees to honey... - 12/18/14 04:11 AM
              Internalize your marketing with these easy tips.  
Your website is an extension of you- it is the "honey." It is your digital storefront that shows your past successes and areas of expertise. Most agents send emails, flyers, and postcards to their clients without any call-to-action to visit their website. Anything you send should bring people, "the bees," to your website.
The purpose of internalized traffic is to remind your clients of your domain name, the unique spelling of your name, your contact information, your real estate knowledge, and that you are a … (2 comments)

real estate tip: Tough love. No nonsense. To the point. - 12/10/14 04:16 AM
Our Sales Director, Tawd, is dishing out our winning strategy.
Simple and straightforward.2015 is 21 days away. Time to step up your game.
2nd exclusive webinar launches TODAY:
at 1:30 PM (PST) / 4:30 PM (EST) 
(100 attendee limit).
Register here.

real estate tip: Results in 20 minutes a day, discounts, and an epic speaker - 12/09/14 05:33 AM
Please join us for our 2nd exclusive Winning Strategy Webinar with our Sales Director, Tawd Frensley.
It launches today: Wednesday, December 10th at 1:30 PM (PST) / 4:30 PM (EST).
If you missed the 1st one in November, this is a great way to not only catch up on our company's strategy and philosophy which we discussed last month, but to learn how use our tools in just 20 minute increments to bring about results in the last days of 2014.
In addition, at the very end, Tawd will tell the webinar attendees of some rare discounts that will be … (0 comments)

real estate tip: Cold weather means an increase in website traffic. - 12/03/14 03:27 AM

Cold weather means a decrease in foot traffic, which means an increase in website traffic.
Remember: People start researching online months before they contact an agent... and boy is that true during the winter months.
We never know who is going to be in town for the holidays or who will have a real estate need.
The holiday season slowdown is a great time to schedule one-on-one training, register and attend one of our webinars, and update your website.
Things to do during December:
Update and tweak your website.
Create a custom page. Get creative- there are so things you can do with this. Take … (5 comments)

real estate tip: In a nutshell... - 11/12/14 03:01 AM
In a nutshell, in order to create loyal clients, you've got to differentiate yourself with consistent personal and web-based campaigns, the kind that last in your leads' and past clients' minds.
If your clients and leads are consistently drawn to your website, then they'll remember you when it matters most: buying, selling, and referring.
Proper Branding means you stay top-of-mind.
Now that you are branded to every email that is sent and every listing they look at on your website, your clients will remember your domain name, areas of expertise, and how valuable you truly are. The AccelerAgent website is personalized to … (0 comments)

real estate tip: Tip of The Week: Ask Yourself These Five Questions - 10/29/14 04:05 AM
COUNTDOWN: 9 WEEKS UNTIL 2015 Are your answers to the following questions discouraging?
The scary fact is that when you are forgotten,
you lose listings and referrals.
With only 9 weeks left of 2014 -
NOW is the perfect time to take action.

1) How many of my clients do not know how much their home is worth?
Provide a steady stream of up-to-date neighborhood real estate activity that makes them wonder what their home is worth…
…Then, YOU will be the one they ask!
Before they get out of their car, before they go online, or before they list with someone else, … (0 comments)

real estate tip: Tip of the Week: Six Ideas of Calls-To-Action for Your Website - 09/10/14 07:07 AM
It's important to give people useful information and be of value, but you need to also ask for something back. Whether it is referring you or giving you their contact information- it is important to ask people for what you need, especially if you are providing them with your help and expertise.
If you are going to spend the time to make your website convenient, informative, engaging, and attractive- then you have to also build a healthy database of contacts.
Here are some suggestions to get you started:
Hide the address, virtual tour, and listing description of each MLS listing. … (0 comments)

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