real estate website: Ask for the lead. Take advantage of lead capture forms! - 06/28/13 10:30 AM
How long is a client on your website before they encounter a lead capture device? A real estate agent may have a website for a multitude of reasons and purposes, but most often it is for lead generation.  After one second of being on a PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Real Estate Website an opt-in drop down box will appear.
The box will include a message that can be customized by the Realtor®.  If a visitor hits the OK box, their email information and name are instantly put into the client relationship management (CRM) database in the website. You AccelerAgent website is packed with … (2 comments)

real estate website: The AccelerAgent website’s Custom IDX pages are now mobile friendly! - 06/05/13 11:06 AM
PropertyMinder’s AccelerAgent website suite is your complete internet, mobile, and social platform.  There are some things we can assume about the people who visit your AccelerAgent website:
1. They don’t have a lot of time.
2. They are probably using a mobile device.
AccelerAgent allows you to promote your listings across the internet and keeps your contact database engaged and in-the-know. AccelerAgent nurtures your sphere of influence. We always want to make sure AccelerAgent adapts to the needs, habits, and preferences of your clients. It’s our job to make sure that you are able to make … (4 comments)

real estate website: Trends: The Good, the Bad, and the just plain Silly. - 05/17/13 08:00 AM
We have been seeing article after article on video marketing. We saw a great infographic by Pardot and Salesforce called “The Modern Marketer: Part Artist, Part Scientist.” A funny rap video made by a San Diego real estate agent made its way to the Huffington Post.  It was creative, but it got us thinking.
Yes, marketing trends can help you execute on your goals. Tuning into your creative instincts is an important part of running any successful business. Trying new things; adapting to marketing in the digital world; being innovative; branding yourself around your personality- all these … (0 comments)

real estate website: Marketing Ahead of Your Competition - 06/02/09 04:07 PM
Many agents who took advantage of PropertyMinder's TechMar Program made the switch from image-based marketing to direct response marketing. Within a few months, they began to see fantastic results.
Image advertising is the creation of a particular perception for your service. According to, "While there is definitely a role for image advertising in creating awareness, an entire marketing strategy built around image is not going to create loyalty because it is, by nature, a one-way communication strategy."
Direct response marketing is designed to solicit a direct feedback which is specific and quantifiable. The delivery of the response is direct between … (4 comments)

real estate website: iPhones and Meebo and my website (oh my!) - 10/08/08 04:47 AM
Many times I have assisted my PropertyMinder, Inc. Realtor clients in setting up chat services on their websites.  I have been using the free utility from Meebo for quite a while (almost three years) and I have found the most recent release to be nothing short of cool.
By going to you can log into any of your online instant messenger accounts at Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN and others.  This is nice, but the real gem is when you create your own Meebo account, you can create your own chat system and integrate it into your website through the … (2 comments)

real estate website: Should your website be consumer-centric or agent-centric? - 09/29/08 10:55 AM
Is consumer-centric web presence is merely a hype or a new Web 2.0 online marketing?
Last month the  Industry leaders and technology experts gathered at the RISMedia 19thAnnual Leadership Conference in New York.  Among many topics they discussed whether real estate practitioners should and how to make Real Estate websites consumer centric.
Aric Kazarnovsky, Executive Vice President, PropertyMinder, Inc. together with other panelists like Michael Fisher, Sr. Vice President of Marketing Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Pat Lashinsky, President of ZipRealty, Ashfaq Munshi, CEO Terabitz, Jonathan Blood, Vice President Delta Media Group offered advice and best practices on how to run the best … (0 comments)

real estate website: Three "Must have" directory listings for your website - 09/25/08 05:15 AM
Have you ever played the game Where's Waldo?  I always think of search engines when I see a child playing Where's Waldo.  Your website is much like the small Waldo character out there in the world wide web.  People are trying to find your site but can't see the forest for the trees.  In some cases, your website may not even be on the page if it is not listed by the search engines.  Submitting your website to the search engines, specifically google and yahoo, is very important and it is easy and free.  Those two search engines cover over half … (1 comments)

real estate website: The Magic Bullet has been found! - 09/03/08 03:27 AM
I have helped to make websites successful for a few years now.  I have some basic principles for anyone to use as a beginning road map to becoming an online success.
Understanding, implementation and follow through.
What you say?  Work?!?  The magic bullet for online success is work?!!
Yes.  Website success is directly tied to working with the website in an effective manner.  Preferably using work methods that have been successful for others so that you can show a return on your time investment as soon as possible.
Understanding.  You should understand the basics of search engine optimization.  You should be … (0 comments)

real estate website: Is History turning the page on you? - 08/25/08 09:34 AM
I've found the most ideal age to begin training tomorrow's realtor.  The rough starting age can be anywhere from 8 to 14 years old.  The youths in this age group have access to technology that was not imaginable fifteen years ago and they are not burdened with the memories and experiences of yesterday's technology.  Your surroundings become a part of you as you grow up and for these kids, text, video, instant and all forms of virtual messaging are almost second nature.  The use of the internet for social networking is part of their daily lives and they can participate in … (0 comments)

real estate website: Vista! Make it easy and you'll be happier! - 08/11/08 10:55 AM
If you are going to buy a new computer and you have been chewing your nails about the change to the Vista operating system, I may have some relief for you.  In my opinion, Vista is probably one of the most marketed releases to receive such an absolute cold shoulder from the targeted audience since the McDonalds's Arch Deluxe.  The most common complaints I read about always boiled down to change and complexity.  XP was an excellent system and many people don't have the extra time nor inclination to begin to fathom a new operating system that looks so alien in … (2 comments)

real estate website: Increase your Open House Traffic NOW! - 08/01/08 06:22 AM
Last weekend, while driving around different areas of the Silicon Valley of California, I saw multiple open home fold out signs on corners sporting a picture and name of a Realtor® and pointing the way to the open home.  This is nothing new and I've seen these same signs week after week.  This time I decided to check on what other marketing these Realtors® had done.  I found most of the Open Homes in the MLS service, three of them on Craigslist, and only one of them on most other online related open home posting services like Google Base or Backpage.  … (2 comments)

real estate website: Craigslist Flag War! What is it good for? Location location location.. - 07/30/08 03:21 AM
Joe Metz, a Realtor® that uses the PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Real Estate Website, recently asked me for assistance in one of his real estate Marketing efforts. Joe places ads for REO or foreclosure properties on Craigslist every week. These ads had drawn the attention of someone who began flagging and removing them from Craigslist. This is the basics of what I found through my research. I slightly modified Joe's ads and told him to be thankful for the flags.
Craigslist is a free online classified listings service. Since it is free, it has a high amount of traffic and Craigslist does not … (4 comments)

real estate website: Image Marketing vs. Direct Response Marketing - 07/28/08 08:08 AM
"With so much competition in the market, one of the largest mistakes I see agents make is creating marketing just like everyone else" Says one of the instructors of the PropertyMinder TECH-MAR Clinic. So often we see real estate agents using only "image based" marketing, which focuses on the agent's qualities such as "honesty" or "integrity" and it often confuses the consumer, who gets overwhelmed with how to choose a real estate agent.
In order to implement an effective real estate marketing plan, you will need to learn the basics of "direct response marketing". This is a type of marketing that … (3 comments)

real estate website: Bloggers Connect Workshop - wow... - 07/24/08 09:03 AM
I spent all of yesterday (Wednesday July 24th) at the Inman News Real Estate Connect SF 2008 Bloggers Connect Workshop. It's an easy thing to say "Blogging is big" and to mean it, but have you ever had an epiphany in relation to the size of an object? I've been to the top of the leaning tower of Pisa. I've hiked to the top of the Vesuvius volcano and looked down upon Pompeii. I've asked the woman I loved to marry me and she said yes. During these times there was a moment of no sound in my head except for … (0 comments)

real estate website: New business is the "why" - 07/16/08 04:45 PM
*Editor's Note: The five must-haves for a real estate website are: who, what, when, where and why. Day five of this series on the 5Ws of Internet marketing answers the "why"-why build a community hub.
In the past four posts, topics from finding a target audience to different ways of reaching them have been offered.  The answer to "why" is "to create new business".  All of this effort is designed to help a Realtor® to transform their PropertyMinder AccelerAgent Website into a solid real estate lead generation tool.
The backbone of this transformation is the hub concept. Like spokes of … (0 comments)

real estate website: When to update your real estate website - 07/10/08 11:44 AM
Editor's Note: The five must-haves for a real estate website are: who, what, when, where and why. Day three of this series on the 5Ws of Internet marketing answers the "when"— “when to update my real estate website.” When to update your real estate website depends on your goals.  If your goal is to get found by qualified traffic and capture more leads, then update your site with search engine friendly content regularly. What if you’re goal is to earn more referrals?  Take Broker Christina Ng as a case in point.  With more than 20 years of field experience, Ng is … (8 comments)

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