Feng Shui Tips from Certified New York City and Los Angeles Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano

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Laura Cerrano is a second-generation Certified New York Feng Shui Consultant Expert. As a full-time consultant, Laura provides bicoastal consultations and workshops for residential, real estate developments, Fortune 500 companies and healing facilities. The intention of her blog is to provide easy to implement and at times beyond tangible Feng Shui tips. Besides that, she is also in the process of conducting scientific research to help reveal if there really is any physiological and emotional benefits we receive from these ancient healing practices. If you need customized Feng Shui suggestions, it's best to contact Laura directly and schedule an on-site or remote session.



Schedule Your Spring 2014 Feng Shui Consultation Is the energy in your home, apartment or business feeling stagnant or stuck? Perhaps you are simply looking to renovate, construct or redesign your space utilizing the principles of Feng Shui, or maybe you understand deep within a life transformat...
This desert rose is a great vibrance if you enjoy great red loveliness. Thanks to Steve for posting yet another photo gem!   Love and light, Laura    Some reddish flowers have more color than others, and this desert rose is spectacular.   Learn how you can be a more powerful, effective, and consi...
How can your 5 closest friends share insight into the person you are? How are they doing this right now? I was listening to the Steve Harvey's show the other day and he spoke about taking a step back and reflecting on your five closest friends for how they can help shine insight into your own pos...
According to Feng Shui, is it good to open the door inward or outward? Ideally, Feng Shui will suggest to have the door open into the home or office space. Why? It helps navigate the direction of energy flow into that given space.  It's the same idea if you were to figure out the placement of a s...
Making someone happy is simple a smile, giving a flower or cooking a great meal. Feng Shui aims to do that exact thing with the art of placement. So what ever your passion is, do it with a smile as much as possible and as my friend says, learn to laugh at or with life! A big thanks to Lou for thi...
How Can I Bless the energy of my home without using White Sage? Sometimes I will work with clients who are allergic to White sage and other incense or oils that give of a strong smell.  Working with that individual's tolerances for certain elements a really easy and simply way to cleans energy co...
What is a really simple Feng Shui tip everyone can do right now? It's as easy as opening a window to allow a natural breeze to flow in from time to time. That is the easy Feng Shui Tip everyone can do right now, is walk over to a window and simply open or crack it open just a bit to allow air flo...
Are there different styles-methods of Feng Shui? There are several forms of Feng Shui you can choose from or even blend together.  For me, I find blending the different methods of Feng Shui allows for greater ranges of insights, resolutions, remedies and perspectives.  My recommendation to you is...
Learning to Let Go Provenzale Family When I was a young girl, I remember my mother softly discussing the topic of spiritual activity, in particular with loved ones who have or are in the process of passing on. To anyone, that can be a heavy topic yet having gone though the experience I am about t...
Can Feng Shui Help Enhance Cancer Treatment? What a powerful question and thought. When we become stressed our immune system begins to break down, maybe not right away but weak points will begin to develop, thus allowing our bodies to become prone to developing illnesses. It's basically a mis fir...


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