energy: Do I have to be in attendance during a Feng Shui consultation? - 04/21/14 02:45 PM
Do I have to be in attendance during a Feng Shui consultation?
To some this may seem like a strange question but it has been asked.  I find this question pops up more often with corporate clients vs residential clients. Many times when a corporation calls up to request information about the fees and processes of a Feng Shui consultation, it is the secretary who is gathering the information.  Sometimes they may not even know why their boss is asking for a consultation and are just "looking around." 
So what's the problem with that? There is no problem, yet consider this.  From an energy standpoint, that already shows … (3 comments)

energy: How Can I check the energy of my home? - 04/14/14 12:45 PM
How Can I check the energy of my home?
there is a multitude of methods with how you can do this, yet try to keep things simple and keep these few methods in mind when introducing yourself into the metaphysical world. 
Plants in your home are great indicators of your homes energy. As the energy enhances, it usually become easier for plants to survive and thrive in that home. Pet owners, your in luck! Animals are great energy readers and how they behave will indicate the energy level within your home. Do they seem sluggish or happy, active and full of energy? How you … (2 comments)

energy: Learn to simplify Feng Shui and see it as "energy reading" - 04/14/14 07:50 AM
Learn to Simplify Feng Shui and see it as "energy reading"
I had a great phone conversation with a new client the other day and she brought up some really interesting questions regarding-what is Feng Shui?
To help keep the explanation simple, take the words "Feng Shui" out of it and replace it with energy.  Now combine that with "energy reading" and that is what you are learning to do. 
You learn to read the energy of your surroundings, self and others.  As you exercise that muscle of awareness it becomes stronger and your sensitivity to reading energy becomes stronger, meaning you will learn to follow and listen … (4 comments)

energy: How can I bless the energy of my home without using white sage? - 04/10/14 10:34 PM
How Can I Bless the energy of my home without using White Sage?

Sometimes I will work with clients who are allergic to White sage and other incense or oils that give of a strong smell. 
Working with that individual's tolerances for certain elements a really easy and simply way to cleans energy could be with sound vibrations or using the purification powers of fire.

Sound can come from anything that allows that sensation, let it be chimes, singing bowls, drums, the sound of your own voice, musics (soft jazz)-non lyrical or lyrical..just make sure the words are positive.
With bells, simply walk … (0 comments)

energy: Let's Talk Feng Shui and be REAL - 04/04/14 05:41 AM
Let's Talk Feng Shui and be REAL
Feng Shui in a nutshell simply means "wind and water," the two elements we as humans, animals and plants need in-order to physically survive on Earth. That's it :)

Sometimes it's easier when you take "Feng Shui" out of the conversation and simplify it even more. One could just say, "energy" and keep it a bit more scientific. Or sometimes I will have clients say, "we want to have a happy home" or "a space that feels good"'s all the same.  "Feng Shui" is just a title and to some, that sound of that title could make it feel … (5 comments)

energy: According to Feng Shui, is it good to open the door inward or outward? - 03/28/14 10:23 AM
According to Feng Shui, is it good to open the door inward or outward?

Ideally, Feng Shui will suggest to have the door open into the home or office space. Why? It helps navigate the direction of energy flow into that given space. 
It's the same idea if you were to figure out the placement of a small fountain from inside your home. The intention is to have the flow of water from the fountain face into your home vs outward.  If the direction of flow faces outward, it is as if you are pushing away all the positive energy-opportunities from coming … (5 comments)

energy: What are the top 5 reasons to use Feng Shui? - 03/28/14 10:21 AM
What are the top 5 reasons to use Feng Shui?

What a great question to ask.  Right away the top 5 reasons that come to mind are:
1. Feng shui teaches you how to become more in tune with your surroundings.  You begin to learn and understand that all is energy and interconnected.
2. Over time, you learn to communicate with yourself (listening to intuition) and with others much more efficiently. This also includes learning to read eye movement, body language and feelings of basically become more sensitive to energy.
3. You will learn to become self sufficient and live life to … (22 comments)

energy: Signs of Manipulation & Instigation by Energy Vampires - 03/25/14 09:36 PM
Signs of Manipulation & Instigation by Energy Vampires
Going deeper into the conversation of mental, emotional and spiritual Feng Shui practices we come to the discussion of "Energy Vampires."  Who are they? What do they do? and how can you protect your energy?
At the core of their nature, Energy Vampires are individuals who consciously and sub-consciously Manipulate and Instigate unnecessary drama. They have this uncanny habit of stirring the pot. They can manifest in the form of friends, family, co-workers (boss's), you name it. Yet the positive side of those beings is that they also provide deeply rooted lessons to learn and grow from. In … (10 comments)

energy: What are the best "cures" for a home on a "T-junction"? - 03/21/14 02:19 AM
What are the best "cures" for a home on a "T-junction"?
First what is a "T-Junciton"?

The T-junction is when oncoming traffic or rather energy flow is literally hitting into the house with sharp, aggressive energy.  If that house lacks landscaping and it is very close to the road it allows that energy easier access to hit head on. 
Another scenario could be if you have short road with very light traffic, in which case the negative effects will be minimal, if any at all.

Ways to offset "T-junction" energy:
be sure to address the inside of your home … (8 comments)

energy: The energy line is Thin and Transparency is Easy to See - 03/20/14 09:44 AM
The energy line is Thin and Transparency is Easy to See
We live in a day and age where our body, mind and spirit is much more in-tune with energy, both positive and negative. This is why it's even more important to do your best in creating a home/work environment that is supportive of your goals and nurturing of your authentic self. 
From time to time take an inventory and be mindful with who you allow to surround and influence your personal energy. If they are not of the best connection, we commonly refer to them as "energy vampires." How do you know if someone of that … (2 comments)

energy: I broke my finger-tore a muscle and things seem to move against me - 03/10/14 12:28 AM
I broke my finger-tore a muscle and things seem to move against me
Can you share insight on all these happenings from a Feng Shui perspective?
Absolutely, first take Feng Shui out of it and just look at it from the perspective of metaphysical common sense.  What you have here is the Universe (God) or what ever term you so choose to use, sending you signs that the path you are currently walking down may not be in your best and highest interest. 
Universe will try to get your attention with gentle warnings, such as with that uncomfortable feeling deep with in, … (6 comments)

energy: Could Furniture take on Life Force Energy? - 01/30/14 10:11 AM
Could Furniture take on Life Force Energy?

The Metaphysical world will perceive furniture or other items as having life force while the "common eye" will view them as inanimate objects.  A base Feng Shui principle that many know is doing a house blessing before moving into a new home. Why?
The blessing will help clear out negative energy, also known as predecessor energy left behind from the previous occupants. If an entire house and the land of that home has life force, why not objects or even furniture?
I have even had this conversation about mirrors with clients, which is a whole other topic … (0 comments)

energy: Giving Thanks is an easy way to spread Positive energy - 01/26/14 07:52 AM
Giving Thanks is an easy way to spread Positive energy

courtesy of
It's so simple, yet how many people do this? All you have to do is give thanks.
Thank you for my home that protects my family and I Thank you for my car that allows me to travel with more ease and efficiently Thank you for my family who loves me un-conditionally Thank you for my friends who are truly there for me Thank you for the gift of Life Also remember to say thank you to others for helping you.  It goes a long way and it's such a … (5 comments)

energy: Honoring Martin Luther King, JR.-Be the Best You - 01/20/14 12:17 AM
Honoring Martin Luther King, JR.-Be the Best You
Be the best you because you never know who or what opportunity is just around the corner. Mr. King JR spoke about equality for all and to look deeper-simply respecting each other because we are all connected at some point and time.
I remember working at a dry cleaner near my house growing up. I was so excited to work there because I was making my own money and could spend or save it how ever I pleased. The man who hired me seemed very nice and hired me on the spot.  Yet, as time progressed I saw his … (2 comments)

energy: Love starts with me. - 12/14/13 12:57 PM

A lot is said about loving ourselves the right way. If we do not know how, then, my friends we do not ever move forward in loving others. It's repetitive but no less true.
A big thanks to Noemi and her lovely blog for this post!
May you proceed in love and light, 
I read this today from Wayne Dyer and had to share.
If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will. Not only that, you won’t be good at loving anyone else. Loving starts with the self.
Notice each day whether you are choosing to live in fear … (2 comments)

energy: A great Illustration of Feng "Shui"-Water energy - 12/08/13 10:52 AM
A great Illustration of Feng "Shui"-Water energy
Why is Feng Shui called "Feng Shui?" These two ingredients on a physical level create life, yet lets take a deeper look on a metaphysical level.  This is a great teaching video for those skeptics out there on the connection of humans to Earth and the element of water which surrounds us and influences our well-being mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

What if we as humans took the insights from this video and put them it into action? I for one will be doing just that. It's worth a try for you can only enhance the energy.

energy: The Importance of Lights According to Feng Shui - 11/22/13 03:20 AM
The Importance of Lights According to Feng Shui

Light to me is pure Illumination.  And Illumination to me is being able to see the same things, not just in a black or white view, but from every possible spectrum of color I can come up with.  It allows me Inspiration, those wonderful “thoughts from nowhere” that allow you to see THE POSSIBILITIES.  So many people sometimes miss the possibilities, they can see only two sides to a coin and if it works for them, that’s fine.  It doesn’t for me, we are not two dimensional and we need more and … (7 comments)

energy: A man....I just Blew a FUSE! - 11/15/13 12:32 AM
A man....I just Blew a FUSE!
I have to pick up the kids, go to the bank, go food shopping, clean up the house and no...and then... I have to also call the electrician today because my electricity just blew out. Great!!...
From a Feng Shui perspective there is great symbolism and insight to why this just accrued.  Your home is a mirroring of you and it captures the energy you pure into it, consciously and sub-consciously. If you are constantly feeling stressed or pressured, just like a tea kettle, the steam has to have an outlet.
Your home has two main outlets according to … (7 comments)

energy: Water mirrors our Thoughts, actions and Spoken Word - 10/14/13 06:00 AM
Water mirrors our Thoughts, actions and Spoken Word

Feng Shui by definition means “wind and water.” These are the two main elements that humans, animals and plants need to survive on Earth. Mother Earth is a shared home, it’s not just to benefit humans and we have to remember that fact and that our actions will affect all, for all is interconnected.  The essence of water remains the same as it molds itself to any shape or form no matter if positive or negative.  Dr. Masaru Emoto's studies are fascinating in how he give the un-trusting eyes a clearer perspective … (2 comments)

energy: The Difference between Basic and Transcendental Feng Shui - 10/14/13 05:37 AM
The Difference between Basic and Transcendental Feng Shui
There are differences and it's really important to understand them if you are to truly implement Feng Shui into your lifestyle.  Many just focus the physical changes because it's easy and for a certain % of the population that may be just enough.  Why? because chances are they already have understating with how energy works.
Yet, for majority of people still have much to learn.  To help open up your perspective visit: Basic vs Transcendental

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