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Laura Cerrano is a second-generation Certified New York Feng Shui Consultant Expert. As a full-time consultant, Laura provides bicoastal consultations and workshops for residential, real estate developments, Fortune 500 companies and healing facilities. The intention of her blog is to provide easy to implement and at times beyond tangible Feng Shui tips. Besides that, she is also in the process of conducting scientific research to help reveal if there really is any physiological and emotional benefits we receive from these ancient healing practices. If you need customized Feng Shui suggestions, it's best to contact Laura directly and schedule an on-site or remote session.



Take me out to the Ball game... There is still time to check out some August Baseball in New York City with the Mets.  Last weekend I visited Citi Field (I still like the name Shea Stadium) and sad to say they lost.  But I did catch one of the last concert series for the summer lineup, "Third Eye...
Riverdale Bronx NY Feng Shui Co-op Consultations  please keep in mind fees are all the same no matter the size of your home, business or apartment.  Fees are based the amount of time we work together on-site.trebachrealty.com  First: An on site interview is provided to help you understand the spe...
Captree State Park: Ride Captree Pride Fishing Boat with Captain Kenny Looking for something fun to check out on long island? How about fishing? Since your exploring an island, take advantage of the natural beauty and food it has to offer in the surrounding bays and oceans.  The other day I treat...
I always thought of having a tree house to this level as a kid, or at least my memories make me think so. The largeness and grandure captured once again by Steve here is astonishing! I keep thanking you more and more, Steve!   Love and light, Laura    To learn how I can help you or your sales tea...
If you could build your ideal home with no limitations, what would it be? It's a question I ask myself a lot and I seem to change my mind quite a bit, but I'm interested in what you guys at AR have to say on the topic. Feng Shui LI   *Carole Provenzale was a Certified Feng Shui Consultant who gra...
Peeling Back the Layers with Miss Feng Shui Is this not so very true?   Feng Shui LI   *Carole Provenzale was a Certified Feng Shui Consultant who graduated from the Country's very first School for Feng Shui Studies that was licensed and accredited in 1997. She established Feng Shui Long Island a...
Feng Shui Funny This is a great example of FAST Feng Shui for your home and office ;)
Gary is so right! The Universe awaits us! Go for a walk. Listen to birds sing, have a picnic, or stop for some grub at a place you haven't been. So many  new things to do are waiting to be done today! Thanks, Gary!   Love and light, LauraI have written prior about putting in a little DZ in your l...
We all love nice "stuff," right. A house,  great car, nice clothes, some shiny jewelry can all make for something to smile about in moments. But guess what... none of these things carry a legacy and none of them in themselves can touch a life like human contact and caring about people can. Thanks...
Lower Back Pain Exercises These exercises can be completed with or with out restance bands.  If you are brand new to working out, keep it simple and start with out resistance bands and just focus on the range of motion. Hip Flexor Thrust with Fitband Instruction: Securely attach one end of Fitban...

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