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Hey there, ActiveRainers,
Hope Spring has kicked off to a solid start for you all!
Check out our new video when you have a few seconds.
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P.S. - In cased you missed the memo - we are doing a complete product overhaul.
More CRM messages, new Listing Generation tools, better ways to stay connected to homeowners, and our Brand New MLS Search. Reach out for more info.

real estate website: 5 real estate marketing tasks to do during this first week of spring - 03/22/16 06:59 AM

real estate website: Why isn't my real estate website being found? - 03/16/16 10:12 AM
Learn today how Custom IDX can make your website more
"Google-friendly"and effectively increase your online exposure!
What's wrong with my website? Why isn't it being found?
"The role that your Website plays in your marketing strategy is
to augment, amplify, and automate conversations about real estate."

Guest blogger John Taylor breaks down 
the nitty gritty for us in this exclusive guest blog post. 

- Are you wondering why you are not ranking higher on Google or Bing like your competitors?

- Is your target audience not aware of you and your brand as much as you would like them to be?
- Is your website not doing its job of enticing people … (2 comments)

real estate website: Take Your Database Back and Reconnect - 03/16/16 06:30 AM
Purchasing stock can be a lucrative investment for many people.
Buying a home is no different.
If a person doesn’t know how much their investment is worth,
how will they know when to sell?
Entirely too many homeowners are under the 
impression that their home is worth less than it actually is
… and their agent is the only one to blame.
The Agent/Stock Broker Approach
is a strategy that many agents do not follow. 
Often, agents lose their value once a person has purchased a home. 
Many agents are guilty of the “On to the next one” mentality. 
This happens through neglect or a lack of functional tools. 
So what … (0 comments)

real estate website: Only having a Brokerage-provided website is straight up dangerous. - 03/16/16 04:28 AM
  Sharing isn't always caring (for yourself) 
Would you give someone your bank account information?
Would you give someone access to all of your hard work, all of our resources, all of your connections and networks? All of your knowledge?
The things you spent years nurturing, gathering, and earning?  
Chances are there are very few people out there who you would simply hand
over the goldmine of your wealth and success.
There are few people in life we should trust with this information.  
Well, we're afraid to say, that that is exactly what agents do when they use
the Broker-provided website and CRM. They store all their contacts (their
livelihood, essentially), all in one place- … (5 comments)

real estate website: Seller's Corner Webinar Tomorrow: The 5 steps you need to take - 03/09/16 06:50 AM
5 steps to take in these next few days before spring: 
1. Make sure your business card has
your website's domain name on it.
2.  Have at least 2 meaningful conversations (in person
or over email) per week and hand over your card.
Use these words:
 "I would love to provide you with free, up-to-date,
consistent neighborhood home values.”
3. Ask for their email address and home address. 
4. Learn how to use Seller's Corner
5. AND do these 3 things on your website to
gain spring and summer listings.
Solve problems. Be of value. Meet their needs.
Gain new clients and referrals.

Seller's Corner and Client Tracking
LIVE WEBINAR  Register here  Tomorrow, Thursday, March 10th
3:00 pm (PST) / 5:00 pm (CST) / 6:00 pm (EST)

real estate website: 3 ways to gain spring and summer listings - 03/08/16 05:57 AM

real estate website: 5 must do's for real estate website success. Spring is 2 weeks away! - 03/07/16 02:40 AM

real estate website: 27 days to get noticed by clients & leads for the springtime rush - 02/26/16 05:54 AM
February is almost over.  (Time flies, eh?)
Now is the time you should be getting noticed for the March and April Real Estate Rush
The real estate springtime rush is almost here- which means you need make sure your pipeline is fully nourished for spring.
The average person knows 3 real estate agents. You have 27 days before the 1st day of spring to eliminate the other 2 real estate agents that are going after the same business you are going for this spring.
This means you have about 1 month from today to let your past clients and leads know that you are their agent. … (0 comments)

real estate website: Ready-to-go past client email text & pitches for spring & summer 2016 - 02/24/16 08:10 AM
Hi there,
We've asked our writers to come up with effective, great-sounding past-client email text for you. And they delivered! Or use them as pitches for in-person or over-the-phone conversations, too. 
Why not make sure you make the most of the first 6 months of 2016? It's so easy to simply say "hello"and remind people what it is you do. 
Write to people individually or send out a mass email blast.
You can even try to call 10 people per week that you have not spoken to in a while and use these as pitches. 
Choose one or try them all. What's there to lose, right? 
Email 1: 
How have you … (2 comments)

real estate website: Exciting Upcoming Release: Our New MLS Search. - 01/28/16 08:58 AM
This first quarter's exciting release is our New MLS Search.
It has been designed to provide a similar look to the large search portals that many people visit.
We wanted to make sure your website gives visitors a familiar place to find homes.
By reducing the learning curve your clients often face, we increase immediate interaction.
If clients are familiar and comfortable using your website, they’ll return.
This means more traffic, more branding, and more top-of-mind awareness.
You only have one opportunity to capture your audience.
This new Map Search was built to cater to that same audience.
What you have to look forward to:
1) One standard search and … (2 comments)

real estate website: Start taking small steps everyday towards springtime success. - 01/21/16 03:02 AM
Spring, real estate agents' busiest season, is less than 2 months away!
Start taking small steps everyday towards springtime success.
1. Improve relationships through targeted marketing. 
2. Connect yourself and your clients to EVERY listing on the market.
3. Brand yourself to every listing. The listings update by themselves, everyday. 
 4. Search engines will find it easy to "recommend" your website.
Let's summarize: 
Custom IDX links
Simplifies the user experience and gives them (your leads and clients, that is)
exactly what they need at any given moment.
MLS Search
Every listing is branded to you and is available 
to all your website's visitors.
Listing Alerts
Recent MLS activity is immediately 
sent and constantly tracked.
Read more here, or register right now before it fills up: 

MLS … (0 comments)

real estate website: Small changes over time, lead to big changes and to bigger rewards. - 01/18/16 07:24 AM
Featured stellar and active
AccelerAgent sites:

All Homes 4 Me
Tim Montoya
Rosmis Realty
Robert Rosmis
I hope you are having a great Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Take care,
PropertyMinder's Community Manager
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real estate website: Your sales skills, your customer service, and your relationships - 01/05/16 09:47 AM
Sales: The art of finding problems and addressing their needs.
Service: The belief that you are responsible for their money and time.
Follow-up: The ability to maintain a strong relationship throughout the life cycle of your clients'.
Referrals: The culmination of sales, service, and follow-up done right.
Cheers to a successful 2016.
May your sales skills, customer service, and relationships provide you with your best year in Real Estate.
30 Day Free Trial
Learn about us. Click here. 
Your truly, 
Tawd Frensley and The PropertyMinder Team
Join us on Twitter! @PropertyMinder

real estate website: Warmest, merriest wishes to you (And what we have in store for you!) - 12/23/15 05:47 AM

It's hard to believe this year is coming to an end. We know you have earned this rest time during the holidays. We wholeheartedly wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, restful holiday season and a successful 2016.
This year, we hope you had the chance to try out our new website templates, got to attend one of our webinars, and were able to read a few of our weekly articles. If not, we can personally introduce you to everything you can take advantage of at PropertyMinder. We are here to personally help you this year or next year. … (2 comments)

real estate website: 5 things to do on your real estate website before 2016. Snap to it! - 12/09/15 04:58 AM

real estate website: 2 vital, (quick!) must dos on your website in December - 12/01/15 03:48 AM

real estate website: 11 Stellar Reasons To Choose PropertyMinder & Never Look Back. - 10/16/15 09:16 AM
a devoted marketing department offering unlimited
one-on-one guidance and personal advice, all-day.
Request a LIVE demo
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real estate website: Folks should say to themselves, "This agent has it together." - 10/14/15 10:23 AM

real estate website: Tip of the Week: Custom IDX and SEO: Two Peas in a Pod - 10/13/15 09:46 AM

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