website marketing: 5 Real Estate Marketing Mistakes That'll Cost You (A Visual Aid). - 12/08/17 01:00 PM
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Happy Friday! I know we’ve previously posted the content below, but sometimes an infographic can communicate ideas in distinctly concise and powerful ways that plain text just can’t. Thus, I took the time to create something you can hopefully appreciate, share, and keep at your beck and call for future reference.

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by Andy Coffaro
Attempting to get ahead of the competition is critical to the success of any business, but it’s especially true in the real estate industry. Competing agents, online services, and more are all vying for the same prospects and sizzling-hot leads you are.
That’s … (2 comments)

website marketing: Let’s Give Them Something To Click About. - 09/29/15 08:53 AM
See all of the follow (+ more editing tricks and tips)
on the next free Advanced Website Editing webinar!
Let’s give them something to click about. The Buttons (or Tabs) on your website.
Remember to name (or re-name) your website’s buttons (or Tabs) to whatever you want. What I am saying is, be creative. Spend a little time thinking about the tone of your website. It shouldn’t be robotic, it should be friendly.
Words are just like photos you choose to have on your website- they have the power to grab someone, but they also have the ability to bore someone.
We are living in … (0 comments)

website marketing: What's wrong with my website? Why isn't it being found? - 07/17/13 05:28 AM
 What's wrong with my website? Why isn't it being found?
"The role that your Web site plays in your marketing strategy is
to augment, amplify, and automate conversations about real estate."
Guest blogger and PropertyMinder's CS Engineer John Taylor breaks down
the nitty gritty for us in this exclusive guest blog post. 

- Are you wondering why you are not ranking higher on Google or Bing like your competitors?

- Is your target audience not aware of you and your brand as much as you would like them to be?
- Is your website not doing its job of enticing people to start conversations with you?

website marketing: What effect on technology will California SB 133 have on you? - 03/11/09 07:10 PM
California recently passed a legislation named SB-133 that seems to have many agents in the state looking for alternative sources in contat management and document hosting.
SB-133, is a landmark legislation that will allow California to lead the country in Title Insurance Marketing reform by creating the first registration program for Title Marketing Representatives in the nation. With the new law, title companies are no longer allowed to provide much support and services to agents as they did in the past. As a result, many California agents turned to PropertyMinder for help in hosting their property disclosures on their AccelerAgentTM Websites.

website marketing: Marketing Your Real Estate Website 101 (part 1 of 3) - 02/09/09 02:14 PM
Times are tough. You know you have to promote your website in order to drive quality traffic, but your budget doesn't allow for much more.
So the question is, how do you promote your website so that you stand out from all the others? Well here is the thing about having a website. If you don't create the kind of website that promotes itself, you will always have to spend your time and money promoting the site.
So what exactly does this mean? Well let's start with content. Oh sure content, content, content. We've all heard it before. But the reality … (4 comments)

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