belmont lake state park: Exploring Belmont Lake State Park During Wintertime - 01/28/16 12:00 AM
Many times people tend to avoid Long Island during the wintertime, yet I find it to gem. When winter comes, most state parks on Long Island stop charging fees, which means if you have snowshoes or cross-country skies, you get to explore these beautiful parks for FREE! 
I stopped off at the Belmont Lake State park Tuesday morning to get in an early morning snowshoeing hike. 
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belmont lake state park: Belmont Lake State Park North Babylon Long Island NY - 06/27/10 02:50 PM
Belmont Lake State Park North Babylon Long Island NY
Exploring Long Island NY with Feng Shui New York City consultant Laura Cerrano
This Sunday I took a trip to Belmont Lake State Park located in North Babylon Long Island NY.  This New York State park is one of many that allow pets, mainly dogs, to walk the premises.  There are so many activities for you to do. They include boating, fishing, picnicking, biking, horseback riding, hiking and cross-country skiing. Belmont Lake State park also has playing fields, horseshoe and basketball courts and playgrounds.

Flock of Geese moving towards the … (10 comments)

belmont lake state park: Belmont Lake State Park Long Island New York--Suffolk County NY by Feng Shui Consultant Carole Provenzale - 09/27/09 04:04 AM
Belmont Lake State Park Suffolk County  --  Long Island New York
Birds of a Feather?
There have been a growing number of crimes on Long Island New York that are being billed as "discrimination" by some while others believe it's the number of gangs that have grown in certain areas of Long Island New York.  Others just believe it's the growing population on Long Island NY.
The old saying "Birds of a Feather Stick Together" came to mind when I saw this picture.  Two birds, clearly NOT the same still enjoying a lovely day together.  Belmont Lake State Park in Suffolk … (21 comments)

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