carole provenzale: Happy Mother's Day from Feng Shui Manhattan Consultant Laura Cerrano - 05/13/18 04:48 AM
Wishing you all an enjoyable day with whom ever you spend time with in honor of Mother's Day.
Carole Provenzale with Adam and Laura 
A Mother’s Prayer For You
"I said a Mother’s Day prayer for you 
to thank the Lord above 
for blessing me with a lifetime 
of your tenderhearted love. 
I thanked God for the caring 
you’ve shown me through the years, 
for the closeness we’ve enjoyed 
in time of laughter and of tears. 
And so, I thank you from the heart 
for all you’ve done for me 
and I bless the Lord for giving me 
the best mother there could be!"
~ Anon

carole provenzale: What Valuable Lessons Could Number 4 Offer Us from A Feng Shui Perspective - 12/22/17 09:48 AM
Our primitive MIND taps into FEAR based thoughts of what we DO NOT UNDERSTAND. It could be in regard to another person or another culture. I invite you to have an OPEN MIND with what I’m about to share in regard to how number 4 could provide valuable lessons. 
In the Cantonese language number 4 sounds similar to “death” and due to that, a stigma against 4 evolved. So when we see the number 4, does it mean we'll have “back luck” coming our way? That all depends on how you CHOOSE to PERCEIVE number 4. 

carole provenzale: Honoring Carole Provenzale the Founder of Feng Shui Long Island - 12/17/17 05:34 PM
Happy Earth Birthday, Carole Provenzale! She was born on December 17th, 1954. I say earth birthday because Carole (mom) passed away in 2010. Since that time the understating of "loss" has transcended into un-attachment (which is so FREEING!). Naturally, sadness wells up here and there, yet I find every year, I am more present with my daily focus and with those who truly add value to my life and I to theirs.  
I give thanks to your guidance as a young child and lady growing up. Even during these times as needed I can feel your presence. Thank you for mentoring me and preparing me for life. Your … (5 comments)

carole provenzale: Thank You to The American Veterans and Those Who Serve Today - 11/11/17 09:25 AM
Peter Provenzale top row, second in from the left
Some of you may remember my mother, Carole Provenzale's father, Peter Provenzale, served in the U.S. Air force on the Argonaut III B-17 Bomber during WWII. He had the honor of serving with wonderful, dedicated soldiers and even have the opportunity to meet Clark Gable.
Thank you to all the American Veterans and those serving our country today. 

carole provenzale: End of an Era to New Beginnings - 08/13/17 08:05 AM
Since the early 70's in America, family sizes have shrunk and immediate family members typically contain 3-4 people these days. That was the case on my mother's side of the family (the Provenzale's). My family included mom (Carole), my brother, Grandma Rose, and Uncle Peter. 
Starting in the late 1990's to the early 2000's, the Provenzale's began to shrink. In 1997, Uncle Peter passed away. In 2010, mom was next and in 2013, Grandma Rose said her goodbyes. With each passing it was a family tradition to spread the ashes. The location of choice has always been within the surrounding area of Provincetown, MA.
This weekend, I made … (3 comments)

carole provenzale: Today is a Special Day of Remembrance - December 17th Carole Provenzale - 12/17/16 07:27 PM
What a special day for our family and the birth of Feng Shui Manhattan (also known as "Feng Shui Long Island"). My mother, Carole Provenzale, was born on this day of December 17th, 1954. Without her presence on earth many things would not have come to fruition. 
Such as with my brother and I being adopted from Colombia, Carole being the first in the family to study Feng Shui and become certified, along with establishing the company, formally known as "Feng Shui Long Island," back in 1997. She was also the Feng Shui consultant to the very first 100% Feng Shui-ied hospitality … (10 comments)

carole provenzale: A Veterans Day Thank You - 11/12/16 08:45 AM
Peter Provenzale top row, second in from the left
As many of you know, my mother, Carole Provenzale's father, Peter Provenzale served in the U.S. Air force on the Argonaut III B-17 Bomber during WWII. He had the honor of serving with Clark Gable and other wonderful, dedicated soldiers. 
Thank you to all the Veterans and those serving our country today.

carole provenzale: Sedona Arizona - Origins of Feng Shui Manhattan - 10/12/16 06:39 AM
I am currently in California, providing Feng Shui consultations for clientele in the region. During the Columbus Day weekend, I made a stop over in Sedona, Arizona. The last time I visited this part of the country was back in 2013.
Sedona Red Rocks is one one of my favorite places on Earth. Besides being engulfed in the amazing energy field, with each visit it offers an opportunity to give thanks to the origins of how this company came to be.
In 1996, the birth of an idea called, 'Feng Shui Long Island' was created by Carole Provenzale during a visit to the Red Rocks in Sedona, AZ. In 1997, that … (2 comments)

carole provenzale: The Success Of Social Media For Our Business - 07/12/16 12:49 AM
My first introduction to social media marketing began with my mother, Carole Provenzale. I believe it was 2006, made it's presence on the web and blogging became a new leading tool for business owners to help "get their name out there." 
I remember mom spending hours writing, commenting and simply connecting. I never really understood the value until I began to blog and experience it for myself. 
Bottom line...
By becoming plugged in to the social media world of blogging, it helped me understand how to utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkendIn, Instagram, Yelp, YouTube, Podcast and so many other various social outlets more efficiently. 
It increased our brand recognition and following locally, nationally and globally. 
We have been … (6 comments)

carole provenzale: Happy Mother's Day From Feng Shui Manhattan - 05/08/16 01:03 PM
There was so much activity that took place today, I can not got to sleep without making an official post mother's day post. Sending so much love and light to all the mother's out there for doing your best. I know my mom was an amazing women and her spirit shines even brighter. Thank you for all the wise words growing up, continuous support from above and ever lasting love. 
Happy Mother's Day!

carole provenzale: Throwback Thursdays: Re-visiting My New Paltz College Days - 08/12/15 10:22 PM
Throwback Thursdays: Re-visiting My New Paltz College Days
It's great to take a trip down memory lane once and a while, remembering all you have done, where you have come from, which creates the stepping stones to this current moment and soon for tomorrow. I am very happy to share some photos I came across this morning. 
Photo with mom and Adam at my Thesis Graduating Show at SUNY New Paltz
Memories with great friends from New Paltz
Goofing around in the painting studio
Please feel free to share some of your memories

carole provenzale: Paying Tribute To The Women and Men Who Put Their Life's on The Line - 05/21/15 08:30 PM
Paying Tribute To The Women and Men Who Put Their Life's on The Line
We have a big holiday weekend approaching (Memorial Day Weekend), with great events and festivals in honor of the women and men who put their life's on the line. I have faith that one day, generations to come, they will not have to sacrifice anything (physical, emotional and mental well-being) to help sustain peace and happiness. 
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you and pay tribute to those who we have lost this year and in the years past.
Thank you to your families and to you. Love, light and blessings to your spirits. 
Paying … (13 comments)

carole provenzale: Motivational Monday: Never Assume - 04/20/15 10:10 AM
Motivational Monday: Never Assume 
When I was studying to become a Feng Shui Consultant back in the early 2000's, one of the earliest lessons I learned from my mother (Carole Provenzale) and my mentors, was to never assume a consultation was going to be easy or challenging. You simply stepped into each session with an open mind and heart, actively listening to the words, taking notice of their body gestures and eye movements while also observing their environment with a none judgmental mindset.
If we arrived to every consultation with the preconception of this person is x,y, z, it would block the very essence of the healing process. This is a tidbit of insight … (18 comments)

carole provenzale: An Unexpected Voice Message - 03/24/15 10:47 PM
An Unexpected Voice Message

After being hired as a teacher for the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design, my connection to Carole’s spirit expanded beyond me. An example of this is with a voice message on my answering machine. 
Briefly looking back, after Carole's passing, many items that she owned and used were let go. For about a year and a half, I did however hold onto the old answering machine because it wanted to hear the recording of her voice. The machine was not plugged into the current system for all to hear, it was just for my ears … (14 comments)

carole provenzale: Carole Provenzale Continues to Support My Efforts From Heaven - 03/24/15 11:33 AM
Carole Provenzale Continues to Support My Efforts From Heaven-Thank you

It has been five years since mom’s passing in 2010. During that period of time, so much as happened. I have experienced favorable and unfavorable events. Yet, with each experience I understood it was necessary and part of my self cultivation process which extended into all other areas of my life. 
A few weeks before the the 2015 Spring equinox and Solar eclipse, the veil of energy between those who have passed away and those still living on Earth seemed to become extremely thin. Not only was I experiencing … (15 comments)

carole provenzale: Full House at the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design Lecture! - 02/25/15 08:27 PM
Full House at the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design Lecture!
A night To Remember

Last night on February 25th, 2015 at the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design in Syosset NY made history in the Cerrano/Provenzale family. The Feng Shui legacy that my mother Carole Provenzale began in 1997 with our family came to full circle. It has been 18 years in the making from the time she graduated with the first accredited class.  Fast forwarding to today in 2015, I was given the opportunity of stepping into the same classroom that she once sat in to learn and teach, and now I too was instructing students.
It … (6 comments)

carole provenzale: Remembering Carole Provenzale: ActiveRain's Feng Shui Mother - 12/16/14 09:30 PM
Remembering Carole Provenzale: ActiveRain's Feng Shui Mother
(December 17th, 1954 - May 18th, 2010)

Dear Mom,
We all miss you very much, as it has been 4 years since you departed from Earth. Your spirit lives on and even today many still feel the waves of your un-conditional love and support.
When you are near, warmth covers our spirits. When we are unsure, you whisper words of encouragement that radiate though us.
We all wanted to thank you and pray for your continued self Ascension and journey to where ever your next adventure awaits you. 
Journey well Mom!
Love and light,
The … (11 comments)

carole provenzale: Recognizing the Signs From Beyond - 05/19/14 09:22 PM
Recognizing the Signs From Beyond
In 2010, my mother Carole Provenzale passed away. At first, it was a taring of my spirit (as any one who has lost a parent would understand). Today, emotions of her passing have settled down. Yet, constant thoughts stream through my mind and at timed I can literally feel my ache.
Everyday signs can be seen if you are open to them from those who have passed away.  Two days ago, I had a Feng Shui consultation in Long Island New York and, in my mind, I knew on that day of May 18th (which was her day of ascending) … (9 comments)

carole provenzale: Remembering A Mother and Friend of ActiveRain-Carole Provenzale - 12/17/13 05:22 AM
Remembering A Mother and Friend of ActiveRain-Carole Provenzale

Today would have been Carole Provenzale's Birthday. We lost our beloved mother and friend of ActiveRain 3 years ago, yet at times the wound can fee so fresh.

Carole touched so many with amazing love for all here on ActiveRain.  I know she continues share that love by tapping in and supporting you all from other levels and forms of energy. To honor moms spirit, I will be lighting a single candle this evening and invite those who knew Carole or who would simply like to honor her spirit to do the same. 
In fact this is a beautiful and … (13 comments)

carole provenzale: Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island Nominated for Best of LI 2014 - 10/25/13 02:22 AM
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island Nominated for Best of LI 2014!

I received word over the weekend that the company my mother Carole Provenzale established in 1997, Feng Shui Long Island has been nominated the "Best of L.I. for 2014" by the Long Island Press, so now comes the voting.
Voting for Best of Long Island continues all the way to December 15th please vote as often as you can. You can vote once a day and do so many of time from various internet sources (computer, laptop, I phones, etc).
Vote Here! best of long island … (0 comments)

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