tools: 5 Things You Should Know (News Roundup - 7/23) - 07/23/18 12:00 PM
1. Exisiting-Home Sales Slide, Thanks to Soaring Prices.
     What you should do: 
         - Remember that Seller's Corner is your remedy to low inventory, and will boost your listings. ;-)
2. 7 Real Estate Tools Entrepreneurs Should Know About.
     What you should do: 
        - Take note. And check out #8 (our personal addition to the list).
3. 12 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate.
      What you should do:
       - Consider expanding your real estate biz horizons. The sky is the limit!

4. Instant regret: 1 in 4 millennials aren't happy to be homeowners.

tools: Frenemies With Technology. - 09/09/16 04:45 AM

Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tawd Frensley, has graced us with another guest blog post - and, once again, gets a critical point across in his own unique, no-nonsense, and catchy way.
Honestly, it's really easy to hate technology.
Moreover, it's easy to hate technology when it is constantly being thrown in your face.
Get this tablet, this phone, use this CRM, our SEO is better, yada yada yada....the list goes on and on.
However, just like a friend is always there for you, good technology can be your friend. 
Patient, Understanding, Dependable, and Attentive to your needs are a few of the basic traits of a … (4 comments)

tools: Luck Of The Draw Won't Cut It. - 03/16/16 07:48 AM
Let's stay practical (yet creative) here.
St. Patrick's Day is your perfect opportunity to:
1) Be G.R.E.E.N. and make some green.

And perhaps most importantly...
2) Take advantage of 4 of the most effective,
pinch-proof ways to get folks responding.
This webinar is your shot to make
the competition green with envy.
We'll walk you through everything, step-by-step.
MLS Searches
Thursday, March 17th
3:00 pm (PST) / 5:00 pm (CST) / 6:00 pm (EST)
"I close at least 5 transactions annually
thanks to the AccelerAgent Custom IDX search tool.
It saves me so much time."- Emcee Arah, PropertyMinder customer.
Our customers secure 4.6 more transactions than competitors.
No luck involved. Our tools are just that good.
Take a free test drive and see for yourself.
In … (0 comments)

tools: More Listings, Eerie Portals & Haunting Templates - Oh My! - 10/29/15 05:09 AM

2 BR, 2 BA, 13 Ghosts... Same Listing Agent?
We’re putting a big listing-related myth to rest. Retain hot seller leads, listing prospects and past clients once and for all - with Seller's Corner... Read More.
Help Leads & Clients Avoid Eerie Syndicate Portal Traps
Some more MLS fact v. fiction and online myth-busting. You may already be well-aware, but do you have a plan and the necessary tools to take action? We do... Read More.
Product & Company Updates
Your New MLS Search
This'll give you chills. An incredible, systemwide change launches this November - just in time for the holidays. Learn more about this supercharged search... Read More.
Your New Email … (0 comments)

tools: August Newsletter - Email Marketing 101 & FREE Bonus Email Templates - 08/31/15 06:43 AM

Email Marketing: It's What's For Dinner
(And Breakfast and Lunch).
Hungry for more responses? We lay out some of the best, easiest and
most effective email marketing practices... Read More
Full Menu of Email-Generating Tools
(You Should Be Using).
Your AccelerAgent Toolkit generates specific types of emails for you.
Take advantage of them today... Read More
Your 4 Free Email Template
The title says it all. Get your free email (text) templates now... Read More

August 2015
Tips Of The Week

Questions? Comments?
We're always at your beck and call.
Tim & Anna
PM Community Management

tools: New Product Announcement: Add a blog to your website! - 06/04/14 08:54 AM
We are excited to announce the release of our WordPress Blog Plugin. Access this directly from your PropertyMinder Toolkit.
Write and share blog posts from the same Toolkit that keeps your buyers and sellers connected to the real estate market. Provide even more tailored content to your clients and website’s visitors, without your clients ever leaving your website.
We will provide you with your choice of marketable domain names: or, to add to your print and digital media.
There is a one time $50.00 set up fee. We will integrate the blog into your website, which will give you … (0 comments)

tools: Impress and Dazzle with the SPW - 02/05/14 06:33 AM
      Dazzle 'em!
  Click here to check out SPW4U. Interested in trying out PropertyMinder's full suite for free? Click here.  … (0 comments)

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