twitter: How To Win $25,000 NAR Expo Drawing - 11/07/19 02:40 PM

Hi ActiveRainers,
The 2019 NAR Expo starts Friday and we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the event. We are giving away $25,000 in Advertising to one lucky winner …….and it could be you!
The Prize:
- $2,000/mo in MediaBoost Social Media Lead Generation + a Free AccelerAgent website for 1 year.
- 20,000+ website visitors per month
- Listing Boost, Social Farming, and Buyer Connect Lead Generation*
- Your AccelerAgent Responsive website includes a CRM, IDX, Seller’s Corner, and SEO.
To enter, all you have to do is visit
Don’t worry if you’re not attending. You’re still a REALTOR and a member of the PropertyMinder … (0 comments)

twitter: Reach The Most Sellers & Buyers On Social Media - 08/13/19 12:38 PM

Howdy ActiveRainers,
Tim here, with a quick #ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) post.
We recently launched some pretty extensive social media advertising, including:
Listing Boost – Mass marketing for new listings (or listings that have been on the market longer than you would hope).
Buyer Connect – Social Marketing focused on driving buyers to custom IDX links on your website (mobile optimized pages) where you are branded to every listing.
Social Farming – Social Marketing that targets homeowners in your area and drives them to “Your Neighborhood” on your website which automatically captures their home address once they enter it.
$25.00 includes 750 guaranteed impression with … (7 comments)

twitter: Reach Thousands Of Buyers In Your Area, Today. - 07/24/19 04:17 PM

Hi ActiveRainers,
Tim here with a quick update on our free Single Property Websites (and accompanying MediaBoost services).   Are you ready to reach thousands of buyers in your area, today?
Let us do all the work. All leads captured are yours. Guaranteed.    What's included:
- Single Property Website built in seconds with all the photos and details of your new listing.
- Convert your Single Property Website to a Virtual Tour for Free.
- Full Screen High Resolution Images that adapt to ANY device.
- Simultaneously share onto your Social Media Accounts in seconds.
- Unlimited Clicks to your website.   … (6 comments)

twitter: Think Local, Farm Social: Targeting Home Sellers In Your Area - 07/24/19 04:11 PM

Hi ActiveRainers,
We have been busy testing, and are very pleased to announce our new Social Media Farming.
Social Farming was built to drive local homeowners to your website, and capture their address.
Here is how it works:
You must have our AccelerAgent package with Seller’s Corner (Free Trial Here). Pick your geographic area (primary city you want to target). Choose your budget (you can try this for as little as $25.00). Let us do the rest.
We will build an Advertisement for your website and drive local homeowners to the "Your Neighborhood" page. With our Automatic Home Address capture, your website will alert you as soon … (6 comments)

twitter: 5 (Neglected) Social Media Practices & Resources. - 02/06/18 04:12 PM

Hi Active Rainers,
Tim here, with another infographic (we really love making these, if you haven't noticed).
This one features 5 useful social media practices and resources that often go neglected.
How many of them were you unaware of and/or have already implemented?
As always, we appreciate and value your feedback! 
- Tim & Andy

twitter: Your sellers and social media: still a "BFD." - 10/18/17 12:27 PM

Howdy ActiveRainers,
Quick question - are you on Facebook?
Odds are, you are (after all, over 80% of agents and realtors use it.*)
Quite frankly, social media is a BFD (big freaking deal).
Just look around you. Folks are constantly on their phones checking their feeds. 
With that said, I've compiled a list of tips to ensure you're getting:
the most likes,
the most friends,
the most followers,
the most comments, 
and, most importantly, the most homesellers to connect with.

- *The Truth About Social Media & The Real Estate Industry (Quick Statistics On Why You NEED To Use It).
- More Likes. More Followers. Savvy Ways To Mix And Mingle On Social Media.
- 5 Social Media Tips You Probably … (2 comments)

twitter: 7 Tips for Creating Powerful Infographics Your Leads Will Love & Share - 07/11/17 01:19 PM
by Andy Coffaro
We like to think we’re pretty sound when it comes to marketing here at PropertyMinder.
We’re especially confident in our ability to provide you with entertaining, enlightening, and educational infographics.
Why do we believe this?
Because you’ve told us so via amazing feedback that almost made us blush.
We made this infographic for you on the importance of social media and this beauty on how to maximize repeat business.
In a nutshell, infographics utilize charts and diagrams to provide compelling information and data points. A masterfully composed infographic will not only position you as a real estate expert, but also it has the possibility … (0 comments)

twitter: 5 Social Media Tips You Probably Aren't Implementing (But Should) - 04/18/17 03:28 PM
We’ve shown you recently how critically important social media is for your business (+ tips on how to gain more “likes” and followers). From marketing and repeat clients, to snagging new leads, social media can be one of the most impactful and cost-effective marketing strategies you’ll ever employ.
Today’s Tip of the Week is going to assume you know the basics of marketing on social media. That is to say, we’re going beyond just showing you how to advertise on Facebook or set up your Twitter account. We’re going to show you a few out-of-the-social-box ideas that you either haven’t thought of before or just haven’t had the time to … (5 comments)

twitter: The Truth About Social Media (This Concerns You...) - 01/04/17 06:21 PM
Numbers don't lie. Our sources prove that.
Friendly reminder of the reality that social media matters in the real estate industry.
PLUS - get and stay social with these extra savvy social media tips:
- 5 Best Ways To Connect With Home Buyers & Sellers On Facebook
- Can Facebook Ads Increase Listings & Leads? You Bet!
- 5 Social Media Tips You Probably Aren't Implementing But Should
- More Likes + More Followers = More Listings?
– Tim
Marketing Director
Direct | 408.213.4668
1101 S. Winchester Blvd, J-225
San Jose, CA 95128
Buy Just 3 Months, Get 2 Completely Free
+ Free Service For Existing Customers With Our Referral Program
 Weekly real estate marketing tips can be found on our featured Tip Of … (30 comments)

twitter: Mother's Day for getting email responses & social media activity - 05/05/16 04:41 AM
Social media and social marketing is about getting people involved.
What better way to get people talking? And what a perfect transition to introducing your website, your recent transactions, and current neighborhood activity knowledge. 
-Ask people to post their favorite photo with mom or their most memorable, or funniest, memory.
Create a contest!
The winner gets a Mother's Day gets a gift certificate to a local florist,
restaurant, or any Mom-appreciation local business.
-Use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
-If you are comfortable, send a group text announcing your contest to your top 20 contacts. 
-You can also do this via email. 
Click here here for a free … (2 comments)

twitter: Entice, Grab & Keep: No-Nonsense Ways To Lock In Leads & Clients - 01/05/16 05:24 AM

What are you doing to grab the attention of folks that you want to impress and “wow” (like your online audience) in 2016?
Committing to just 2 of the following tips in January is a great way to kick things off.
Hone into your most vital real estate resources, and best marketing practices, to retain folks all year long.
1) Keep up with the “younger crowd.”
Millennials, the generation that grew up in the age of the Internet and mobile apps, are one of the fastest growing real estate demographics. Targeting, and appealing to, this blossoming segment of the market is huge.
With that said, … (2 comments)

twitter: Let’s Face It: Agents Are Sort Of Like Politicians (PART I) - 12/16/15 09:27 AM

As you may know, 2016 is a presidential election year. But we won’t get into that.

We’re asking: what positive traits do agents and political figures have in common?
If you stop and think about it, quite a few - and in the best way imaginable.
Both roles require a passion for representing and achieving the best interests of people, authentic and effective communication skills, confidence, integrity, and, of course, a special kind of warmth and charisma.
Also parallel to the political arena, catchy slogans, ads and gimmicks in real estate only get you so far.
Similar to voters, your leads and clients don’t want … (0 comments)

twitter: More 'Likes'. More Followers: Savvy Ways To Mix & Mingle - 12/08/15 02:59 AM

Time for some real talk.
Posting snapshots of your current meal on Facebook doesn’t do anyone any good.
If anything, it’ll just remind people that they’re hungry or why they became a vegetarian.

We recommend dishing out the main course (and purpose) of social media - exposure and networking by underscoring your individuality, expressing your creative flair and putting your own personal (and memorable) stamp on everything you draft and/or share.

Americans spend more than 2 hours on mobile devices and social sites everyday.
It's imperative to stay savvy and relatable when mingling online.

1) Post haikus or short words of wisdom … (10 comments)

twitter: The New Twitter! How to Maximize Your Presence on the New Twitter - 04/24/14 06:54 AM

The new Twitter! A great article. Do you Tweet for your real estate business? What do you like about the new Twitter format? Dislike? 
Do you promote your services, your successess, and your website over Twitter? Do you like it better than the other social media channels?
     Wow!  Twitter has a completely new look.   Talk about photo-centric!  Your Profile photo is larger.  Your Header is huge.  Twitter Profile Pages now boast a 3 Column format that is easy to surf and easy to understand. 
Here is what you need to know about the New Twitter:
     Adjust … (13 comments)

twitter: Happy Friday Everyone!!!!! Free Social Media Guide! - 03/22/13 02:11 AM
Hey everybody! Anyone out there trying to catch up on the latest Social Media trends? Or want more info on how to brand yourself? Check out this link for a free Social Media guide! Included are the basics of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Meetup, Google+, and Youtube. Thanks so much and enjoy!!!
Also feel free to visit for the latest technology in Real Estate Websites and Mobile Apps

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