average rent price: Top 5 Most Affordable Suburbs to Rent an Apartment in Boston - 07/30/21 09:27 AM
If you’re looking to save on housing costs by renting an apartment in one of Boston’s many suburbs, it may be harder than you think.  Some of Boston’s suburbs like Cambridge and Brookline can be just as expensive as some of the City’s premium neighborhoods.  The pandemic has also shifted demand from Boston’s core areas near Downtown towards the suburbs, so prices are on the rise in many of the outer areas in Greater Boston.
Still, renters can find affordable apartments in Boston’s suburbs not too far outside of the city if they know where to look.  Here are the Top 5 … (2 comments)

average rent price: 5 Neighborhoods Where Rent Increased in Boston Over Past Year - 05/12/21 09:17 AM
Rent prices have been on the decline in Greater Boston since March of 2020.  Demand for apartments was severely hampered by remote learning and a diminished student population, sending prices for apartments plunging as high as 21% in Downtown. The reality is these severe rent drops have been more or less concentrated to a few neighborhoods in Boston.  Overall in Boston, the average rent for an apartment has dropped 4.51% year-over-year.
This points to an interesting shift in demand that has occurred over the past year in Boston’s housing market.  Demand shifted from renting to buying amid record low interest rates.  Demand … (0 comments)

average rent price: Top 5 Most Expensive Neighborhoods to Rent a Boston Apartment in 2021 - 04/26/21 07:56 PM
The City of Boston is currently the 3rd most expensive rental market in the US behind New York and San Francisco.  Apartment prices have been steadily on the rise for over a decade due to a short supply of housing and a growing demand for apartment rentals.  This demand-growth has been fueled by increasing enrollment at local Universities and an ever-growing stream of VC funding towards Boston-based startups.
2020 marked the first year since the housing crisis where rent prices dipped in Boston.  The pandemic led to mass vacancies near Downtown and local Universities due to remote work and remote learning.  Vacancy … (1 comments)

average rent price: Market Report: 2021 South Boston Average Rent Prices - 03/25/21 11:18 AM
Rental prices in South Boston have been steadily on the rise over the past decade.  This iconic Boston neighborhood has transformed itself from the tough blue-collar neighborhood of the twentieth century to the diverse and developing white-collar neighborhood it is today.  Average rent prices are reflective of that trend, as South Boston is now one of the more expensive neighborhoods to rent an apartment in Boston.
Currently the average rent price in South Boston is $2,752, which is about 8.9% higher than Boston’s average rent of $2,528.  That average rent ranks South Boston as the 10 most expensive area among all 33 … (0 comments)

average rent price: 3 Reasons Boston's Apartment Rental Market Will Rebound in 2021 - 02/25/21 12:05 PM
The year of COVID was a tough one for Boston’s apartment rental market, that is indisputable.  Apartment vacancies soared in many of the city’s most expensive neighborhoods as local schools enacted remote learning policies and residents in Downtown fled for open spaces.  Average rent prices for Boston apartments have declined by 4% city-wide, 8-10% in Back Bay, South End, and North End, and over 20% for apartments in Downtown Boston.
Some may believe that there is no way out of this market decline other than an end to COVID-19 and the remote learning policies that have stripped Boston of its vital … (1 comments)

average rent price: Boston's Rental Market is Reeling - Market for Home Sales is Roaring - 02/25/21 11:50 AM
2020 marked a divergent year in the Greater Boston housing market, as prices of homes for sale in Boston increased 7.5% in 2020 while average rent prices for Boston apartments dropped 2.6% city-wide.  There are a few forces at work causing this deviation, leaving many uncertain as to what 2021 will bring in terms of the local housing economy.  In this article, we’ll look at these forces and what they mean to the future of the real estate market in Boston.
3 Factors Causing Divergance in the Boston Real Estate Market
1.  Remote Learning
By breaking down the data by neighborhood, we can clearly … (1 comments)

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