dance: One Last Dance - 03/22/18 06:42 AM
I'm not sure if this is the last dance, yet the way the snow was gently falling last night, felt like an invitation to a dance. I was so taken back by its beauty, I wrote a mini poem. 
The calm of winter spirit, transforms into new beginnings. 
One last dance, he asks for.
I say, yes! As my heart opens for his embrace. 

dance: Move Your Body to Change Your Mood - 09/22/15 03:23 AM
What is an easy way to shift your emotionally mood when feeling down, depressed, and unmotivated? Move your body in a different way then it's used to. That's right. Something so simple as movement, in this case, can shift your drab mood for inspired awakening that travels to your cellular level, as reported by 
I remember growing up if my mom saw my mood shift in a negative direction, she would make me go outside or go to the gym, and guess what? It worked! I would come back refreshed, more light hearted, and less phased by what ever thoughts or events have taken place to trigger … (2 comments)

dance: Motivational Monday Feng Shui Fitness Tips - 01/12/15 08:58 AM
Motivational Monday Feng Shui Fitness Tips

Quick Feng Shui Fitness tips for those looking to burn fat
Work all your muscles not just your Abs. Especially your legs since they are the biggest muscle group on your body (guys do not miss leg days).  
Include compound exercises into your routine (this uses multiple muscle groups)  
If you want to burn more fat, you need to gain muscles. Ladies you will not become big, chillax  
Learn to cook your meals. This way you know exactly what goes into it. Get healthy carbs, protein and veggies  
Have … (3 comments)

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