Feng Shui Tips from Certified New York City and Los Angeles Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano

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Laura Cerrano is a second-generation Certified New York Feng Shui Consultant Expert. As a full-time consultant, Laura provides bicoastal consultations and workshops for residential, real estate developments, Fortune 500 companies and healing facilities. The intention of her blog is to provide easy to implement and at times beyond tangible Feng Shui tips. Besides that, she is also in the process of conducting scientific research to help reveal if there really is any physiological and emotional benefits we receive from these ancient healing practices. If you need customized Feng Shui suggestions, it's best to contact Laura directly and schedule an on-site or remote session.



Simple Feng Shui Fitness tips to enhance your muscle and Cardio building Life is about the choices you make.  You choose how you wish to feel from day to day, what foods to nurture your body with and how active you wish to be. Here are tips with how to build a little more muscle though out your d...
I have only one question about Feng Shui... "I have been researching Feng Shui, I have read books and watched videos and my friend who is an interior designer is helping me to Feng Shui my space... so I only have one question..." Usually that one question tends to lead into other questions and re...
#, (also known as a hashtag on Twitter) has become a sybol of connectivity around the world with the arrival of Twitter and social media. Below is a helpful list of dos and don'ts of hashtagging by fellow Rainer Chad Hyams.   Thanks fot he GREAT post, Chad!   Love and light, Laura What is this el...
Back to the Feng Shui Basics: Organizing your Bookcases and Shelves overwhelmed bookcase So you say organizing your bookcase and shelves is not necessary. If you are Feng Shuiing your home, ever detail of enhancement will make a difference.  De cluttering and organizing is one of the easiest Feng...
Syosset-Woodbury Community Center Feng Shui Workshop with Feng shui LI       Certified Feng Shui Long Island expert Laura Cerrano will discuss how to incorporate this practice in your daily routine and shares simple tips and suggestions for a “Feng Shui” lifestyle. The lecture includes understand...
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island, HWKN Architects, and Minno & Wasko Architects collaborated together to create 18 Park in Jersey City. The photo above was taken by Laura Cerrano, capturing the project under development. This project was completed in 2014. 
Staten Island NY Feng Shui Consultations with Laura Cerrano Times for home and business consultations are typically 2-3 hours First: An on site interview is provided to help gain an understanding about the specific areas of your life you seek to enhance. This requires sharing information about ke...
Feng Shui Spirituality The power of Spirals by Laura Cerrano This was one of many small beautiful sea shell I found after enjoying the seal hike a couple of weeks ago.  I was drawn to the simplicity of the design and blending of color that seems to just give off a tranquil feeling.    I used this...
Feng Shui Advice: Get Your Priorities Straight How often do you become distracted from completing the task at hand? If you say very often, then it's time to get your priorities straightened out. Start by making a list of things you need to accomplish day by day.  Make sure when you physically beg...
Commonly Asked Feng Shui New Construction Project Questions 1. Do I have to implement Feng Shui into the entire building design or can it be parts of it? The choice is really yours to decide.  As any Feng Shui consultant would suggest, it's best to due 100%, but if that is not in your budget or v...


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