feng shui and home staging: Why My Clients WOULDN'T Work with a Real Estate Agent! - 12/20/08 12:07 PM
Why my Client WOULDN'T work with a Real Estate Agent!
Realtors:  What SIGNALS are YOU Giving Off?
I had a Feng Shui Consultation a few days ago in Melville Long Island New York.  Interestingly enough, I had seen this house when it went on the market-back in the Spring.  My initial reaction was that this house would NEVER sell without some serious attention to Curb Appeal.
In the Spring I saw a small sign go up:  For Sale by Owner and a phone number.  It was almost obstructed by the debris in the front yard.  I wondered what they were thinking, putting … (44 comments)

feng shui and home staging: A Manhattan Feng Shui Consultant's Advice - 11/22/08 11:52 AM
  A Manhattan Feng Shui Consultant's Advice..... 
Although I practice Feng Shui in New York City and Long Island, I get questions from all over the United States.  I do many Feng Shui Consultations at a distance and have heard that some Feng Shui Consultants do not answer questions due to a shortage of time.  
I love to hear the interest in Feng Shui.  I also receive questions from believers and skeptics alike.
A recent question about purchasing a new home from a buyer made me pause.  Her question was whether I believed she and her husband should purchase this home-from a … (21 comments)

feng shui and home staging: Feng Shui for REAL ESTATE - 10/30/08 12:46 PM
Feng Shui for Real Estate
Thanks to Bob and Carolin Benjamin Bob & Carolin Benjamin - E Phoenix Arizona Real Estate (The ..., I feel honored that they are trusting me to temporarily moderate their wonderful group FENG SHUI FOR REAL ESTATE.  It's definitely a topic we could ALL use right now and we would love to have more people join us 

If you have an interest in Feng Shui, are a Feng Shui Consultant yourself, have questions, ideas, anything at all related to Feng Shui including staging and selling-or attracting buyers, we would love to see your posts---AND get … (25 comments)

feng shui and home staging: Feng Shui--Real Estate and Home Staging; We are more ALIKE then we Ever THOUGHT - 09/18/08 04:18 PM
Feng Shui-- Real Estate and Home Staging.  Two ‘jobs' that seem very different but are more interconnected then most people realize.  I have been asked so many times what it's like to be a Feng Shui consultant and while I can't speak for others, I CAN tell you what it's like to be THIS Feng Shui Consultant.
While we may get calls for very different reasons (my calls can range anywhere from someone seeking more money, enhanced health, feeling "stuck" and homes where my clients are seeing and hearing things) we are also called quite often by people who's homes have … (25 comments)

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