referrals: More Listings, More Success: For Free. (67 Day Upgrade) - 07/16/18 02:09 PM

You deserve more listings. There, I said it.
Eager home sellers ready to sell today. Homeowners likely to sell in the future. All of them.
I'm really not mincing words here. You deserve it all.
That's why we've extended our free test drive to 67 days - to maximize and guarantee your success.
What you can expect within 67 days (for free):
- More listings.
- More referrals.
- More seller leads.
- More time, with less to manage.
- More email marketing responses.
- More training, guidance, and support.
- More access to cutting-edge technology.
Let us help you get more, and succeed. For free.
We're ready when you are.
- Click here to sign-up for the FREE 67 Day Test Drive and get more … (2 comments)

referrals: Webinars that you'll actually get something out of...(like listings) - 04/06/18 12:53 PM
Hey ActiveRainers,
Tim here. :-) In case you missed it - we've "upped" our webinar game, so to speak.
In our newly launched WEBSITE MASTERY (CRM, IDX, Seller's Corner) Webinar Series, Tawd Frensley, PropertyMinder's own VP of Sales & Marketing, provides extensive insight on how to immediately increase your listings, fully nurture buyer and seller leads, maximize client retention, polish and perfect your real estate website, stay top-of-mind, and strengthen your marketing efforts, through the effective implementation of exceptional practices, and cutting-edge technology.
That's our eloquent way of saying: we're offering you free, direct, inside access to our entire website and marketing platform, designed … (4 comments)

referrals: Home Values Skyrocket. So Should Your Listings. (Cont....) - 02/22/18 01:56 PM

Staying connected to your homeowners (via Seller's Corner) pays off in 2018.
Case in point: 304 Locust St, Pacific Grove, CA 93950
- Listing Price (2014): $900,000 (via Redfin)
- Listing Price (2018): $1,249,000 (via Oak Anchor Homes)
- Property Value Increase: $349,000 in just 3 years.
In a nutshell, $349,000 price increase in 3 years is enough to reach out to your past clients and let them know a thing or two about a thing or two.
Seller's Corner is your friend, your foundation, your bridge to the land of listings.
Remind them how much their home is worth.
Remind them you have the answers they’re looking for.
They’ll remember you when they’re ready to sell their home.
It’s that … (0 comments)

referrals: How Does The AccelerAgent CRM Empower You? Let Us Count The Ways... - 02/14/18 06:12 PM

Howdy Active Rainers,
We wrote a piece a while back on the incredible benefits of owning your own CRM (Client Relationship Manager). It was such a hit that we decided to create an infographic that you can share with folks who are in need of inspiration to get with the program (that may even be YOU...) (Read the original blog post content in it's entirety, below the infographic).
As always, we'd love to hear your feedback!
Marketing Director
Direct | 408.213.4668
Buy Just 3 Months, Get 2 Completely Free
+ Free Service For Existing Customers With Our Referral Program
Why get your own real estate CRM?
by Andy Coffaro

Well that’s simple, … (6 comments)

referrals: Danger Zone: Mixing Biz With Family And Friends. - 02/08/18 01:10 PM

Howdy Active Rainers,
The infographic below was designed with a past marketing tip in mind (you can read the original content in it's entirety below the infographic).
As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on anything and everything!
- Tim 
by Andy Coffaro

We have a feeling that many of your leads are thinking about using a family member or close friend as their next real estate agent. We both know this is a horrible decision, but here are some tips you can forward to them to convey why they should choose you instead.
Let’s paint the picture for you real quick: You’re either buying a … (14 comments)

referrals: Swipe Right (And Fall In Love With Our CRM). - 02/07/18 04:53 PM

Hi Active Rainers,
Valentine's Day is exactly a week away.
Instead of overindulging in candy, we have something even sweeter for you.
The AccelerAgent CRM comes fully loaded with the most cutting-edge tech features, accompanied by the warm, human elements you need to foster and sustain solid, lasting, and fulfilling relationships with your leads and clients.
If this were a certain app, we'd ask you to swipe right (and fall in love with our CRM).
Is our CRM a match for your business? 

referrals: Ask (Yourself) And You Shall Receive (Referrals). - 01/31/18 01:37 PM

Howdy Active Rainers,
We're one month into 2018 - are you doing everything in your power to maximize your referrals this year?
If you're not entirely sure, or need some help putting things into perspective, the infographic below features 8+ questions you should be asking yourself to raise your business awareness - and shed some light on (likely inadvertently) overlooked empowering practices.
Let's head into February strong!


referrals: Made A List(ing). Checked It Twice. (A Holiday Gift) - 12/21/17 05:53 PM

Hi ActiveRainers,
Saving money for gifts (or being able to re-save after the holiday) sounds sweet, right?
That's why we're delivering free service during the winter season (Buy 3 Months, Get 2 Absolutely Free) to ensure that you can replenish your funds, while maintaining an active, dynamic, and listing-generating online presence.
We also just launched our New MLS Search and Website Templates. 
If you have a few moments to spare before or after the holidays, I'd be thrilled to share the wealth with you.

referrals: Spreading Holiday Cheer Means Good Karma. (Holiday Tip #4) - 12/15/17 02:10 PM
Howdy ActiveRainers,
This holiday marketing tip is pretty straightforward, wouldn't you say?
Sharing resources that aren't directly real estate related will diversify your reputation - plus, it's just good for business. What goes around, comes around, agreed? Use your best judgement to recommend and suggest places you trust and respect. 
So, any places come to mind?

referrals: Santa's Got Nothing On You (Referral-Reminder). (Holiday Tip #2) - 12/14/17 03:08 PM
Hi ActiveRainers,
Another friendly reminder about the importance of client reviews, referrals, and testimonials as we head into 2018. These are undoubtedly essential to have featured on your website. 
Do you have any clients (that you maybe went the extra mile for this year) that might be willing to  affirm your greatness in writing? Remember - even a sentence or two means a great deal.
Have a terrific weekend,

referrals: Sleigh Bells Ring, Make Sure Sellers Are Listenin'... (Holiday Tip #1) - 12/14/17 02:35 PM
Howdy ActiveRainers,
Some say it's better to give during the holidays. Sure, I get that.
But boy is it nice when you receive an abundance in return.
That's what Seller's Corner does: delivers the goods, and ensures you reap the benefits in return.
More holiday-themed marketing tips to come...
Hoping they bring some cheer (and a listing or two) your way!

referrals: Home Staging: Make It Or Break It. - 12/12/17 01:40 PM

Hey ActiveRainers,
I decided to open up a topic that's already been extensively covered (yet unyielding in it's importance): essential home staging tips. 
We all know staging can (seriously) make or break a deal - thus, our need to underscore proper advice and empowering guidance.
When you have a quick moment, feel free to check out the infographic I created below. I'd love to hear your feedback and find out if there's anything in particular I missed in terms of preparation and coverage.
Do you agree and/or disagree with any/all of these?
What did I leave out that you find imperative in the process?

referrals: Give Knowledge. Receive Trust (And Listings). - 11/28/17 02:17 PM
Hey there,
Tim here, how was your Thanksgiving?
Aside from pies, I hope you were able to slice out some rest and recovery time.

Quick question – do you think it’s really better to give than to receive?
Well, I guess it depends on what you’re giving – right?
This #GivingTuesday, ask yourself:
Am I habitually providing (giving) my leads and clients what’s relevant and necessary, in order to gain (receive) what’s important, beneficial, and professionally fulfilling to me?
More of a Listing Agent?
– GIVE sellers home values so they’ll turn to you when they’re ready to list.
– GIVE homeowners (your prospective sellers) home care resources so they’ll keep you on their radar for everything real estate.
– GIVE them a quick phone call explaining why … (0 comments)

referrals: Black Friday? Black Winter! (Save $, Boost Listings) - 11/20/17 01:17 PM

Howdy ActiveRainers,
Ever wish Black Friday sales weren’t just a one day thing?
We feel the same way. That’s why ours extends through winter.
Let’s face it: the busy, expensive holiday season is followed by taxes soon after.
You need at least a couple of months to stock up on funds after holiday expenses (gifts, food, etc.), with an added peace of mind that your online marketing presence is as strong and effective as ever.
Buy just 3 months of service with us –  and get 2 entire months for free.
That means 2 free months of:
– More listings.
– Increased referrals.
– Dream home resources for your buyers.
– Unlimited one-on-one training and … (2 comments)

referrals: Convince Homesellers To List With You (+ Hot Market News) - 08/31/17 02:58 PM

(Please click here to read our August Newsletter in it’s entirety:

We see the personal stress and strain the decrease in homes for sale is causing folks (namely, agents like you) first-hand. And we're prepared and ready to do something about it.

San Jose, CA (home of PropertyMinder headquarters) has, once again, skyrocketed as the 2nd hottest seller's market in the nation,* reflecting a "very low inventory that exists in most markets, along with steady buyer demand.”**

The stakes are high. And some home sellers aren't wasting any time.
A local home seller "'just figured this market couldn’t go much further,' [so … (0 comments)

referrals: Listing More Homes: The Technology (+ Stats) To Back You Up, 100%. - 07/07/17 11:57 AM


referrals: The "Homeseller-Specific" Approach - 06/20/17 05:32 PM
Howdy ActiveRainers,
Tim here, with a (homeseller) coaching moment...

Your homesellers (and homebuyers, for that matter) are less likely to respond to emails that come off as generic, overused, or bland. 

My suggestion to you: celebrate (and focus and capitalize on) their individuality (I'll even define it for you - Individuality: (noun) the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked.)

Not every lead or client is the same. 
That's why we have an entire webinar dedicated to helping you strategically organize your contacts and email marketing practices, to maximize your listings and referrals.

referrals: Summer Selling Strategies. - 06/01/17 02:21 PM

Tim here, and I'll just honestly cut to the chase:
I want to see you sell more homes, this summer. Are you willing to let me help you?

I came across some news today that caught my eye (in terms of it's potential to garner more listing opportunities for you)...

The U.S. Commerce Department reports that "sales in the category of building materials and garden equipment supplies for the first four months of 2017 are up 5.9 percent from 2016... a huge increase in the amount of homeowner equity stimulates home-improvement activity [and] makes people feel richer, wealthier and more inclined to invest … (0 comments)

referrals: Time To Get Motherly (Re: Reclaiming Lost Listings) - 05/12/17 01:21 PM
Howdy ActiveRainers,

Tim here, ready for the weekend?

Reminder – this Sunday is Mother’s Day, which can evoke feelings of warmth, nurturing and contentment (i.e. - feelings your leads, clients, buyers and sellers should ALL experience, before, during and after any and all interaction(s) with you). Of course, there's a fine line with the nurturing part - you don't want to come off overbearing, needy, or suffocating.

I suggest getting traditionally "motherly" (i.e. - of, resembling, or characteristic of a mother, especially in being caring, protective, and kind). 
Carefully delivering what's relevant to folks, protecting their own interests, and holding a consistently kind demeanor - will … (0 comments)

referrals: 30-Days That'll Empower Your Business (+ Boost Listings) - 05/09/17 03:42 PM
Tim here - did you know some of the issues keeping you from maximizing revenue include allowing Zillow and similar portals to infiltrate your database?
You may send clients something like an inventory snapshot, fresh marketing content, referral request, and use our New MLS Map Search to provide search results – but this still disconnects clients from the primary objective: Always remembering your domain name.
Today we're going to show you how free 30 day access to marketing designed in the heart of the nation’s hottest (seller’s) housing market will make your website the first and only destination local homebuyers and sellers will be visiting.

Click here to read about the 30-Days That'll Empower Your Real Estate Business, Forever.

P.S. … (0 comments)

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