real estate website: Someone wrote an article that ticked us off. Here is our response. - 04/02/14 06:51 AM
The Real Estate Website: Still Relevant.
We read a recent article titled, “Your real estate website is irrelevant. Here’s why,” by Will Caldwell. We have to address it.
Hogwash! The real estate website is vital to the real estate agent- if it is used right.  
You real estate website is relevant if:
1. Clients can search for active listings
2. Clients can get information on pending and sold listings (for registered users)
3. It contains good neighborhood information including school info and demographics
4. It shows your testimonials and evidence of success
5. Visitors can read your personal insights into what’s going on in real estate today.

real estate website: Tip of the Week: What's with all the inconsistency? - 03/26/14 06:38 AM
Why is one month so hectic, while the next is dead? Why do we have the ups and downs of our workload, paychecks, and clients?
One way to understand the inconsistency of your business is to approach your database mathematically in three steps.
Think back to your first year in the business. Write down the total number of contacts you had at the end of your first year. Next, count up all of the transactions from your first year and divide them into this total number of contacts. From this you will come up with a number that will tell you … (0 comments)

real estate website: Better than Duck Dynasty & Shark Week Together: New Referral Program - 03/21/14 05:10 AM

Interested in finding out a bit more? Have questions? 
Happy Friday!

real estate website: 7 Easy SEO Tips To Make Your Life a Little Easier - 03/19/14 04:28 AM


real estate website: Tip of the Week: Prove You Can Sell A Home - 03/12/14 07:50 AM

real estate website: Oh, the games people play. Lead generation is a little like dating. - 02/26/14 10:00 AM
Lead Generation: Part 2
Generate Leads from Your Database 
You have people’s contact details. They are incubating in your database. The goal is to find out of their intention to buy, sell, or refer in the near future.
“What are their intentions? What are they thinking?”
It’s a little like dating. We are experimenting with different tactics to understand the other person. (Hence, the woman below).
Check your clients’ tracking for activity. Take note of the ones that are looking at listings. Be observant of their behavior. If a homeowner you sold a home to 4 years ago is now looking … (0 comments)

real estate website: Be our +1. Please follow us on Google+, We would love to "meet" you - 02/25/14 06:17 AM
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Lot's of great info, articles, inspirational tid-bits, and best practices. 

real estate website: The Truth About Your Tax Write Off - 02/24/14 03:35 AM
Fact: A real estate website is a Tax Write Off.Truth: A PropertyMinder website is a great Tax Write Off. Imagine a Write Off that increases yearly transactions by 4.6, supports virtual and traditional marketing, and keeps your homeowners away from websites that start with the letter Z.#2014TaxSeason #RealEstateWriteOff #PropertyMinder
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real estate website: Hook 'em! Getting that ellusive contact info from strangers - 02/20/14 07:05 AM
Test Drive PropertyMinder today! (Or, tomorrow...but, soon). 
Check out our mobile app, AgentView. 

real estate website: Quick question for you - 02/18/14 02:42 AM
Do you know the difference between Custom IDX, Featured Listings, and Hot Lists?
Are you using these tools to their full potential on your website? 
Do you use these enough? Or do you choose not to? Why or why not?
We would love to know your thoughts. 

real estate website: February is here...start it with a bang - 02/03/14 08:07 AM
It's the first working day of February.Sign up for a free test drive & change your business's workflow.Click here to begin. We look forward to "meeting" you. 

#realestate #RealEstateWebsite #RealEstateBusiness#PositiveChange

real estate website: No reason to stress, perspire, or doubt yourself because... - 01/23/14 06:02 AM

Test drive the solution for free today. Change your business. Change your life.
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real estate website: Tip of the Week: The Eye of the Tiger - 01/22/14 07:31 AM
Track. Monitor. Analyze.
Tracking & Monitoring Client Search Activity
Client Tracking allows you to see if, when, and how many times a client views listings on your AccelerAgent platform. Once an MLS search is created, a login and password will be created for your clients and they will receive listing alerts directly to their email address. Each time they open the listing alert, they will be redirected to your AccelerAgent website where they can view photos, details, comparables, and modify their saved search.
Your website will track the search trends of each client down to the time of day they look at each … (0 comments)

real estate website: Trust in Me. Depend on Me. I am here for you. - 01/20/14 02:25 AM
When it's time to sell, trust in me:
2) To keep you instantly updated with your Neighborhood Activity.
a) I will connect you to RECENT and ACCURATE MLS data
b) I will make you an expert on the Market and Home Values
c) I will help you get the most money out of your home when you decide to sell.
When you're ready to buy, I promise:
1) To use my expertise to find you the best possible home.
a) One that matches all of your requirements
b) One that will fit securely within your budget
c) One that will be an investment for your family
My website provides all of … (0 comments)

real estate website: Do you force your website's visitors to leave and go elsewhere? - 01/17/14 02:53 AM
Do you think outside of the box? Is your website the to-go-to hub?
Do you include resources* on your real estate website?
Do you have crime maps or a real estate terms dictionary?
Do you include website links to nightlife, neighborhood activities, historical facts? Sports teams? Weather? (Get creative!)
Do you explain the market honestly and simply?
Do you walk them through the process of buying or selling a home?
Do you keep your visitors ON YOUR website, or do you force them to start Googling?
Make your website as convenient as possible. You know what they are looking … (0 comments)

real estate website: Credibility and Prioritizing in 2014 - 12/16/13 09:27 AM
When it comes to Internet Marketing, PropertyMinder has been supporting agents for over 15 years with attractive and effective websites for real estate agents. Credibility is the biggest hurdle many agents have in securing new business. A professional and effective web presence goes a long way in establishing credibility in the eyes of potential clients. 
Combined with a powerful and easy-to-use CRM, PropertyMinder websites help agents communicate their value proposition, as well as passing on important and desired market data to clients and persons in their sphere of influence. 

Constant communication with important, relevant market data will increase credibility. Client tracking … (0 comments)

real estate website: That "thing" you call a website. Why keep it? - 11/05/13 05:01 AM
A toothbrush without the bristles. A car without the engine. 
That "thing" you call a website. Why keep it? 

Has your business increased or decreased since you made the switch to discount broker provided technology?  

If your total transactions increased, then tip of the hat to you. If your business decreased, then you, like so many, have business being pulled out from underneath you. 

Do yourself a favor and visit your website as if you were one of your clients. Perform a search and see if you feel educated about the market when you leave. See if you want to return … (0 comments)

real estate website: Monday Metaphor. Your business- the grocery store. - 10/28/13 07:30 AM
A Monday Business Analogy Let us pretend you are not an agent, but the owner of a small grocery store. Now let us pretend your Google ranking is the space you decided to lease for your grocery store. Your website content represents the amount of items you have in your grocery store for your customers.  
  Since you focused on the cheapest price when choosing your store's location, you are virtually invisible to the passing traffic. Since you don't get many customers, your shelves are rather bare. So bare in fact, that even when people walk in, they usually walk right out. Remember, there … (0 comments)

real estate website: Announcement! Request ALL home services from Single Property Website - 09/18/13 05:04 AM
New Single Property Websites Coming Soon!You will be able to request for ALL home services from the toolkit and local companies can bid for your business.Our objective is to make your life a little easier one piece at a time.#SPW4U #ProMinder
Intrigued? Let us know.

real estate website: What's wrong with my website? Why isn't it being found? - 07/17/13 05:28 AM
 What's wrong with my website? Why isn't it being found?
"The role that your Web site plays in your marketing strategy is
to augment, amplify, and automate conversations about real estate."
Guest blogger and PropertyMinder's CS Engineer John Taylor breaks down
the nitty gritty for us in this exclusive guest blog post. 

- Are you wondering why you are not ranking higher on Google or Bing like your competitors?

- Is your target audience not aware of you and your brand as much as you would like them to be?
- Is your website not doing its job of enticing people to start conversations with you?

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