energy: Quantum Mechanics of Feng Shui - 12/30/17 01:00 PM
“All is energy (all physical things),” said by Cellular Biologist, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D, who studies quantum mechanics in America. Dr. Lipton refers to energy as “the field" and shares the entire makeup of our world and universe is sitting in "the field" of energy, which acts as a communication system that is constantly broadcasting unique vibrations to and from everything and everyone.
Based on his research, “the field” needs to have harmonistic residence which could be achieved or dismantled through the process of entanglement which leads to interference. Entanglement depends on the type of INTENTIONS, ACTIONS, SURROUNDINGS and PEOPLE you interact … (3 comments)

energy: Start With What You Already Have To Nurture Your Homes Energy - 09/04/16 05:40 AM
In some forms of Feng Shui its said using what you already have within your home offers a stronger emotional, psychological, energetic and physical connection. In general, it is suggested to know the history attached to that item to help indicate if that object could be beneficial within your environment. 

For example, I was recently gifted a hand crafted wooden bowl from my talented Uncle. Looking at this with "Feng Shui eyes," there are various perceptions in how this inanimate object could offer a huge energy boost for my home and life force energy. 
How could this boost the … (5 comments)

energy: Traveling With Feng Shui - 03/16/16 03:25 AM

When we travel and stay at a hotel or a friend's home, we need to be mindful of the energy that is constantly in flux. This meaning, we are giving energy and receiving it, knowing and unknowingly.
This could also be referred to as "predecessor energy," meaning energy left behind from those who previously occupied that space physically and spiritually. When you travel, its suggested to either wear a protective emblem of your choosing and/or bring along a small traveling altar that could be placed inside the room of where you stay. 
I did this when traveling throughout North Carolina, as I stayed for a week providing Feng Shui workshops. That is a lot … (4 comments)

energy: Feng Shui and Skylights - 10/17/15 10:02 AM

Skylights are great options to allow natural light into any space. Yet, it is also important to be mindful of what happens to the energy when you have a large skylight within your home or business.
The image above is of a Chinese Restaurant in Hicksville New York. By the front entrance it has a very large and height ceiling skylight. Observing the photo, you will see they strategically placed a large sun screen and four lanterns between the skylight and ground level. This keeps the front door's energy from escaping in an upward direction. The skylight is a direct link to the outside and if not contained, the energy by the … (4 comments)

energy: Learn To Practice Patience, Or Chance Becoming Stuck - 07/18/15 12:01 AM
Learn To Practice Patience, Or Chance Becoming Stuck
One common ingredient that is clearly noted when engaging in the process of Feng Shui is you need to practice patience. 
In the world of mass media, the portal of Feng Shui is to give instant gratification from putting a plant in the wealth corner to bring an on set of money. There is a lot of psychology, emotional intelligence and other factors combined to create the synergy of attraction. Science is beginning to explore this world and help unlock these secrets to our mind. For now, keep this in mind; in essence, Feng Shui moves at the pace in which you … (6 comments)

energy: Feeling Stuck? Open Yourself Up To The Energy Of Curiosity - 06/16/15 02:06 AM
Feeling Stuck? Open Yourself Up To The Energy Of Curiosity
If you feel stuck try becoming more engaged with life. Be open to researching, learning, listeing, and getting in touch with people who have fallen in love with the process of life. They don't just talk about their dreams, they are actually living them. Allow your mind to be full of wonder and curiosity. I know this sounds like some crazed mystical talk, but it's true.
The times I have allowed this mindset and actions to be fully embraced with this frame of thought, has allowed me to experience the most amazing life lessons and connect with … (8 comments)

energy: Can The Feng Shui In My Home and Office Become Stale? - 05/25/15 10:54 PM
Can The Feng Shui In My Home and Office Become Stale?
Just as with anything over a long period of time, change is required to help enhance progression and growth in keeping your life force energy and the energy of your environment fresh. So the answer is, yes. This also becomes a metaphor with areas in our life that perhaps have gone undressed. 
How do you know when the energy becomes stagnant or stale? 
You feel bored, un-motivated, you loop the same patterns of behavior, thoughts and actions. These are just some "symptoms." If that is the case, it's time to consider making some changes. One … (10 comments)

energy: Four Celestial Animals in Feng Shui: The Phoenix - 03/24/15 10:15 AM
Four Celestial Animals in Feng Shui: The Phoenix

The Phoenix's is also a favorite among many. It's job is to help encourage your energy to rise and expand while also offering protection to the front of your home. The ideal positioning for of your front door in Feng Shui is suggested to face South. Many say this direction brings good luck. Looking a bit deeper into the history of form school theory, understanding the wind and sunlight movements help to indicated what are the best locations to plant crops and how to best protect homes from unfavorable weather patterns. Southern winds offer warmth … (0 comments)

energy: How To Embrace Your Spirit Animal for Additional Energy Support - 03/21/15 03:12 AM
How To Embrace Your Spirit Animal for Additional Energy Support 
Many cultures around the world view animals as teachers, passing along ancient wisdom and messages to help you navigate life. You might commonly know this as the "spirit animal." 

Here are simple ways to become more aware of your Spirit Animal
A simple way to develop your awareness is to pay attention to your dreams. When I was about 5 or 6 years old I had a dream that I was looking outside my bedroom windows to the backyard and saw a wolf. As I grew older … (6 comments)

energy: Feng Shui Video Library: What The Bleep Do We Know? - 03/19/15 03:13 AM
Feng Shui Video Library: What The Bleep Do We Know?
 It was suggested to me to check out a movie called, "What the Bleep do We Know?" Perhaps some of you have heard of it? When it first came out, theaters across the country shunned it, even Sundance for what ever reasons.
After wacthing the movie, the world that came to mind was, "timeless." What the Bleep was created about 10 years ago and still holds messages that we are just beginning to open ourselves up to in 2015. 
This film is part documentary, story telling and inspiring visual effects to … (1 comments)

energy: Feng Shui Ascension: Spirits are Transferable - 03/04/15 08:12 PM
Feng Shui Ascension: Spirits are Transferable 

Feng Shui principles teach we are all energy that can be exchanged in less then a second. As you increase your understanding of this principle, chances are you will simultaneously be working on yourself to be the best you. You may also be creating a more supportive environment with your living and working locations. Though this process, you may also have to start being more mindful of who you choose to hang around. 
Simply put, if you surround yourself with angry people, gossipers, fault finders, chances are that spirit of influence could potentially impact your own aura, thought patterns and attitude on … (3 comments)

energy: A Great Feng Shui Cure All can Enjoy-Host A Party - 09/05/14 11:40 PM
A Great Feng Shui Cure All can Enjoy-Host A Party
Who said Feng Shui is only about furniture placement, objects and color selection...

Feng Shui taps in the various components that create the life you deserve. Sometimes I will prescribe to certain clients-host a gathering or party. That's right. This is actually a great cure for stagnant home energy. 
This is especially wonderful for new home owners or apartment renters, for it helps you truly claim that space. At the same time you are once again, exchanging the predecessors energy with your energy and with those who love you.
You can keep it simple or go big, the choice … (3 comments)

energy: Fast Feng Shui Tip for Growing Wealth - 08/29/14 08:08 AM
Fast Feng Shui Tip for Growing Wealth
Feng Shui vibes off the intentions you set for yourself and once that is in focus, you use visual ques throughout your home to mirror that goal. So lets say you are focused on enhancing wealth for traveling outside the county. Of course be practical, meaning research the location you wish to travel, the fees, places to stay, things to due, read up about the culture, visas if needed, etc.
While working on that aspect of your intention, begin tapping into helpful people, meaning start talking to those closest to you, your inner circle to see if … (5 comments)

energy: The importance of Healthy Earth Energy in Your Home and self - 08/19/14 03:36 AM
The importance of Healthy Earth Energy in Your Home and self

When earth energy is in harmony that represents the energy feeling settled and secure. It promotes great healing energy and you can pull from various resources in which she provides to us.  Let that be with earth tone colors and artwork-paintings or statues- that associate with her energy. Gems, crystals and stones are also a great addition to your home to enhance earth energy. You can even utilize scents such as with smudge sticks or essential oils. These are tapping into the more emotional, mental and spiritual aspects … (4 comments)

energy: Feng Shui Insight Into The Use ofTeas - 08/15/14 01:41 AM
Feng Shui Insight Into The Use of Teas

Teas have been utilized throughout the ages for anything from digestive disorders to headaches and helping cure the common cold.  Chinese medicine always suggest either to drink hot tea for they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream or room temperature during the process of healing vs cold water, which restricts energy flow inside your body.
You can really become detailed with the use of tea for healing. Understand which herbs interact with which body regions while also taking into considering the quality of water, which can also influence the healing … (3 comments)

energy: Just Say No to Energy Vampires - 06/23/14 06:36 AM
Just Say No to Energy Vampires
We all know (are now have been introduced) people can significantly impact your energy. Feng Shui teaches us to be mindful of your surroundings and that also include who you allow to surround you.
When you are in proximity to someone "heavy" energy, or in other words someone who complains, judges and criticizes others all the time that creates the opportunity for you to more likely feel exhausted and drained.
Due your best to be with with openhearted, open minded and truly authentic people. By doing so, you increase your energy vibration and progress … (10 comments)

energy: Motivational Monday-Proverb from the Tao - 06/22/14 10:30 PM
Motivational Monday-
This is a proverb from Lao Tsu who was an older contemporary of Confucius. Lao Tsu practiced Taoism which is concerned with the more spiritual level of being.
Much of what is shared falls along the lines of Feng Shui and really in general all teachings Alchemy teachings of energy and connection to self and source (how ever you wish to define that).
Carrying body and soul and embracing the one,
Can you avoid separation?
Attending fully and becoming supple,
Can you be as a newborn baby?
Washing and cleansing the primal vision,
Can you be without stain?

energy: According to Feng Shui-Does it Matter if I Use All Room in My Home? - 05/30/14 11:05 PM
According to Feng Shui-Does it Matter if I Use All Room in My Home?
If you do not use every single room in your home Feng Shui does see that over time as stagnant energy potentially building up.  Depending on where that room is located on your layout with the Ba-gua map placed on top will give further insight into the life area that maybe lacking breathable energy.
If that given room in your home is not being used, do your best not to completely forget about it.  Take the time to show it some TLC, keep it organized, let go of items that are … (1 comments)

energy: Keeping It Real With Feng Shui-It Is Not Interior Designing - 05/21/14 06:23 AM
Keeping it real with Feng Shui is not Interior Designing
Feng Shui is not Interior Designing.
That's right. More and more Feng Shui consultations are starting to recognize this as they delve deeper into practice. I applaud all those who are stepping up and talking.
Feng Shui has been marked in this light since the 80's to help introduce it to the masses. Yet now,  it's time to put that mis-conception to rest and be truthful. It's also time to honor Feng Shui and all those who have been pioneering the way.
So yes, Feng Shui incorporates principles from Interior designing but it is not Interior Designing.

energy: Do I have to be in attendance during a Feng Shui consultation? - 04/21/14 02:45 PM
Do I have to be in attendance during a Feng Shui consultation?
To some this may seem like a strange question but it has been asked.  I find this question pops up more often with corporate clients vs residential clients. Many times when a corporation calls up to request information about the fees and processes of a Feng Shui consultation, it is the secretary who is gathering the information.  Sometimes they may not even know why their boss is asking for a consultation and are just "looking around." 
So what's the problem with that? There is no problem, yet consider this.  From an energy standpoint, that already shows … (3 comments)

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