activerain community: ActiveRain Community 5 Day Gratitude Challenge - 08/19/14 10:19 PM
ActiveRain Community 5 Day Gratitude Challenge 
I was challenged by my friend Lou Scalise to take part in a 5 day gratitude challenge. You pick 3 things in life you are thankful for and for five days straight share those thoughts of gratitude. As Lou put it, you may end up learning something about yourself and enjoy the process.
I welcome the entire activerain community to join me in this challenge.

In Feng Shui, one of the most important areas on the ba-gua map that tends to be overlooked is helpful people. This area relates to the … (39 comments)

activerain community: I am ActiveRain: I am your second Generation Feng Shui Consultant to ActiveRain! - 11/05/11 02:20 AM
I am ActiveRain: I am your second Generation Feng Shui Consultant to ActiveRain!
Kerrie Greenhalgh (ActiveRain, Community Builder):  askes,"What make up this 200k+ Community?" Answer, "members like YOU do!" Kerrie posted a fun way to tell others about the community of ActiveRain.  Laura Cerrano Feng Shui NY consultant is posting on AR to help spread the word but you are also to share on Facebook :)
share with the world what you bring to the Activerain community! As Kerrie said, the message can be Funny, serious, numbers, love whatever it may be make a sign, take a pic and share … (3 comments)

activerain community: Honoring Carole Provenzale... a Mother a Friend a Mentor and so Much more...she was our Everything - 05/19/10 10:19 AM
Honoring Carole Provenzale... a Mother a Friend a Mentor and so Much more...she was our Everything
 Carole Provenzale
Dear Friends of Carole Provenzale,
My name is Laura Cerrano, Carole Provenzale's daughter, I had the pleasure of meeting some of you at RainCamp in New York City.  I want to honor my mother by thanking her for EVERYTHING that she has done for my brother Adam and I.  She has no idea the gift she has given us, being our mother, best friend, we could not have ask for a better mentor and mother. 
Unfortunately our mother passed yesterday 5/18/2010 around 6pm.  She … (240 comments)

activerain community: Activerain LINK LOVE Group: It's 2010---Spread the Love!! - 01/01/10 12:01 PM

It's the Activerain LINK LOVE GROUP!  Spread the Word !!
If you are new to Activerain you will LOVE this group.  It is our own members choices about some of the Very BEST Bloggers on Activerain and why they love to read them.  You may enjoy them as well!
If you've been on Activerain for years as I have, I KNOW with over 160,000 members that I am missing some fantastic posts and PEOPLE.  I am currently subscribed to 258 people and that's one heck of a lot of reading.
Yet the people I've met, the information I've learned, the … (20 comments)

activerain community: Those Christmas MeMe's--There's No HIDING from them! - 12/12/08 08:14 PM
The Christmas MeMe:  They're coming around again!  I put it off--of course.  And then realized I was acting just like Scrooge.  These are the lovely Activerainers you can thank--or should I be thanking them? 
Fernando Rosado ASP, president IAHSP PBC 561-906-0050 or 561-840-8950 Rich Dansereau Loan Officer Knoxville TN Cristal Drake - Fullerton Area Realtor
1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?    The old days of wrapping paper are GONE--thankfully.  Gift Bags.2. Real tree or Artificial?  REAL--and always a BIG Poinsetta (have to add a Fire Element you know.3. When do you put up the tree?     Close to my birthday.  And no, … (23 comments)

activerain community: I Am Awestruck by the ActiveRain COMMUNITY! - 11/19/08 02:20 AM
I Am Awestruck by the Activerain COMMUNITY!
Many of us are "addicted" to this site-and can't quite figure out WHY.  We all sometimes let things slide....the wash can wait, the dishes will still be there as we sit and blog and comment for hours on end, often times until we are bleary eyed.
Years ago when I got my very first computer it came with 10 free hours of Prodigy.  I didn't know what Prodigy WAS--I only knew that I had one month to use it.  My friend who came to set up my computer asked me what my "Screen" name … (67 comments)

activerain community: What's in a NAME? Or What's in YOUR Name? What legacy do You want to leave behind? - 04/30/07 04:08 AM
Years and years ago I recall my father talking to another person.  I was in earshot and don't even know if he ever knew I heard him make a simple remark that has stayed with me ALL my life.  "Your NAME is your most important asset" he said, "and there is no better thing to leave your children then a Good Name."  I believe those words and still think about them today.  It's not surprising that I have never changed my name when I got married but I often wonder what DO I want my children, family and friends to remember … (0 comments)

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