service providers: Weathering Conversations With Your Future Home Sellers. - 01/09/18 12:10 PM

Dear ActiveRainers,
The weather outside is (still) frightful.
Connect with your homeowners (a.k.a.- your prospective home sellers) and remind them who the "all things real estate" agent (neighborhood pro) really is: YOU.
In related home seller news: we also just launched the most effective home seller lead capture in the business. Let me know if you'd like to check it out sometime. 
Hope your week is going well!

service providers: Double Your Efforts. Double Your Listings. - 12/19/17 01:01 PM

Hi ActiveRainers,
Quick question - are you employing everything you're professionally equipped with to boost your chances that homeowners will list their home with you, when they're ready?

Seizing the opportunity to initiate conversations and provide what they need, when they need it, will undoubtedly keep you memorable and in their good graces. By reaching out and going the extra mile, you have nothing to lose - only loyal home sellers (and listings) to gain.
Have a wonderful week,

service providers: Extra listings are just a matter of care (home care, that is). - 05/01/17 03:35 PM
Happy May, 
Tim here, with another listing-oriented tip to kick-off a new month!

Did you know...
"Homeowners are spending nearly 60 percent more on home improvement projects than a year ago, despite a climate of economic and political uncertainty...
The rise in home values has boosted consumer confidence, as well as people’s sense of their own financial well-being. And that sometimes translates to big home improvement projects." *

So, what are you actively doing to capitalize on this trend?

Here’s an idea...
Homebrella lets you deliver the service providers everyone needs to initiate and complete home care projects, while simultaneously increasing the odds … (2 comments)

service providers: Your Listings Are On Their Way. - 07/19/16 06:45 AM
Hey ActiveRainers,
How've you been? Tim here, again, with a quick Script Of The Day.
Similar to recent ones, this email marketing greeting is only really relevant for agents actively working with sellers. 
If you're one of the many agents struggling with what some dub as "thinventory" - Seller's Corner is THE listing-generator you should turn to this summer, and beyond. Agents we work with have sparked results within minutes of using it.
That said - with us, you can virtually guarantee listings are on their way.
Let's make the following seller greeting a regular thing for you to be sending out...
Dear _______,
As we approach the finish line, there is so much to celebrate.

service providers: Gratitude Gets You Far: 3 Must-Dos This Upcoming Holiday Weekend. - 05/24/16 08:00 AM
Hey ActiveRainers,
Tim here, again. Any plans for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend?
If you're in need of email marketing content to honor the memory of our fallen soldiers, and/or thank veterans and those currently in the armed services, let us know and we'll write something for you in 1 business day (PropertyMinder customers only, of course).
On a lighter note, here are a couple of other ways to make the most of this 3-day weekend.
National Hamburger Day is this upcoming Saturday, May 28th.
Let it inspire you with an easy-on-the-wallet reason to reach out and treat your most promising lead, or valued (past or current) client, to a burger, milkshake and … (4 comments)

service providers: Introducing Homebrella, For Your Business' Health & Relationships - 01/14/16 04:58 AM

Homebrella will make you “All Things Real Estate”
Chances are that every agent has been or will be impacted by repeat business. 
The issue lies with the relationships you have with your clients once they purchase a home.
During the buying process, there is constant communication in the form of phone calls, emails, texts, and of course, the time they spend with you in your car.
Once the client purchases the home, that constant communication (understandably) slows considerably as you move on to the next deal.
So what is Homebrella?
At any moment, one of your clients may need to fix or improve something with their home. Instead of them going to Yelp, Google, … (2 comments)

service providers: How To "Be All Things Real Estate": Q&A With VP Of Marketing & Sales - 12/09/15 04:00 AM

Our VP of Marketing & Sales, Tawd Frensley, explains how our
new service "Homebrella" is relevant to you.

Q: What is Homebrella?
A: A destination point on your PropertyMinder website that connects your clients and preferred service providers.
Q: How does Homebrella work?
A: Add your favorite service providers to Home Care Center inside your PropertyMinder toolkit. We'll handle the rest.

Q: What happens next?
A: Your service providers will receive their Homebrella Dashboard that will allow them to securely quote and communicate with your clients.

Q: What will it do for you?
A: Homebrella will make you "all things real estate" which … (0 comments)

service providers: Announcement! Request ALL home services from Single Property Website - 09/18/13 05:04 AM
New Single Property Websites Coming Soon!You will be able to request for ALL home services from the toolkit and local companies can bid for your business.Our objective is to make your life a little easier one piece at a time.#SPW4U #ProMinder
Intrigued? Let us know.

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