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 Hi ActiveRainers,Tim here, how's your week going?It's been a while since we created an infographic (scroll below), so we thought we'd share another one (based on content freshly drafted by Andy Coffaro, my co-worker over here at PropertyMinder marketing).We're going back to the le...
Another critical reminder (and sometimes overlooked practice) in terms of maximizing your Facebook marketing potential: keep tabs on your analytics, ascertain what's working at what time(s) and what's not, and take any necessary action. It's working for us!Thank you, again, Anita Clark, for your ...
 7 Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Increase Leads and Home Sales in 2018by Andy CoffaroThe sizzling-hot housing market means it’s a dog-eat-dog world for real estate agents. Here are strategies and tools to remain the leader of the pack when it comes to referrals, relationships and repeat bus...
 Hi ActiveRainers,Below is just a little promo for those of you who like reading our content... ;-)To skip the content below and SIGN UP for our real estate marketing tips and news - click here.   Quick, weekly tips to increase your listings.Coverage of best practices to boost lead responses.Mark...
Nina Hollander's infographic is terrific, timely, and truly applicable for any home across the nation. Excellent and very useful resource, Nina. Thank you for sharing! – TimMarketing DirectorDirect | 408.213.4668tim@propertyminder.com1101 S. Winchester Blvd, J-225San Jose, CA 95128Buy Just 3 Mont...
Terrific advice from Amanda S. Davidson. Particularly relevant for folks in our neck of the woods (Silicon Valley) where inventory is at an all time low!– TimMarketing DirectorDirect | 408.213.4668tim@propertyminder.com1101 S. Winchester Blvd, J-225San Jose, CA 95128Buy Just 3 Months, Get 2 Compl...
Anita Clark makes another masterful point/tip underscoring the power and continued relevance of Facebook - even in the face of controversy. Follow her, ASAP for more insight, wisdom, and guidance! "Liked" and followed the folks mentioned  - hoping others might reciprocate on our PropertyMinder Fa...
WATCH NOW: ~ WEBSITE MASTERY: Make Yourself THE Option ~*Press the play button in the above video and go FULL SCREEN *Hi ActiveRainers,Above is our shortest (and possibly most informative/inspiring) free webinar to date!From perfecting the dream home search process for your buyers (including VIP ...
 Staying connected to your homeowners (via Seller's Corner) pays off in 2018.How?Case in point: 304 Locust Street, Pacific Grove, CA 93950- Listing Price (2014): $900,000 (via Redfin)- Listing Price (2018): $1,249,000 (via Oak Anchor Homes)- Property Value Increase: $349,000 in 4 years.In a nutsh...
Howdy ActiveRainers,Tim here, with another quick (final) invite...Are you ready to unleash and maximize your inner listing agent potential?This Monday, April 16th at 10:00 am (PST) is a great chance for a LIVE, interactive experience - click here to register for our last, free WEBSITE MASTERY Web...

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